Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/5/03

By Naila

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Tony drops by for a meeting with Danny and Marah tags along. Danny tells Tony he does not want to merge Infierno and Millennium any more; he has a new idea, which involves another partner. There’s a knock at the door and both Marah and Tony are surprised to see Cassie. Tony is less than pleased about Cassie’s involvement. He thinks the plans he and Danny made to re-do the clubs were great but Danny thinks that people will always think it’s connected to the mob. Tony is hopeful that things won’t work out that way. Danny tells him about Devlin’s visit to the club the previous night and asks him if he wants to spend all his time keeping men from hitting on Marah. Cassie tells him about the Towers restaurant being up for sale but Tony thinks it’s too boring. Cassie and Danny agree but are certain that, with some work, they can make it very successful and classy. Tony is not thrilled to learn that they will be standing behind Cassie in this joint venture. Cassie tells Tony that Danny has no intention on going ahead with any plans unless Tony was a part of it. Danny thinks this is their chance to make a true, fresh start; Tony finally agrees. Josh comes by and is not too keen to find out about Cassie’s new business plan. She takes him aside to explain things and Tony points out how Josh is always apprehensive when it comes to their family. Danny says that is why having Cassie as a partner would be a good thing. Tony and Marah question Danny’s intentions where Cassie is concerned. Danny has no intention of “mixing business with nonsense”. Meanwhile, Josh tells Cassie that although he supports Marah and Tony’s relationship he cannot pretend that he thinks this business arrangement will be a good thing for her. Tony overhears him and warns him that he needs to stop this otherwise he will drive Marah away. He makes it clear to Josh that his family is no longer a threat to Marah and that he wants very much to be a part of their family. Josh is not sure he can forget what Tony did to Marah. Tony is hopeful that, with time, he will move past it and accept his relationship with Marah. Josh says all that all that matters is that Tony makes Marah happy. Marah and Tony celebrate her dad’s change in attitude. She tells him that even if Josh said no, she would still be with him. Cassie and Danny discuss plans but she leaves because she is very tired and needs to rest. Later, before her nap, Cassie calls Danny to thank him for sticking up for her with Tony and he thanks her for taking a chance with him.


Alex informs Mr. Baker that he will be sent to Switzerland as soon as possible. He will be able to recover there and will be far away from Harley. She tries to cover when Gus barges in but he doesn’t want to hear it. He thinks she is in there trying to get information from Roy but Alex denies it. She says she had to do what she did in order to protect her family but that it does not matter now because Philip and Harley have agreed to share custody. He wonders why she did not just come right out and admit that she hated him then tells her to say goodbye to Roy and to stay away from everyone he loves. He also demands that she return the contents of his father’s safety deposit box to him. When she leaves, Gus starts in on Roy. He tells him that he knows everything… he knows that the Jane Do was his birthmother but he needs more information, like her name and how everything turned out the way they did. He has some theories but he wants the full, true story. It kills him to think that his mother had no one… that she died alone. He makes it clear to Roy that his mother is “not alone now”. He is his “mother’s son” and he will “find out her name”.


Reva approaches Alex as she leaves Roy’s room. Alex tries to get away from Reva but she can’t (who can?! :)). Reva apologizes to Alex for not giving her story about the Spaulding’s the attention it deserves. Now that her stalker has been found, she can focus solely on that expo. She can find out everything there is to know about Alexandra Spaulding. (Roy overhears this) Alex tells Reva she will sue if Reva continues and this just peeks Reva’s curiosity. Alex wouldn’t be so defensive unless she was hiding something and Reva is sure she will find out what it is. Reva leaves and Alex calls someone to remove Roy from the hospital… NOW! Two orderlies arrive and Alex tells that the jet is ready for their trip to Switzerland.


Reva and Harley sit at Zach’s bedside, watching him sleep. Harley is happy to report that Zach is going to be fine and that everyone around him is trying to get along. Reva is confused when Harley says that Alex was disappointed by the outcome of the custody battle; she thought Alex was behind Harley 100%. Harley tells her that it was all an act but that she does not know why Alex tried to fool her. Mel tells a relieved Harley and Philip that Zach is doing well and they thank her. Alone with Zach, they tell him that soon he’ll be able to play in the snow again and [Philip adds] “have mommy tuck you in at night.” He tells her that he has not forgotten his promise; she has not either. They both talk about their hopes and dreams for Zach. Philip lets her know that he doesn’t want to mould Zach into the perfect “Spaulding Heir”. He wants his boy to be able to be completely honest with him, even if that means telling his to go to hell [if he deserves it]. Harley says she could give Zach some pointers on how to do that and Philip agrees that she has had plenty of practice; he hopes that, if necessary, she will be able to do so with Gus. There discussion ends when Zach opens up his eyes. Philip goes to get Mel while Harley tells Zach what happened the night before (he doesn’t remember). Gus looks in as she tells her boy that he will be coming home with her. Gus and Philip talk. Philip wants to make sure that Zach will be all right and will be watching. Gus goes on the defensive but Philip tries to make him understand that all he cares about is Zach; he does not want him to get hurt again. He will keep his promise to Harley and he does accept that Gus will be a part of their lives. If Gus does hurt Zach, Philip will make sure he pays. Harley comes out and asks them what is going on. Philip leaves to check on Zach and Gus tells Harley that they were just talking about a new toy for Zach. Harley needs him to get along with Philip because she can’t risk losing her son. Gus tells her he saw Roy again but did not learn anything. He tells Harley about the DNA test that he ran on himself and the Jane Do and that she was his birth mother. He says he is fine and that she should go be with Zach. Harley asks Philip what he said to Gus and he tells her he was just trying to find some common ground with Gus, like he did with Harley; Gus was not willing. Harley tries to make him understand that Gus just has a lot more on his mind right now. Philip intends to protect his son from anything or anyone that might hurt him. When Harley asks what he would do if anyone did hurt Zach, he says they won’t let that happen. Gus calls his friend at the Chicago PD and tells him he is on his way there and that he wants to go to the hotel where the Jane Do was found. Alex overhears them and calls the orderlies who are moving Roy to make sure things are all right. They are just about to wheel him out when Mel passes by and he reaches out and grabs her arm.


Reva comes home to an open house and immediately the phone start to ring. She searches the house before she answers the phone and finds a message written on the will [in red], “I’M STILL HERE”.