Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/6/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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Marah and Tony arrive at Bill's house. Marah has all her stuff, ready to move back in with the guys. Tony mentions that they must have really missed her, because the place is in a mess. He asks her how she can live with three guys that are so messy. Marah says the guys can be untidy, but the place has its advantages, such as privacy. She kisses Tony, and thanks him for being better family to her than her folks. She says its hard to believe that Olivia was family once, too. Tony says one thing he's learned, is that being family doesn't guarantee love, or loyalty.

On Alan's plane, Alan calls Mindy. He says he had a great time seeing her in New Orleans. He again tells her that he understands Alexandra was blackmailing her for her vote at the last board meeting. Alan assures Mindy there will be other votes soon. Mindy tells Alan to turn on his TV, and Alan is shocked.

At the Police Station, Olivia tells her baby that everything will be fine, and she will get them both out of there. Olivia also tells the baby that she just needs Philip to stand by her, and they will both be fine

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip reads the newspaper, and Alexandra walks in. Alexandra asks if there is anything new in the papers. Philip says he can't believe that all she cares about is bad publicity, when Olivia is in jail. Alexandra says that the police have pretty convincing evidence against Olivia. After all, the call did come from her cell-phone, and she does hate Reva. Alexandra tells Philip that despite the evidence, she doesn't think Olivia is the stalker. She tells Philip she will tell Olivia that when she goes to visit her at the jail. She wants Philip to take a nap, as he hasn't slept since Olivia was arrested. Alexandra wonders if Alan has heard about Olivia's arrest. Philip tells her that there aren't any phones on Mystic Island, so it is doubtful Alan knows about Olivia being arrested. Philip leaves and the phone rings. Alexandra looks at the caller ID, and sees it's Alan.  She lets the answering machine get the call. Alan says that he is on his way back home, and as soon as he gets back he wants answers about Olivia's arrest.

At Bill's house, Marah tries to persuade Tony that moving into the house will give them more privacy. They start to kiss, and Marah takes off Tony's jacket. Ben and Marina burst in through the door, and say they will be leaving in 5 minutes. Ben leaves to freshen up a bit. Marina tells Tony and Marah about these new DJs at the college, who they were listening to on the car radio. Marina turns on the radio, and one of the DJs talks about Olivia being arrested for stalking Reva. The other DJ breaks in ,and says that Marah is a very sexy girl, he wouldn't mind being her stalker. Tony gets very upset, and asks Marina why she listens to those creeps. Marina says they are normally very funny, and that one of the DJs usually stops the other one, before he gets too nasty. The DJ that thinks Marah is sexy starts to describe a sexy dream he had about Marah. She apologizes again, and says she had no idea they would talk about Marah. When Ben comes back in the room, Tony asks him how these guys ended up on the college radio station. Ben explains that they just showed up one day. The station manager puts them on when he doesn't have anything else to put on the radio. Ben and Marina leave. Tony is very angry, and says he is going to go down to the radio station and get those guys. Marah says that he shouldn't do that, because they were just having fun. She says he won't have time to go to the radio station ,because he will be too busy. Marah then asks Tony to take off his clothes.

At Eden's house, Eden calls a girl. She says that the girl's date with a man is confirmed, and that she should wear something pink. Eden hangs up the phone, calls the man, and tells him the girl he requested is available. She says the girl will wear something pink. Eden then calls Inferno, but  finds out that they are closed. She tells the person on the phone that she lost Tony's cell phone number. She asks if the person can give it to her, as she is a friend of Tony's The person on the phone refuses to give her the number, so Eden says that she will call the Santos house. The person on the phone says that Tony has moved, but refuses to give Tony's new address to Eden. Eden hangs up the phone, and makes an educated guess that Tony is at Marah's house. She then leaves.

At the Spaulding Mansion, an angry Alan arrives home, demanding to know why he wasn't told about Olivia's arrest. Philip says that there aren't any phones on Mystic island ,so they couldn't reach him. Alan is angry that Philip knew where he was, but left him there. Philip angrily shouts that Alan had no right to play God with Olivia. Alan shouts back that he is paying for what he did, because Olivia miscarried the baby and can't have any more children. Philip starts to tell Alan the truth, but Alan gets angry. He says that he knows that Philip is going to tell him that he and Olivia are both angry with him. Alan continues to shout, and says that he is sick and tired of being batted around by both of them. He storms out.

At the Police Station, Alexandra bursts in, claiming to be a member of Olivia's legal team.  She says she has important papers Olivia must sign right away. Alexandra tells Olivia she must sign the divorce papers, before Alan comes back. Olivia wonders if there is a catch.

At Bill's house, Marah wants Tony to pose nude for her, so she can sketch him for her art class. As hard as Marah tries to persuade Tony he would be a wonderful nude model, Tony refuses because he is shy about people seeing him naked. Marah gives him a small kiss and tells him, okay, he doesn't have to pose nude if he doesn't want to. Marah heads for the door, because she has to go to the Student Union to post an ad for a male model. Tony says that she is going to draw another guy. Marah tells him he has until she gets back to change his mind, and  leaves. Tony stares at the sketch of the male model in Marah's sketchbook on the table. He takes off his shirt. Someone comes in. Tony folds his hands in a praying position, and says he knew she would come back. Eden arrives and says "Woohoo.!"

