Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/4/03

By Sarah

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Josh calls the house to check on Shayne. He's fine and the police are going to hang around for a little while to make sure everything is ok.

Holly and Ed are talking about vendication. Ed says it should feel good that everyone knows that she's not the stalker, but Holly says it's going to take time to forget being accused of being the stalker.

Beth and Bill are together having a drink. They talk about the phone call being traced to the Spaulding Mansion and about Danny & Michelle being back together. Bill says that Beth can go ahead and rub it in his face that Michelle dumped him.

Olivia, Phillip, and Alexandra are together talking. Olivia says the "kinder, gentler" Alex scares her more than the other one. Harley & Gus enter. Phillip asks if something is wrong with Zach, but they tell him they are there on police business.

Beth and Bill talk about their break up and Michelle and Phillip. They decide they should change the subject and say that at least their friendship survived all of stuff they've been through lately.

Gus and Harley tell Phillip, Alex, & Olivia that the phone call from the stalker was made from the Spaulding Mansion. Alex says that's rediculous because no one has used the phone that evening. They tell them that the call was made from a cell phone and a satallite tracking system was used to locate where the call originated. Gus says they'll need all their cell phones and the staff's as well. Phillip tells him to get a court order and come back. Alex tells him to play nice just to get this over with since there's obviously a mistake. They check Olivia's phone first. Then Phillip hands them him, but Harley says they don't need it. Then she arrests Olivia. (Anyone else thinking that Alex has set her up?) Phillip tries to stop them from taking her in, and even says that she was with them all evening watching the show herself. Alex then chimes in reminding him how she left the room to "take a nap" because the show was churning her stomach.

Gus calls Josh and tells him that Olivia was arrested. Josh relays the information to the rest of the crew there. Reva and the others are shocked. They also say that she was out of town when part of this was happening, but she could've hired someone.

Olivia is taken to the station, booked and put in a cell to wait for a lawyer.

Phillip goes to the station to find Ross to ask him to represent Olivia. He's not sure what to do, but agrees to go talk to her to see if he will do it or not. Blake is furious and can't believe he is doing this.

Michelle tells Danny that it's not too late to come to the house and tuck the baby into bed, but Danny says he has to go to the lawyer's and sign papers with Cassie. Michelle is disappointed.

Alex shows up at the station to check on Olivia. Phillip and Ross arrive. Ross goes back to talk with Olivia. Alex tells Phillip that she is going back to the house, but he shouldn't talk to the police or tell them that Olivia moved out last month since that could look bad on Olivia's part. Phillip agrees.

Cassie and Danny talk while signing papers. They both say that while it is possible for Olivia to do something like this, they doubt that she really did it.

Ross agrees to represent Olivia. Gus and Harley find out that they can't leave for Germany as soon as they wanted because they have to check call logs from Olivia's cell phone. Reva somehow gets back to see Olivia.

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