Guiding Light Update Friday 3/7/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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Sorry this is so long. I'm going to have to learn to keep it shorter.

At the Beacon:

Reva walks in, and is hounded by reporters asking lots of questions about Olivia’s arrest. She tells them that if they really want to know, they should watch her next show. Cassie comes to her rescue. Then they discuss all the questions they have, and it leads to them really questioning if Olivia could’ve done it. Reva asks Cassie what she thinks, and Cassie tells her that she thinks she should leave it to the police. Then Cassie asks Reva if she’ll have lunch with her. Reva says she is going to ask her stalker why she did it.

In the hospital:

Phillip is there to check on Olivia, because he is concerned about her and the baby. She reveals that it’s a fake, just so she wouldn’t have to stay in jail. Then she tells him that it was Alexandra’s idea, and she just played along. Phillip is shocked that she’d lie about this, especially since she’s in the predicament that she’s in. Then Olivia says something to the extent of just because she’s lying about this, it doesn’t mean she’s lying about not being the stalker.

At the Mansion:

Alan and Alexandra walk in. Alan is fuming, because the security guards threw him out of “his own hospital.” Alexandra tells him to calm down and take some pills that the doc prescribed, before he has a heart attack. He goes on to say that he’s very mad, because Olivia lied to him about losing the baby. He says that if she thinks that the divorce papers are going to keep him from his baby, she’s crazy. Alexandra asks him if he ever thought about what if the baby isn’t his. Alan looks at her like she’s the one that is insane.

At Towers (??):

Alone, Danny is talking to himself. He says that he needs to calm down and think rationally before going to Cassie, since it might scare her off. Then he talks into a tape recorder—he talks about how run down the 5th street area is, and how great it used to be. Then he says that it’s completely hopeless. ……… Perfect. Then he gets a crooked grin on his face.

At Ben’s Apartment:

Michelle walks in with a load of laundry, and tells Ben to start folding. He sarcastically says, “Yes, Mom.” Then she says that all she wanted was to stop by and take a friend to lunch, and now she’s doing laundry and cleaning up the place. A few old Chinese take - out cartons are particularly offensive to her. He tells her that when all you do all day at work is pick up after people, it’s hard to come home and do the same. She says the Spaulding’s couldn’t be that bad, but he says it is. He asks her if Danny needs anyone to work for him, and Michelle says she wouldn’t know. He says he’s sorry - he just thought that…. She interrupts him and says that they are not, and things are just strange right now. Then the doorbell rings, and Ben opens the door. It’s a delivery guy, who says he has a special delivery for a Michelle Bauer. Michelle comes over, and asks who it’s from. The delivery guy says Danny Santos.

Ben asks Michelle if sending each other gifts all the time is how her and Danny keep their distance. Michelle wonders how he even knew she was there. Then Ben tells her to take the gift, since rubies, diamonds or emeralds couldn’t be that bad. Then he asks the delivery guy what’s in the box, and he says, “Pizza.” Then Ben makes a sarcastic remark about how romantic pizza is. Mel shows up to collect Michelle, since her car is in the shop. She’s confused about the pizza. She asks if the pizza has some kind of special meaning, but Michelle denies it. Ben opens the box, and inside there's another box. It looks like the type that  a ring or a pendant would come in.  It's sitting in the middle on top of the little white thing that is used to keep the top of the pizza box from touching the cheese. Michelle opens it, and it’s a locket with a picture of her, Danny, and Robbie on one side, and 'I Love You' inscribed on the other. Michelle asks Ben what it was he was saying about Danny not being romantic.

At the Beacon:

Danny appears, and is talking to someone about the delivery being complete. Then he says he’ll take care of phase 2 on his own. He walks over to Cassie, who is very busy. She says it’s because her partner is in jail, so everything is on her shoulders. Danny tells her that she’ll probably be out by tomorrow, on bail. Cassie tells him that she hopes she rots in jail if she’s the stalker. Danny says that’s not likely to happen with Spaulding money behind her. Then she goes on ranting about how if she’s doing all the work, she wants all the glory. Danny says he hopes she doesn’t feel that way about their partnership. She says that they are different and bound for great things. He asks her if she’d be interested in another little project. She asks if it’s another glorious renovation, like Towers. He gives her that head nod that means, come on and I’ll show you.

At the Mansion:

Alan yells at Alexandra that she is insulting him by even insinuating that the baby isn’t his - unless she knows something that he doesn’t. She backs off, and says that they have to remember that it’s Olivia, and she’s capable of anything. Then he says he has a luncheon engagement to get to. She asks if it’s with India. He turns around, and looks shocked. He asks her how she knew about India. She says he told her. He says he never did anything of the sort. Then she says he told her about it when he said he had seen Mindy too. She says that he told her it was a little family gathering, that’s all. Then he agrees, (probably to cover up his real intentions), and says it must have slipped his mind. He says he must get going so he doesn’t keep India waiting. She asks him if he’s joking. He looks at her, puzzled. She tells him the lunch was cancelled when Olivia was rushed to the hospital. Alan looks VERY puzzled at this point.

