Guiding Light Update Friday 12/27/02

Written By Suzanne

The show opens up with Michelle working herself to death at the hospital, because of her increasing nervousness due to her soon approaching New Year's Eve date with Danny. Ed and Rick are worried about her, but she insists that she is fine.

Danny and Tony meet at the Beacon to discuss their new legit business ventures.

At the Springfield police station Frank tells Carmen that in one hour she will be transferred to prison where she will await her trial. In walks Eden and Gus. Gus is upset, because he hasn't heard from Harley, and Eden is nervous, because she doesn't want Carmen to spill her secret.

Harley lies to Roy Baker and tells him that she left her keys behind, and let herself in to retrieve them. Roy doesn't believe her, and then Harley's phone rings. It is Gus, but before Harley can talk to him Roy snatches the phone from her. He talks to Gus and says that he wants some answers.

Gus and Roy only talk for a second, and no names are exchanged. Harley takes the phone back from Roy and tells Gus that everything is okay, and that she will meet him at Company in an hour. She hangs up, and Gus tells Eden that he has a feeling that something is wrong. Harley questions Roy about his relationship with Joe, but Roy doesn't answer her and quickly shows her out. On Harley's way out he tell her that he will be gone for a few days on a trip to the Islands, and Harley asks him how he can afford that, and he says that he does some security consulting.

Frank tells Gus that Gus and Harley are getting commendations for bringing down the Santos's, and Gus dedicates his success to his dad.

Danny tells Tony that he wants the two of them to become equal business partners, and he wants to bring live music to their clubs. Tony tells Danny that he is scheduled to go see Carmen today, because she said that she had some very important information for him concerning his dad.

Ed is talking to Michelle and trying to convince her to think twice about taking Danny back. He doesn't want Michelle to take Danny back if that means that she will have to resign some of this newfound independence she has achieved. Michelle promises Ed that, although she is dedicated to trying to make her marriage work, she will not give up her independence.

Tony gets up to leave, and Danny tells him that he thinks that it is a bad idea for him to go see Carmen. Tony feels that he has to go, because Carmen maybe telling the truth and he leaves.

Harley arrives at Company, and while Gus is presumably in the little boys room, Harley questions Eden about what Frederico told her on that rooftop. Eden won't give her a straight answer, and Harley tells her that this is not the way to protect Gus. Gus overhears Harley say that, and he asks her what she is talking about.

Harley lies to Gus about what she and Eden were talking about, and Eden leaves for a doctors appointment. Gus ask Harley who the man was that answered her phone, but she complains that she doesn't want to talk shop. Gus tells her that they are getting commendations, and while Harley goes to help Buzz out in the kitchen Gus calls Roy and tells him that he is getting a commendation, would like for Roy to attend the ceremony. Roy asks Gus if anyone put him up to this. These two talked to each other like an hour ago, and they don't recognize each other's voices? Whatever!

Mel and Rick have a conversation about their very different upbringings, and Rick tells Mel how much he loves how reliable and dependable she is. Ed comes and asks Rick for his help, and he and Rick leave.

Carmen tells Tony that his father's killer is living right there in Springfield.

Rick and Ed ride on over to the Beacon on their high horses, and tear into Danny for wanting to reunite with his wife and child. Danny tries to explain that the worst is over, and that he is a changed person, but Rick doesn't think he has changed at all.

Eden is being examined by Michelle who tells her that her gun shot wound is healing wonderfully. They start to talk about the Santos's, and Eden remarks that she, like the Santos's, seems to attract chaos and violence. Michelle tells Eden that anyone can change with love and support. Eden is of course skeptical.

Carmen tells Tony that Eden killed his dad when she was a teen by pushing him off a roof. He doesn't believe her at first, but she explains that she was there, and that before Frederico died he told her what had happened. Tony tells Carmen that he will handle to situation, and on his way out of the police station he stops to call Eden, and tells her that she can come by the club to pick up her last check.

Gus explains to Roy that he brought down the Santos's, and that is why he is getting a commendation. Roy agrees to come, and tells Gus that a blonde detective from the Springfield PD came to see him today, and that she was asking questions about the Santos's. Harley walks back in, and Gus promises to call Roy back.

Gus asks Harley, again, what she was doing all day, but she refuses to talk shop with him. She goes to get some champagne, so that they can celebrate their commendations, and Gus ponders out loud about what Harley is doing, and why she is asking so many questions about his dad.

Rick and Ed are continuing to give Danny a hard time. Danny insists that he would do anything for Michelle and Robbie, but Rick doesn't think that is enough. Ed tells Danny to think about everything that he and Rick said, and they leave.

Michelle is now at home, and she is looking at a picture of her and Danny, and she says, "You just need someone to believe in you." Then she calls her babysitter and says that she won't be needing her services on New Year's Eve, because she and Danny will be spending a nice, quiet evening at home with their son.

Frank escorts Carmen's transport guard to her cell. As soon as Frank leaves the guard starts talking to her in Spanish. Apparently this guard is on the take, and he is gonna help Carmen escape to Cuba, but first Carmen wants to swing by the Bauer house and kidnap her grandson.

Cue a very hopeful Michelle, who is very excited about her date with Danny tomorrow.

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