Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/5/03

By Naila

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Danny is about to ask Cassie a favour when an envelope is delivered. He tells her he has to leave and will talk to her about it tomorrow.


Alex riffles through Olivia’s briefcase and finds her divorce papers. She notices that Alan has already signed them but Olivia has not. She takes them just before Philip enters the room, and heads straight for her briefcase; he is looking for her date book to take to Ross. Alex does not waste this opportunity and suggests to Philip that Olivia could be the stalker. Philip is sure that Olivia is not the stalker. He tells Alex that she had better support Olivia during this ordeal otherwise she will regret it. After he leaves, Edmund arrives to settle some “unfinished business” with Alex. He needs to make sure that there is no way anyone will find out that he has helped Alex. He does not want anything to jeopardize his new position as ambassador for San Cristobel. Alex reminds him that she made the phone call that led to his new position; she did it because she owed him and could not deliver a seat on the Spaulding board. She then gives him her word that she will not to anything to sabotage him. Besides, Gus and Harley are tied up with Reva’s case and, even if they made it to Europe, they would not get anything out of Roy. Edmund thanks her for giving him his pride and a purpose back. He once again notes that her secret must be very important otherwise she wouldn’t be working so hard to keep them quiet.


Harley and Gus work on gathering evidence against Olivia. They try to get their hands on all her phone records. Frank joins them and voices his doubts; he does not think Olivia would stalk Reva. Harley receives the enlarged photograph of Gina’s bracelet. She sees an “S” symbol on it and Gus thinks it is because Miguel Santos gave Gina the bracelet. Harley says that just because Gina may have been involved with Miguel, it does not mean that he was Gus’ father but Gus has it all worked out. Miguel got Gina pregnant – Roy worked for Miguel and “with” Joe – Joe and Angela could not conceive – Gina gave died while giving birth – Roy covers his boss by giving the baby to the Augustino’s – Everybody’s happy! Frank asks them to help him get a court order so they can check out Olivia’s computer but they ask him to go the rest of it alone. Gus tells him he needs some personal time and he wants Harley to go with him. Frank agrees.

Danny stops by to speak with Gus; he has information about his [Danny’s] family. Gus is disappointed when Danny’s news has to do with Carmen’s case. Danny provides him with the name of the guy who hired the “agent” to bust Carmen out; the man owed Carmen a favour. Gus asks Danny why he is doing this and Danny says it is because he, a law-abiding citizen, wants to close the door on his past.

Philip returns to the station and first, apologizes to Harley for his behaviour earlier. Then he asks her for a favour; he wants her to get him in to see Olivia because he needs to make sure that she is all right. Harley tells him it’s likely that Olivia is guilty but Philip refuses to believe it. When he points out that she did not believe everything that was said about Gus, she asks if he and Olivia are as close as she and Gus are then quickly retracts the question. She agrees to let him through if he will take care of Zach while she is gone [Jude is with Rick]. Philip agrees and leaves to see Olivia. Harley later receives information that confirms that Olivia’s phone made phone calls to both Marah and Cassie at the exact times that the stalker contacted them.

Harley and Gus leave for Germany. Gus wonders if Eden could provide them with some helpful information, but Harley doubts it.


Eden makes a phone call and informs someone that she is back.


Reva tells Olivia that she understands that she might want to hurt her or Josh but she cannot understand how she could hurt the kids or Cassie. Olivia vehemently denies the accusations but Reva does not back down. Frank shows up and tries to escort Reva out but she continues to hurl accusations at Olivia, who finally snaps and says that whoever the stalker is, he did the world a favour by making Reva’s life miserable. Reva takes this reaction as proof of her guilt but Olivia says she should expect nothing less when she comes to harass her after she is accused of a crime she did not commit. Frank insists that Reva leaves and she does, but not before telling Olivia that she will sleep like a baby tonight.

Philip comes by to see her and she thanks him for her help. She tells him about Reva’s visit but he tells her to forget about Reva because she does not matter. Olivia agrees. Philip, however, does matter. Does he believe her? He tells her that he would not be there if he doubted her innocence. He will do everything he can to get her out, but she needs to try to remain calm. The guard shows up and throws Philip out [she does not care that he has detective Cooper’s permission]. Philip leaves but tells Olivia to get some rest and he will see her in the morning. Olivia settles in as best she can and goes to sleep.


Josh, Cassie, Shayne, Marah and Tony discuss “Olivia’s” actions. Shayne does not think it is likely that she is the stalker. He remembers how Olivia came to care for and look out for them when she was married to Josh; she is married to Alan now and she and Cassie are partners. He doubts that she would want to hurt them. Marah agrees with all that but points out that Olivia still hates Reva.

When Reva comes home, Shayne admits that he has doubts regarding Olivia’s guilt. While Reva appreciates and respects his opinion, she believes that it is all over now. She and Josh thank Tony for his help and Cassie leaves for home. Reva wonders about Philip’s reaction to Olivia’s arrest and is curious to know if there is something more personal between them. Shayne says that perhaps Philip sees the good in Olivia that others don’t. If there really is something between Olivia and Philip then why would she risk it by stalking Reva? Is she really the stalker? Josh cannot say, one way or another.


Alan makes plans to meet with India. He is hoping that she will divulge information about whatever it is that Alex has on her.

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