Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/26/02

By Eva


The show opens up with Reva being surprised by a mounted moose head sitting on the floor of her living room. Apparently Josh sent for it, so that the house's decorations would be a better reflection of the both of them. Reva gets another prank call, and she let's Josh listen in on it. They both look worried. Does Reva ever get put on the back burner? Or does Kim have something in her contract prohibiting it?

Alexandra, who is now played by Marj Dushay, is in the lobby at the Beacon meeting with Edmund. She explains that she couldn't be reached at the mansion the other day, because she needed to get away. Edmund lays on the charm, and in the process of doing so he cheers Alexandra up. Olivia comes down, and immediately tears into Alexandra for the role she played in her and Alan's breakup. Olivia says, "You got what you wanted and what you planned Alexandra. Alan hates me."

Phillip walks into the Spaulding "den of iniquity" and tries to talk to Alan about the elevator tape. Alan is about to walk out on him, but Phillip pleads with him to stay and talk it out. Phillip tells him that what happened in the elevator was not Olivia's fault, and Alan agrees saying that "Why should I blame Olivia, when the real traitor, my son, is standing before me?"

Harley is at Company with the whole Cooper clan, and Frank is asking her what she plans to do if she uncovers evidene that Joe August was on the "take." She says that if that happens she will be able to tell Gus before Carmen does, and stop Carmen from dropping the "bomb." Gus practically skips into Company he is in such a good mood, and pulls Harley away to a booth and presents her with a gift. It is a ring. An engagement ring to be exact, and Harley looks shocked and worried at the same time.

Harley isn't saying anything, and by this time the whole Cooper clan is watching. Ben walks in and asks what;s going on, and Marina tells him that Gus just gave Harley and engagement ring. Gus says that he never said it was an engagement ring. He asks Harley if she likes it, and she asks him if it is an engagement ring or not. He says that his father gave the ring to his mom, and that when she died his dad gave it to him to give him. He tells her that no it is not and engagement ring, but more like a practice ring, or an engaged to be engaged ring. Harley accepts it, and Gus puts it on her finger.

Alan accuses Phillip of pathological need to always compete with him. Phillip denies that, and tells Alan that he is no longer harboring any feelings for Olivia. Alan admits that he was considering giving Olivia another chance, but on the car ride home last night all he could think about was all the different times he caught them making out. Phillip urges Alan not to throw his marriage away.

Alexandra sends Edmund away, so that she and Olivia can talk. Alexandra explains that at first she wanted Alan and Olivia to break up, but that she now sees that Olivia makes Alan happy. Alexandra tells Olivia that you she can't blame Alan for thinking the tape was a precious memento from their wedding, seeing as how it must have been precious to her since she kept the tape. Josh asks Reva how long these calls have been coming, and she tells him they started on Christmas day. Reva thinks that Edmund is the person behind them.

Josh isn't sure that Edmund is the culprit, but he and Reva head out to give Edmund a little visit.

Eden walks into Company, and Marina tells her about Gus giving Harley the ring. Eden walks over and is extremely excited for Gus and Harley. Not really! She walks over to Gus and Harley, and she is her usual pain in rear. Harley gets a phone call from Joe August's old partner, and has to leave to meet him. She lies to Gus about where she is going, and kisses him goodbye. Frank follows her outside trying to get her to rethink all this, but Harley claims that this must be done, and she leaves.

Alan and Phillip argue some more, and Alan accuses Phillip of not, "caring a damn about [him]," and also accuses him of being in love with Olivia. Alan tells him, "You are at best a stranger to me, and at worst an enemy." Phillip looks defeated and walks out.

Olivia asks Alexandra what she should do to make everything up to Alan, and Alexandra tells her that only Alan can tell her that.

Josh and MEva, I mean Reva, walk into the Beacon just as Edmund is coming back down into the lobby. Reva automatically starts in on Edmund. She calls him a couple of names, and Alexandra comes over and tells Reva to, "leave [her] Edmund alone."

Alexandra continues to throw some attitude Reva's way, and Reva explains that she thinks that Edmund has been making harassing phone calls to her house. Edmund calls Reva "crazy," and Reva asks if Alexandra can vouch that Edmund was no where near a phone a little over an hour ago.

Marina comments on how romantic Gus giving Harley the ring was, and Ben asks Marina if she would like a ring like that. Buzz replies that the only way Ben could get his hands on a ring like that is if he is adopted by a rich family. Ben says maybe Alexandra would adopt him, and Marina tells Ben maybe he should just ask her for a job. Ben tells Marina that for someone who doesn't even like to work she sure is promoting it a lot. Marina tells him that she may not like to work, but she has paid her dues in that department. She tells him, "working, works."

Eden whines about how she thought that she would always end up with their mothers ring, because she thought Gus would never find anyone good enough, and Gus tells her that he has. He says that the ring is very special, because their dad must have worked tons of overtime to be able to afford it on a cops salary, and that is why he gave it to Harley.

Harley is at Roy's apartment, and she asks him if Joe August was killed because he was a hero, or because he was on the Santos payroll.

Roy is really insulted by Harley's question, and vehemently denies that neither Joe, nor him, was ever on the Santos payroll. He asks her to leave, and Harley does.

Alexandra tells Reva that Edmund has been with her since last night, and that he was to busy to make any phone calls. Alexandra and Edmund head upstairs, and Reva admits to Josh that she was really hoping that it was Edmund making those calls, because if it's not him it could be some crazed lunatic. On the way up the stairs Alexandra stops to ask Edmund if he really made those phone calls. He says no, but Alexandra looks skeptical.

Olivia runs into Phillip in the hall, and he warns her that Alan is not in a very friendly mood right now. He tells her that he tried to talk to Alan and was branded a traitor. She apologizes for not getting rid of the tape, and Phillip says that, on the bright side, at least nothing else can go wrong.

Alan is in the "den of iniquity" looking at the picture of his grandkids that Olivia had taken and framed when he notices a card stuck to the back. It says, "To Phillip, from Olivia," and Alan looks even more disappointed. Olivia walks in and asks, "Is this a bad time." Heh. That's an understatement.

Olivia gives Alan this long, passionate speech about them moving past this, being strong enough to face this together, and how much she loves him. He shows her the card from the picture frame, calls her a liar, crumples the card up, and throws it at her.

Gus is about to drive Eden home, but he stops by to ask frank if he knows who Harley's witness is. Frank says he doesn't and Gus leaves. Buzz tells Frank that he can tell that he is keeping something back, but Frank says that he isn't. Buzz asks if Harley is in trouble, and Frank says that she isn't. Buzz is still worried.

Harley breaks back into Roy's apartment. Geez...Harley really needs to chill out on the breaking and entering. She looks around, and opens his closet to find designer suits and shoes from the same place that Alan and Phillip buy theirs. She also notices a safe in the back of the closet. Roy, of course, walks in, and Harley is definitely in a pickle now.

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