At the hospital:

Phillip tells Olivia that he doesn’t think she’s lying about being the stalker. He says he doesn’t understand how she could trust Alexandra to get her out of jail. She tells him that she had to, because she’s running low on people she can trust these days. Then Ross comes in, and asks what’s wrong. They both tell him that everything is fine. He says that she could be resting in her own bed that very night, because he has called in a few favors, and the arraignment has been moved up to today. She’s thrilled, of course. Then Ross says that she doesn’t even have to be there for it. She tells him they’d have to strap her down to the bed, given all the “so-called” evidence they have against her. She asks Ross exactly what it is they have. He tells her about the phone logs, and says that the DA is going to have to prove that no one else had access to, or could’ve used, her phone. He also mentions the lipstick that was used to write the message in Reva’s house. He says it’s a custom-made color and it’s very expensive, so the DA is going to say that only a very well-off woman could afford to use it. Olivia says she’s never even heard of that color before. Phillip goes off to see Rick about getting her released. Ross asks her if she’s up for all of this, and she says that she just wants to clear her name.

Outside the room, the guard is flirting with an orderly. Reva sneaks into Olivia’s room. Olivia asks her what she’s doing there, and Reva asks her how it feels to be stalked?

At the Beacon:

Cassie and Danny are sitting on the couch talking. He tells her that it’s a huge project that will need a lot of money. She says that all their money is tied up in Towers. He says they’d have to go after government funds and she’d have to be the front person, because the government would still see him as a Santos. Cassie seems to be interested, but Danny still won’t tell her what the project is. She asks him if he doesn’t trust her, and he says it’s not about trust. It’s about laying the groundwork so that the project can’t possibly fail. She says he seems to really want this and believe in it, and he says it means a lot to him.

At the hospital:

Michelle shows Rick the locket. She asks him what it tells him. He says it tells him Danny knows a lot about how to turn on the charm when he wants something. Mel says that she thinks it’s a nice gesture. Rick says that it doesn’t mean that he’s going to forget all that Danny has done to his little sister. Michelle tells them to hold on, because it’s just a gift. Mel asks her if she’s going to call Danny to thank him, but Michelle says that she’s going to make him wait. Michelle leaves. Rick then asks Mel if she thinks he’s crazy for wanting to protect Michelle. Mel says that she just thinks he’s a wonderful brother, but he can’t protect her from everything

Olivia’s Room at the hospital:

Olivia tells Reva that she can’t harass her. Reva says that she’s the one being harassed, along with her whole family. She says that she can understand Olivia hating her, but to involve Marah and Shayne is just too much. Reva asks Olivia if it was because she took Josh from her, or because she took Richard from her, or if it was because she helped Richard end his life? Olivia says that she didn’t do anything, even though all the evidence points to her. Then Olivia tells Reva that she used her to boost her ratings, and that someone is trying to frame her. Somehow Reva realizes that Olivia is pregnant, and Olivia confirms it. Then Olivia says that the baby is all she has, and she’s going to raise him or her to stand up to self-serving hypocrites like Reva. Reva looks at Olivia and says, "You really don’t believe you did this, do you?” Olivia says she knows she didn’t do it. Then the guard comes in and escorts Reva out—the whole time Reva has this look on her face that either means she believes that Olivia is innocent, or that she’s just really confused.

At the Mansion:

Alan is on the phone with India. He asks her why she cancelled their lunch. She tells him he’s the one that cancelled. He said that he would surely remember cancelling if he was the one that did it. Then it shows Alex outside the door, listening in. Phillip comes up behind her, and tells her that the next time she plans to have Olivia moved, she should tell him first. Alex says she did it for the baby. She’s looking very worried at this point. Phillip asks her if she is ok, and she says that Alan isn’t himself. Phillip says it’s a miracle. She starts to tell him what he’s been doing, but they are interrupted by Alan’s ranting from inside. Then Alan comes out, saying something about how he should’ve been able to trust his own son. Phillip says that all he’s worried about is getting Olivia home. Then Phillip goes into the office, and as he’s sitting down his foot hits something. He picks it up and lays it on the table. As he’s reaching to open his briefcase, he notices that it’s a tube of lipstick. He picks it up and it’s “Secret Scarlet 103”, which is the color that Ross was talking about being specially made. Alex comes in, and says they can all ride over to the courthouse together. Phillip asks her if it’s safe to say that Olivia is either guilty, or someone is setting her up. She says that’s right. He says that Alan is the only one that could be setting her up. Alex says that’s impossible, since Alan loves Olivia. Phillip corrects her and says that he’s obsessed with Olivia. Alex defends him, and says he’s not capable of something this diabolical. Phillip reminds her that he faked a heart attack. Then Alex leaves, and Phillip sticks the lipstick in his pocket as he’s walking out.

