Guiding Light Update Monday 3/3/03

By Naila

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***Since everything in today’s episode was linked… this update is slightly different.

Olivia, Philip and Alexandra are at the Spaulding mansion.

Edmund is at Towers.

The rest of the cast (practically) is at WSPR.***


At the Spaulding mansion, the residents tune in to Reva’s broadcast. Over at Towers, a celebratory Edmund does the same.

At WSPR, Tony spots a suspicious-looking bag and throws it down the stairwell. An explosion follows. Gus assures the crowd that everything is under control. People reach out to make sure the ones they care for are unharmed: Reva to Josh and Shane, Marah to Tony, Harley to Gus and Frank, Danny to Michelle, Ben to Beth. Frank and Gus inform the crowd that it was only a flash-bomb and that there was not a real explosion. However, they will have to lock down the building while they investigate. Harley warns Tony not to take another risk like that again.

Holly makes some suggestions to the crew to keep the show going. Blake thinks that now people will be convinced that Holly is innocent because she had only arrived a few minutes before the ‘explosion’. Gus says anyone could have planted it and they cannot rule anyone out yet. Holly blows up at them and Reva breaks it up. She announces to the crowd that they will still go live, as soon as they get the ‘okay’ from the police. Gus, Frank and Harley tell her they cannot continue. If the quit now, everyone will be safe. Josh does not think that that safety would not last and thinks they should proceed with the plan. Holly offers her support as well; she wants her name cleared once and for all. Harley agrees but decides to clear out the studio before it begins. Reva wants the crowd to decide whether they stay or go. Everyone decides to stick around and offer their support. When the producer objects, the police allow Holly to step in and produce the show. They go live!

Reva’s retells her story to her audience. She tells “the coward” who’s been stalking her to have the guts to express his feelings openly and encourages other viewers to call in and share their opinions about euthanasia.

Edmund watches Reva’s introduction and is openly antagonistic. “God, would somebody please shoot that woman!” He leaves and shortly after, Frank arrives. He is looking for Edmund. The bartender tells Frank that he was there but he left. When Frank asks if Edmund said anything while watching Reva’s show, the bartender recalls his last statement.

Olivia wonders if Reva planted the bomb herself just to boost her ratings. Alex hadn’t realized the extent of Olivia’s animosity towards Reva. Philip and Olivia discuss Reva’s decision to help Richard end his life. Olivia thinks she was selfish not to allow Cassie to make the decision herself. Philip is grateful that she did otherwise Rick would not be alive. Olivia has had enough of Reva and leaves to get some rest. Alex apologizes to Philip for her attitude towards Olivia. Philip tells her to apologize to Olivia not to him. She knows that the child is most important and will do her best to make nice with Olivia. She’ll even run interference for Philip with Alan if he wants. Philip turns down the offer and leaves to make some phone calls.

The phone team hands Reva her first caller, a very possible suspect. His first words are “You’re wrong, Reva. Dead wrong. You tried to play God and you’re not.” The caller goes on to say that his wife was also in an accident and ended up in a coma. He is happy that he was not as arrogant as she was because his wife came out of her coma and is recovering slowly; if she hadn’t decided Richard’s fate, he could still be there with them all. The call is traced but Gus recognizes the caller; he knows he’s broke and in a wheelchair. He couldn’t be the stalker.

After the caller hangs up, Cassie asks to speak. She expresses her sympathy for the caller and is happy that his wife is has made progress. She wishes that Richard had a miracle too but is at peace because she knows he is not suffering. She is not angry with Reva and tells the stalker that if he thinks he’s doing this on her behalf, he is not! Michelle tells Danny that Cassie is very brave to do that and he agrees; she is a very strong woman. The next call Reva takes is in fact the stalker. Gus and Harley rush to trace it as the following exchange occurs.

STALKER: “Love.” What a crock. What you did was not love, Reva.

REVA: It’s you.

STALKER: No more excuses. It’s time someone told you the truth about what you did, if you can take it.

REVA: I can if you can. … Well, come one. You called me a murderer.

STALKER: Because you are. You didn’t take Richard Winslow’s life for the selfless reasons you claim. You did it because you think you know better than everyone else. You do whatever you please, whenever you please, and damn the consequences.

REVA: Wow. Whoever you are, you do know me. I do act on instinct and regret it later. But what happened with Richard wasn’t one of those times.

STALKER: In other words, you still won’t admit you were wrong.

REVA: Well, I’m not going to admit to something that isn’t true, or apologize.

STALKER: I think you think you fooled everyone Reva, but I know how dangerous you are.

REVA: … Do you know me? Are you someone I hurt without meaning to? When did we meet? … Did you know Richard?

STALKER: You’re trying to keep me on the line so you cab trace this call but it won’t work. I’m smarter than you are.

REVA: Look who’s being arrogant now?

STALKER: I’m going to hurt you, Reva, you and your whole precious family.

REVA: You know, you say that but I’m beginning to wonder whether or not you have it in you. You criticize me for what I did but I did it in the open and I owned up to it, but you don’t even have to guts to say it on the air. What are you afraid of?

STALKER: Nothing.

REVA: I think you’re afraid of looking me in the eye and telling me what you think and I’m wondering why. … If I’m wrong, prove it to me. Come down to the studio and come one the air and we’ll hash this out together. Or are you only brave as long as you stay anonymous?

When the line goes dead Holly goes to commercial. As the cops trace the call Frank calls and tells Harley he can’t find Edmund but he could have been the caller. Based on the call, Harley doubts that it was Edmund. This person’s animosity is personal and probably goes back a long time with Reva.

Philip finds Olivia watching Reva’s show. She tells him she’s feeling a little bit better and he offers to give her a [shoulder] massage. Alex interrupts and is very nice to Olivia. She tells her that she intends to take good care of her; “very good care.”

Reva ends her program just as the trace comes through. Gus heads straight to Reva and tells her they got an address. He stuns the crowd when he discloses that address – it’s the Spaulding mansion.

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