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip talks to Ross, and offers to get Olivia out of jail. He will even talk to a judge. Philip then ends his call, and is frustrated. Ben arrives for work ,and offers to help Philip with anything he needs. Philip asks him if he can find him a judge that will set bail for Olivia, instead of postponing her arraignment. Ben shakes his head, and says he can't. Philip says that there is then nothing he can do, and he should go home. Ben tells Philip to tell Alexandra he will have his pager and cell- phone with him, if she should need him. Ben leaves. Philip sees Beth in the doorway, and says he knows he shouldn't have done that, it was brutal. Beth tells Philip that she was at the station during the broadcast, and knows Olivia was arrested. Philip says that Olivia didn't do it . He sees the expression on Beth's face, and says, " You think she did it, don't you?"  Beth says the call was made from Olivia's cell phone. Philip says that someone picked up her phone, and made the call. Beth says that explanation is a little far fetched. She says that Olivia isn't his responsibility, she is a smart, capable woman who doesn't need to be rescued by him. Philip tells Beth that Olivia is pregnant, and he may be the baby's father.

At the Police Station, Alexandra tells Olivia that she is worried about the Spaulding baby she is carrying. Olivia doesn't buy that excuse, but signs the divorce papers. Alexandra tells her that she will take them to the lawyer personally. A policewoman arrives, and tells Olivia that her arraignment has been postponed until tomorrow. Olivia cries and panics, and says she can't spend another night in jail. Alexandra tells her that she is a smart woman, she can figure out a way to get out of jail. Alexandra tells her to fake pains in her stomach . Olivia gets on the bed, and starts crying and yelling for help. Alexandra calls the guard, and tells her that this woman is in pain.

At Bill's house, Tony puts his shirt back on, and asks Eden what she is doing back in town. Eden tells him she missed her brother, and now she has her own business. She says that she runs an escort service. Tony laughs, and says she is running call girls. Eden insists that there isn't any sex involved, and that she just provides escorts for businessmen. She asks Tony to be her business partner.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth asks Philip if he and Alan are the only possible candidates for the father of Olivia's baby. Philip gives her a look that says she cannot be serious.  Beth tells him it was a valid question. Philip says that he is going to help Olivia, regardless of who the baby's father is. He says he just wants to get Olivia out of jail, and help her child to not be trapped by the Spaulding name. He tells Beth its just something he has to do. Beth tells him she understands why he is doing it.

At the hospital, Mel tells Olivia she can't find anything wrong with her, but she still wants to keep her in the hospital overnight. Alexandra asks Mel if there is anything else she can do. Mel says that jail is no place for a pregnant woman. Mel says she will get Olivia a bed, but it will be on the prison bed floor. Mel leaves to tell the guard. As Mel is coming out of Olivia's room, she sees an anxious Alan. Alan says that he stopped by the prison, and they told him Olivia was in the hospital. Mel tells Alan to relax, because Olivia and the baby are doing fine. A stunned Alan is speechless.

At the Police Station, Ben arrives, looking for Alexandra. He finds Marina who was there to visit Olivia. Marina tells him that Olivia was taken to the hospital, because she was sick. Marina says that Olivia was a role model for her, and she just had to find out if she really was the stalker. Ben tells Marina about the way Philip treated him, and he now realizes he is useless to the Spauldings. Ben feels like there is no chance for advancement in his job. Marina says that he is going to be a wage slave, he needs to realize that his job is just a job.

At Bill's house, Tony tells Eden she would have better luck in Chicago with her business, she should have stayed there. Eden says that she would just be a small fish in a big pond in Chicago, but in Springfield she can be a big fish in a small pond. Tony says that he and Danny are legitimate now, and they are going to renovate the Towers club, with their partner Cassie Winslow. Eden gets really close to Tony, and tells him she  really came back for him.

At the Spaulding mansion, Nolan tells Philip that Olivia is in the hospital. Philip rushes to see her.

At the hospital, Alan angrily confronts Olivia about her lies. Olivia shouts back that he probably set her up. Alan shouts that whether she is in or out of jail, this baby will be his. Olivia says that won't be until when heck freezes over. Mel tells Alan to calm down, and starts to push him out of the room. The policewoman holds Alan at the door.

At Bill's house, Tony pushes Eden away gently, and says that he is in love with Marah. He says that even if Marah wasn't in the picture, a relationship between him and Eden would never work, because there is too much baggage. Eden gets close to Tony again, and says he doesn't know what he is missing. Marah then arrives, and Eden tells her not to worry, honey, she was just keeping him warm for her.

At the hospital, the police arrive, and make sure Alan stays in the hall, close Olivia's door. Alan tells Alexandra that he married a crazy woman. Alexandra tells him he isn't married to Olivia anymore, and shows him the divorce papers. Alan walks away, dropping his cell phone. Philip arrives to check on Olivia, and goes in her room. Alan's cell phone rings, and Alexandra picks it up. She recognizes India's voice, but India quickly hangs up. Mel tells Alexandra it is important for Alan to avoid stress, because of his heart condition. Mel says Olivia should also avoid stress, because of the baby. Mel says Alexandra should make sure Alan gets some rest. Alexandra gets Mel to prescribe a sedative for Alan. Mel says Alan should follow the exact directions on the bottle. Alexandra promises Mel she will make sure Alan takes his medicine.

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