Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/6/03

By Eva

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At the Beacon, Cassie sleeps and dreams of Richardmaking love to her. When Richard starts to kiss her and they break the kiss briefly to lay down on the bedRichard's face turns into Danny's face. Danny kisses her and a startled Cassie wakes up when she hears a knock at the door. Cassie answers the door and is Nervous when Danny is standing there and says Hi.

At the Hospital, Bill tells Michelle he needs to see her. Michelle says it isn't apropriate for him just to drop by work to see her because they agreed to take things slowly with their realationship and he is moving too fast. Bill tells herhe has a medical reason why he needs to see her. Bill explains that he hurt his finger on a rusty nail and he thinks he needs a tetnus shot. Michelle takes him to an examination cubicle. Blake is pleased to know that Zach is going to be fine. When Blake wonders where Gus is Harley tells her that he is working on a case which invoves his family. Mel is suspicious about Roy's transferwhen she can't find Dr. Kirby. Mel asks Roy if he wants to leave and he whispers the word secret.

At the Lewis house, Reva finally answers the phone and Josh asks her if she is there when she doesn't say hello. Reva says yes I'm here and so is he.

At the hospital, Mel asks Roy if he said the word secret. Roy remains silent and the orderlies give Mel the orders for transferand they rush Roy to the elevator and the elevator doors shut with Mel stll telling them they can't just take a patient out of the hospital. Mel wonders what is going on with Mr. Baker. Blake tells harley she wants to give Zach a welcome home party. Blake tells Harley she is going to infierno to plan the party. Harley thanks Mel for taking care of Jude for her while Zach was in the hospital. Mel says that it wasn't any trouble Jude is her step son and she loves taking care of him. Harley tells Mel that if she ever needs to have a ticket fixed or any other favor she (Harley) is her girl. Mel says that she just got reinstated at the hospital and she can't afford to have anything go wrong on her watch. Mel explains that a patient was transferred overseas and was signed out by doctor Kirby except Dr. Kirby is nowhere to be found and the patient didn't seem to want to leave. Mel also tells Harley that the patient whispered the word secret before he left. Upon hearing the story Harley figures out the patient was Roy Baker. Harley asks Mel if Roy's transfer was ordered by Alexandra. After looking at his chart Mel confirms harley's suspicion and Harley rushes to Roy's room to see if she can find a clue to where he might be going.Mel follows her. MIchelle tells Bill to drop his pants for a shot . When Bill starts to undo his belt Michelle tells him to stop because she remembers that he got his last tetnus shot when he was in college and the shots last ten years. Michelle says she still needs to clean and dress his wound. Bill asks Michelle if it would have been so bad if he had stopped by just to see her. Michelle says that her divorce has just become final and they agreed to take things slowly. Bill says he has no problem with taking things slowly. Bill also tells Michelle that he is in this realationship for the long haul.

At the Beacon, Danny tells Cassie that Towers accepted their bid and the place is theirs. danny tells Cassie to get dressed and she and the kids can go with him and Robbie to celebrate. Cassie says she has some things to do but she will meethim later for Pizza with the kids. Then she shuts the door on Danny.

At the Lewis house, Reva tiptoes around the room because she fears the stalker may still be inside the house. Josh arrives and Reva is startled. Josh says that the police will be there soon. Josh tells Reva not to move while he checks out the rest of the house. Frank arrives and looks at the messege the stalker left on the wall. Josh tells him that he checked out the rest of the house and Shayne's window was partialy open. Josh thinks maybe that is how the stalker entered the house. Frank tells Josh that he never should have searched the house by himself.

At Infierno, Cassie asks a bartender if Danny is there. Blake asks Cassie if she and danny are on a date. Cassie insists it is a business lunch and says even the kids were invited. Cassie tells Blake she and Danny are going to renovate the Towers resturant and run it together. Cassie tells Blake about her dream. Cassie is guilt ridden and says she made her husband disapear so she could kiss another man. When Blake asks Cassieif she has romantic feelings for Danny. Cassie insists she doesn't have any Romantic feelings for Danny.

At the hospital, Danny rushes into the emergancy room because he thinks Danny is sick. Danny sees Bill playing with Robbie and heisn't happy about it. When Michelle arrives Danny asks if Robbie is ok. Michele gets a confused look on her face and says of course Robbie is ok. Danny explains to Michelle that he went down to the daycare centerto pick up Robbie because it was his scheduled day to be with himand was informed that Bill picked him up and brought him to the emergancy room. Michelle says she forgot that danny was supposed to have Robbie and she sent Bill down to pick robbie up because she was busy. Danny is upset and tells Michelle that Bill will never take his place in Robbie's life Danny tells Michelle that he has already lost her but he will not lose his son to Bill Lewis.

