Guiding Light Update Friday 2/7/03

By Eva

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At the hospital, Michelle is surprised that Danny wants to hire Bill for a job. Bill says that Danny wants to meet with him at Infierno to discuss details. Michelle tells Bill not to take the job.

At Towers, Frank is surprised to see Beth having lunch alone. Beth says she has a lot of lunches alone since she lives at the hotel. Beth invites Frank to have lunch with her. Frank accepts Beth's invitation.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia moves her things out of the mansion. Olivia asks Nolan if her doctor has called about a prescription refill. Nolan says no . Olivia tells him to make sure he knows where she is if he does call. While Olivia is checking the desk to make sure she hasn't left any personal or business papers she looks up and notices the picture of Philip. Olivia stares at the picture for a few minutes. Philip walks in and is surprised that Olivia is really moving out of the mansion. Philip asks why she isn't staying in the house, Olivia gets angry and tells Philip he really doesn't know her at all.

At the airport, Harley sees one of the men that helped Roy on the plane she stops him and says she needs to speak to Roy Baker about police business. The orderly tells her the plane is already on the runway. Gus arrives and thinks Harley is there to see him off for his trip to Chicago. Gus wonders why Mel is at the airport. Mel says she is there to make sure a patient of hers who is being transferred gets on his plane. Harley gives Gus a hug and a kiss good-bye and Gus leaves. Mel wonders why Harley kept an important clue from Gus about his important case. Mel wonders why Alexandra would want Roy out of the country. Harley thinks that Alexandra doesn't want Harley to know about a woman named Gina. Harley shows the piece of paper Roy left for her to Mel. Mel reads the piece of paper which says Gina. Harley explains to Mel that if she had told Gus about Alexandra getting Gus out of the country and about the clue, Gus would have wanted to go after Alexandra. Harley says she can't afford to risk upsetting Philip by having Gus go after Alexandra because Philip may change his mind about allowing Zach to live with her.

At Infierno, Cassie again questions Danny about why he wants to hire Bill. Danny says Lewis construction came in with the lowest bid and if Josh thinks Bill is the man for the job then he will work with Bill.

At the hospital, Michelle discourages Bill from taking the job with Danny. Bill says it is just business and it sounds like this will be a big job that will bring in money for Lewis construction. Bill says he can handle it and Michelle is making a big deal over nothing. Bill walks out and Michelle chases him outside telling him to wait but he is already gone.

At Towers, Frank says he heard about her break up with Bill. Frank tells Beth he is sorry they broke up because they seemed like a good couple. Beth tells Frank Bill discovered he was in love with Michelle. Beth says she is depressed about her break up and Lizzie leaving and her birthday. Frank offers to help her celebrate her birthday complete with candles and a cake. Beth asks if he is asking her on a date. Frank says yes I guess I am. Beth thanks him for the kind offer but says she isn't ready for that yet. frank says its okay he can at least tell Marina that he asked a beautiful woman on a date but was turned down.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Olivia he just assumed she would get back together with Alan. Olivia gets angry and asks if he thought just because she didn't end up with him she would end up with one of the Spaulding men just so she wouldn't have to give up the perks. Philip tells Olivia that all this time he thought it was Alan who stepped over the line by manipulating Olivia back into bed with him, but he realized it was he who stepped over the line by wanting his fathers wife. All Alan was doing was trying to reconcile with his wife. Philip says he forgot the person he was and that it was wrong to sleep with his father's wife. Olivia says he is feeling guilty over a man who doesn't deserve it. Olivia wants Philip to fight for their relationship. Philip says he wishes things had been different. Olivia asks if that means their relationship would be different if he had read the letter. Philip says that doesn't matter now he was wrong to do what he did. Philip says he will leave so Olivia can finish her packing.

At the airport, Harley makes Mel promise not to tell anyone if she gives her details about the case. After Mel promises. Harley tells Mel that Gus is adopted and the Jane Doe is his mother. Harley also says that Joe August is involved. Harley also tells Mel that Alexandra is somehow connected but they hadn't figured out how yet.

In Chicago, Gus and Sonny wait for a man named Gus Ginero to get some information on a building where his mother lived. Ralph arrives and Gus asks him to get any information he can on the building. Ralph says it will take weeks to get any information. Gus asks if there is anything he can do to speed things along. Ralph thinks Gus is trying to briber him and gets up to leave. Sonny asks Nicky why he is so upset. Ralph hears the name Nicky and asks if he is Nicky August. Gus says yes and explains he changed his name. Ralph says the last time he saw him he was a scrawny kid with pimples. Ralph says that he will do anything for Nicky August.