Back at the hospital, outside Olivia’s room:

Felicia and Mel are walking down the hall, discussing the ER position that Mel doesn’t want to go after. Felicia thinks that Mel’s just turning it down for Rick, and says that Rick knew Mel had aspirations before they were married. Mel tells her mother that sometimes her aspirations are the same as her mother’s. Then she apologizes, and says that she just doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Felicia goes over to Reva, who had just come out of Olivia’s room, and starts making small talk. She notices how upset Reva is, and asks if she wants to go into her office. Reva tells her that she’s come to her with some far-fetched stuff before, but she wants to ask her something. She asks if it’s possible to know someone’s thoughts. Felicia says that if you are close to someone, it’s very possible to “know” what they are thinking, or what their next action will be. Reva says that’s not what she means. She says that she knew what was in Olivia’s head, and she supposed that’s how she knew Olivia was pregnant?? Felicia looks at her strange.

Outside the Beacon:

Eden is on her cell-phone, returning a call to a woman that was interested in an escort. She tells her that she’s running low on males at present. Then Danny comes out ,and Eden gives him a business card from “The Garden of Eden.” She asks him if he wants to be a silent partner. He turns her down, and suggests that she go after something worthwhile, like college. That makes her think that colleges could be very valuable to her business.

At Ben’s place:

Eden shows up, looking for Marah. Ben is short with her, because of what she did to Marina. She tells him that he might be able to help her, since she just wants to know where a few frat houses are. Ben asks why, and she says she’s looking for a few good men.

Back to the hospital:

Reva is rambling about how she’s able to get into Olivia’s head. Felicia stops her, and tells her that with the stuff she’s been through lately, it’s very possible that she’s got some heightened sense of awareness. Reva says it’s more than that, and starts talking about her Mama’s "gift” of a second sight. She thinks maybe she has it, or something, only it’s different in her, since she’s not seeing the future. Felicia tells her to make an appointment so they can get more into this. Then she suggests that Reva talk to Cassie, to see if she’s experienced anything like this. Reva agrees to talk to her, and says she’ll call Felicia if she needs her.

Ross is in Olivia’s room, talking to her. She’s dressed and ready to go. He tells her to be prepared in case she doesn’t make bail, since her record isn’t perfect and the judge might see her as a flight risk. Then Phillip and Alex come in to get her. She asks to talk to Phillip alone. She tells him that no matter what happens today, she can handle it. Then she thanks him for being there for her, and for them

Ben’s Place:

Eden and Ben talk about what the “job” would entail. Ben says he meets all the qualifications, but he’s not interested. She asks him if he has a job. He tells her he has a gig with the Spauldings. She tells him he could triple what he makes there, and have a good time doing it. He tells her he’s now interested. She tells him to meet her at her place that evening for a trial run.

At the hospital:

Rick tells Mel that’s he’s on the list of candidates for the ER position, but he’s disappointed with her reaction. She tells him that Dr. Grant  had already told her about him making the list. He says that he’s still confused about why she turned down the position. She says that she’s heading in another direction. He thinks it’s Peds, but she tells him she wants to go back to law school

At the Beacon:

Cassie tells Reva that she’s not surprised Olivia told her she was innocent. Then Reva tells her all about how she knew, because she was in Olivia's head, and knew what she was thinking. Then she says that she knew Olivia was pregnant,  how Olivia thinks that Phillip is the father, and how she thinks someone is setting her up. Cassie tells Reva that she’s never experienced the “second sight”, so Reva must be the one with the gift.

At the Mansion:

Alan is hollering to see if anyone is home. Then he rants and raves some more about how he doesn’t need a wife that cheats, or a son that can’t keep his hands off his own step-mother. He says that soon he’ll be done with them both. Then he almost takes one of the pills that Alex has been pushing on him, but then he stops, and says he’s calm.

At the Courthouse:

There’s press everywhere, and Ross and Olivia come out of the doors. She tells them she’s innocent. Ross says the judge granted bail. One of the reporters asks if there were any contingencies, and he says that she is being released to stay at her last known address. The reporter asks what that means, and Phillip steps in and says she will be staying with them. Alex and Olivia leave. Phillip pulls Ross back, and asks him how things really look. Ross says the DA has some good evidence, but nothing they can’t handle. Unless there’s a smoking gun somewhere, they’ll be fine. Phillip takes the lipstick out of his pocket and looks at it.

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