At the Lewis house, Reva tells frank she thought this was over. Frank thinks this was harmless. reva asks Frank if the man they arrested ever admitted breaking into the house. Frank says the man never confessed. Reva says then the real stalker is still ou there. Frank says they will catch this guy. Holly arrives and wonders why she had to show her identification at the door. Reva tells her the stalker is back. holly looks at the messege on the wall. Holly says she wanted to know if Reva still wants to do the story on the Spauldings. Reva says she has already done some research and interviews. Reva tells Holly she wants to go back to work.

At the hospital, Michelle thinks Danny is over reacting to a simple misunderstanding. Michelle tells him she is sorry he thought Robbie was sick and got scared but Bill is not trying to take his place as Robbie's father. Michelle thinks danny is fighting the divorce because now he doesn't have Carmen or his family to fight. danny doesn't understand what michelle is talking about and tells Michelle he signed the divorce papers. Michelle says he should just let go. Danny says that they wil just switch days with Robbie. Danny insists that he is just fine and leaves. Bill arrives with Robbie and asks Michelle if everything is okay. Michelle tells him everything is fine.

At Infierno, Blake tells Cassie not to worry about her dream because dreams don't mean anything. Blake tells her that she knows she isn't ready to move on yet but she is a young widow and Richard would want her to be happy. Blake thinks the dream may mean she is ready to move on and the kiss may mean she is open to finding a new love.

At the hospital, Harley tells Mel that roy might have important information about Gus's family. harley asks Mel if there is anything she can do as a doctor to stop Roy Baker from leaving. Mel says maybe she can find some medical reason to keep Roy from leaving. harley and Mel rush to the airport to try to stop Roy from leaving.

At Infierno, Danny arrives and Cassie asks him if he is in the mod to celebrate. dany says and explains that he had a fight with Michelle because there was a mix up with Robbie. Cassie apoligizes for blowing him off earlier. danny says its okay he is getting used to it. Cassie says she had a dream and he was in it and she was startled to see him at the door. When Danny asks Cassie what the dream was about she says its not important because dreams don't mean anything anyway. Cassie says she will start getting investors for the Towers project. Danny asks ifLewis construction sumbitted a bid for the job. Cassie says they did and they were the cheapest bid. Danny asks Cassie if she talked to Josh yet. Cassie explains that Josh has a lot on his plate right now and wants to give the job to Bill. When Cassie sees the look on Danny's face Cassie says she can get someone else for the job. Danny says no because Cassie told him Bill did a great job on the Beacon.

At the hospital, Bill asks Michelle if she is okay about what happened. with Danny. Michelle says yes. Bill says Danny needs to get a life and let Michelle move on with her life. Bill says Danny needs to accept that Bill is in her life now. Michelle tells Bill that he also needs to accept that danny will always be a part of her life.

At the Lewis house, Josh doesn't think Reva should go back to work since the stalker is still after her. They argue back and forth for a bit. Holly says she has been getting cease and decist orders from the Spaulding lawyers and for that reason she needs to make sure all the facts are correctand for that the story needs someone who can devote themselves to it full time not just part time. Reva insists she can devote herself to the story full time. Holly tells Reva that she needs to handle things at home. Holly says she will handle the Spauldings. After Holly leaves Frank arrives with a tube of lipstick that they found outside. He opens it and asks if it is the color that Reva or Marah wear. Reva says no but she notices that it is the same color the stalker used to write the messege on the wall. outside the house we see holly who is wearing the same coor lipstick that Frank found outside the house.

At Infierno, Danny calls Michelle because he needs to talk to Bill and doesn't know his cell phone number. Danny asks Michelle if Bill is still with her. Michelle says Bill is with her but she is reluctant to let Danny talk to Bill. Danny explains that it is business and he needs to speak to Bill. Michelle hands the phone to Bill. Danny tells Bill he has a job for him. Bill asks Danny if he really wants to work with him. danny says yes and Bill agrees to meet with Danny. After Bill hangs up the phone Michelle asks Bill what that was all about. Bill says that Danny offered him a job and he just might take it. Michelle stares at Bill with a confused look on her face.

At Infierno, Holly walks in with a strange expression on her face. Blake asks herif she was thinking about taking a drink. Holly tells Blake not to worry she doesn't want a drink. Holly says everything is under control.

At the Lewis house, Josh tells Reva that he won't let anything happen to her. Josh wants Reva to take percautions untill the stalker is caught. Reva says she doesn't want to take percautions she wants to end the stalker threat herself.

At the airport, Harley sees Roy being wheeled through the terminal doors. Harley tells him she knows what Alexandra is doing to him. The doors clothes and Harley has a frustrated look on her face. Harley picks up a piece of paper from the floor and reads it. harley and Mel stare at each other.