At Infierno, Danny tells Bill that he wants to buy and renovate the Towers club. Bill wonders why Cassie is there and Danny tells him Cassie is his partner and he feels very lucky that she decided to take a chance on him. While Danny and Bill talk about the club Cassie has a short flashback about Danny kissing her in her dream. Cassie is quickly brought back to reality when Danny calls her name and needs her to help explain the plans to Bill. they walk over to the desk and open up the plans. Cassie accidentally touches Danny hand while they are both showing Bill where they are going to make changes at the restaurant. Cassie gets a little flustered and nervous. Bill tells Cassie and Danny they make a good team. Danny agrees with Bill.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia tells Nolan that she will send her forwarding address to the house. Nolan says that she better send it to him because he handles all the mail. When Olivia hears this she asked if he saw an overnight letter addressed to Philip. When Nolan hesitates a bit before saying no Olivia tells him that delivery companies keep track of who signs for letters and she could find out the truth easily. Nolan admits he signed for the letter and kept it from Philip. Olivia tells Nolan he will help her fix the mess he has caused.

In Chicago, Ralph gives some information to Gus about the building where his mother lived.

At the hospital, Beth asks Philip how Zach is doing. Philip tells her Zach is doing fine. Beth asks Philip how he is doing but he says all he cares about is Zach. Beth says she just wants to help him as a friend. Philip tells her that he thought she wasn't ready to be friends with him. Seeing how hurt she is by his comment Philip apologizes to Beth. Philip tells Beth about finding Alan and Olivia at Towers and about how Alan kept a letter from him. Philip says he was stupid and he forgot who he was and let Alan sucker him in again. Beth says Philip isn't the only problem in the situation, Alan manipulated him. Philip says he was only trying to reconcile with his wife.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Nolan tells Olivia that he never meant to hurt anyone he was only following orders. Olivia wants Nolan to tell Philip exactly what he just told her. Nolan again apologizes to Olivia and takes the rest of her things to the car. Alexandra arrives, Olivia tells her that she has proof that Alan kept the letter from Philip. Alexandra wants to know what Olivia will do when telling Philip about Alan keeping the letter from him doesn't work either.

At Inferno, Bill Danny and Cassie finish the meeting. Bill is distracted when Danny asks him what is wrong, Bill says he is trying to figure out if he should take the job at all. Danny asks if Bill has a problem working with him. Bill says that Danny isn't the problem he thinks he may want to take the job for the wrong reasons. Bill asks if he can think about it and get back to him. Danny says yes and Bill shakes his hand and leaves. Danny admits to Cassie that the reason he wanted to work with Bill is because he wanted to prove to Michelle that he can work with her boyfriend, and that he is trying to move on with his life.

At the hospital, Beth tells Philip that she can tell he has feelings for Olivia. Beth says that he can't just shut off those feelings. Beth tells him to think about what she said and leaves.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia tells Alexandra that Philip hates his father's games as much as she does. Alexandra says that to Philip she will always be the woman he stole from his father. Alexandra says that before Olivia came along Philip was beginning to understand and accept his father for the person he is. Olivia tells Alexandra she is wrong and refuses to listen to her anymore.

At Infierno, Cassie tells Danny he isn't being an idiot for wanting to prove he is moving on to Michelle. Cassie tells Danny he is building a whole new life and although Michelle can only see his past soon she will see he is moving on and changing his life. Cassie tells Danny that he is a special man and Michelle knows that. Cassie tells him not to give up. Danny takes Cassie's hand and says he can't give up with good friends like her.

At the hospital, Michelle and Bill apologize to each other and end their first girlfriend boyfriend fight. Bill tells Michelle that she was right and he went to the meeting for the wrong reasons. Bill admits he went to Infierno to keep an eye on Danny see if Danny had a life so he could stay out of Michelle's life. Bill tells Michelle that Danny plans to renovate Towers restaurant and cassia is his partner. when he sees the look on Michelle's face he tells her he doesn't think they have a romantic relationship. Bill admits that he wishes Danny and Cassie had a romantic relationship because that would keep Danny out of her private life.

Olivia arrives at the hospital to talk to Philip about the letter. Harley and Mel arrive back from the airport and Harley thanks Mel for all her help. Mel says she will keep investigating Roy's transfer and let her know if she finds a clue. Gus arrives and tells Harley he hit pay dirt. Gus shows Harley a copy of the deed papers for the building where his mother lived. The papers show that the owner of the building was Miguel Santos.