Guiding Light Update Monday 2/3/03

By Naila

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Zach is rushed to the hospital where Rick and Mel work on him. Gus tries to keep Harley calm while Philip vents his frustrations on Gus. He accuses Gus of preventing him from getting Zach help sooner. Rick makes him realize that what Gus did was prevented him from making a grievous mistake – Zach could have become paralyzed had Philip moved him. Harley blames herself for Zach’s accident – she waved at him and he ran out to meet her. Philip apologizes to Gus and then to Harley for turning his back on Zach. Harley says he has no reason to apologize. They both blame themselves. Philip thinks Harley should be furious with him but she isn’t; she knows that he is the only other person who understands how she feels, the only one who loves Zach the way she does. Rick reports that Zach needs to have surgery because he has injured his spleen. Philip and Harley both want Rick to perform the operation but he is too close to the situation so Mel will operate. Philip is reluctant to sign the consent form but eventually, he and Harley do. Frank arrives and both he and Gus console Harley. Meanwhile, Philip wonders when he became so blind that he couldn’t even see when someone was trying to help his son. He believes that one of the reasons he hates Alan so much is because Alan succeeded in turning him into another Alan. Rick says the difference between him and his father is that he knows there is a problem and he can still fix it. Philip wonders if there is still time. Rick tells him that Gus may not be a great man but he is no danger to Zach. Philip asks God to spare his children and to help him do better this time. He goes to Harley that Zach will get his wish when he wakes up; he will go home with mommy. Harley thinks he should hold off on making promises, especially ones he may not be able to keep. Philip realizes that he was fighting for the wrong thing all along and he should have been fighting for Zach. Philip and Harley remember moments they shared with their boy and later embrace (nothing romantic).


Bill asks Ray to meet with him so he can donate the money that was awarded to him for capturing Carmen. He does not want to profit from it but Ray thinks that perhaps he has ‘profited’ enough (Michelle). Bill tells Ray that Michelle was going to leave Danny anyway and that he won’t apologize for his feelings. Ray firmly believes that Michelle belongs with Danny and will not help Bill ease his conscious by accepting the money.


Michelle wakes up and is unnerved to find Robbie alone with Holly. She tries to explain to Holly that it is not just her that she doesn’t trust; she doesn’t trust anyone with Robbie. Holly knows that Michelle is wary of her because of her past crimes and is hurt that Michelle would think that of her. Ed arrives and Holly leaves. Michelle tells him about the kidnappings and is surprised to hear that he already knew. Ed tells her that Holly is not that same woman anymore but Michelle just can’t do it; she cannot let her guard down when it comes to Robbie. Michelle is sorry for hurting Holly but she cannot apologize for being cautious. Ed tries to show her tht she won’t be living if she shuts out the rest of the world. Michelle insists that it is the only way she can survive. Ed leaves and Michelle turns to Bill for some understanding, which of course, he gives. He then tells her about his encounter with Ray. He tells her he doesn’t want to profit from that night. Michelle thinks he should keep the money. She worries that the minute she starts thinking that things will improve, she will receive yet another harsh reminder of just how fragile it all is. Soon after, Rick calls and tells her about Zach. Michelle heads over to the hospital and leaves Bill with Robbie.


Ed tracks down Holly, who understands where Michelle is coming from as she has lost a child. They wonder what their lives would be like without all the drama. They agree to see where life takes them together.