Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/24/02

By Suzanne


The show opens up with Alan pacing back and forth in the Spaulding "den of iniquity." Nolan comes in, and announces the whole Cooper clan, minus Marina, and Gus. They where coming to drop Zack off, and their car got stuck in the snow.

Olivia and Phillip are hanging out in Company pondering about whether or not Alan will forgive Olivia. She says for the 100th time that she really wants her marriage to work. The more she says it the less I believe it. Anyways... six Christmas carolers wander into the restaurant, because the lights are on, and they were stuck in the snow. Olivia welcomes them in, and the carolers carol. One of the carolers is from the Cosby show. He was the guy married to the oldest daughter. That's about as specific as I can get.

Bill and Michelle are putting Robbie's toys together, and aside from the fact that he complements Michelle every five seconds that's all that happened. Really. I kid you not.

Reva wants Josh to invite Tony to stay for dinner, and Josh doesn't want to, but Reva convinces him to do it.

Danny was outside trying to shovel the snow away from his car, but his efforts were futile. Cassie tell him not to worry, and that the snow will stop falling soon, and they will be able to get to their families. Danny agrees, and they drink champagne.

Josh is being a real Grinch, and whines to Reva that he doesn't want to sit down with Tony for dinner on Christmas Eve. Reva reminds him that he can't leave due to the storm anyways, so he should be polite and invite him to dinner. Josh says that he will do it for Reva, and he does invite Tony to stay. Marah is very happy.

Michelle and Bill are still putting Robbie's toys together, and the reminisce about Christmases past, and Michelle's mom. Michelle says that even with Danny's absence this the most "normal" Christmas she has had in years.

Cassie comes into the lobby with a box of things from when the old hotel was in business. They begin to look through the things, and then a stranger walks through the door. He says that a truck dropped him off, and he asks for a room. Danny goes to see if the truck is still their, and Cassie questions the man about his hometown and his family. He is originally from Springfield, and has had no family for fifty years. Dann comes in, and says there was no truck out there. The stranger says Danny wouldn't see any evidence that a truck had been there due to the severity of the storm. Danny believes him.

Blake excuses all her guests to the kitchen, and she asks Ross to marry her. He says yes.

The Coopers are hanging out in the "den of iniquity" when Beth and Lillain walk in. Soon after, Ben and Marina walk in. Alan is in an awful mood, and Buzz volunteers to go to the kitchen and find something to cook. Gus and Harley ask Alan about Olivia and Phillip's whereabouts, and he claims that they both are stuck in the storm. He tells Ben that Alexandra is stuck in the storm as well.

The stranger tells Cassie that he use to have a sweetheart here in Springfeild, but they lost contact. Cassie gives him this speech about carpe diem, and the stranger decides to look up his old flame. He goes upstairs to search the phone book, and Cassie tells Danny that she was talking to him too. Danny says that when the time comes Casssie should remember to follow her own advice. Cassie tells Danny merry Christmas and they hug.

Everyone, but Alan, is getting something to eat, and Alan walks in and says, "haven't they cleared the roads yet?" No one really pays any attention to him, but Buzz fixes him something to eat, and tells Alan that life is short, so they might as well enjoy it. This seems to get through to Alan, and he decides to go out in his SUV to find Olivia. Beth and Lillian hitch a ride with him to the Bauers.

Josh pulls Shayne aside, and explains to him that reason he doesn't want Tony there is because he isn't sure that Tony is aware of the true meaning of the holiday. Tony overhears this, and explains to Josh that he is well aware of the true meaning of Christmas. He tells Josh and Shayne about his Christmases with Ray, and how Ray would read him the bible and instilled in him the true meaning of Christmas. Josh seems slightly impressed.

Danny comes in to tell Cassie that the snow plow is headed there way, and they will be able to get to their families soo. Cassie calls him over, and shows him two names in the old hotel's reservation book. The stranger's name is apparently Stanley Elkin, and it is there in the book along with a Susan Elkin. Cassie and Danny agree that was definitely the strangers name, and that his sweetheart's name was Susan. Cassie tells Danny that she went up to see if he was alright, and no one was in his room, and the room had not been touched. Danny says that maybe the man decided to go find Susan right away, but Cassie doesn't believe that. Danny leaves for the Bauers, and Cassie goes to clear away the desk. As she is putting things away she notices that the key she gave Mr. Elkin is back on it's ring, and she wishes him a merry Christmas wherever he is. She leaves for the Lewis's house.

Ross and Blake announce to Mel, Rick, Holly, and Ed that they are getting married. Lot's of hugging ensues.

Olivia thanks Phillip for coming when she called, and he tells her it was no problem. He places his hand on hers, and just as he does it Alan walk into Company. Alan doesn't look pleased. I might also mention that these frickin' carolers have been caroling throughout this whole scene, and it is driving me nuts.

Josh reads everyone a Christmas story, but is interrupted when Cassie shows up. That is all that happened. Really.

Michelle and Bill are laying next to each other asleep on the sofa when Danny comes in and sees this. He walks back out without waking them up, and rings the doorbell. Michelle invites him in, and Bill doesn't look pleased.

Marina tells Ben that she loves the apron he got her, and that it is the thought that counts. Ben laughs and hands her another present. It's a gold bracelet with lot's of jewels. She thanks him profusely and they kiss. Frank and Buzz walk back into the "den if iniquity" and announce that the roads have been cleared, and they can head out. Gus goes to take Zack to bed, and the Coopers have a big family hug.

Phillip tells Alan that he knows Alan has a lot to say and every right to say it, but ask him to hold off until later, because it's Christmas. Olivia tells Alan that things are as they seem, and Alan tells her to save it for later, because Phillip is right. Alan says that he is just glad that Olivia is okay, and they head home.

Mel and Rick show up at the Lewis house, and Rick asks Cassie if he could talk to her outside. The go on the porch, and Rick thanks Cassie for the fact that he is alive and kicking, and he gives her a gold necklace with a heart shaped locket on it.

Holly, Mel, Rick, Ed, Ross, and Blake walk into the Bauer house, and spread the news to Lillian, Beth, Bill, Michelle, and Danny of Ross and Blake's engagement. Champagne is poured, and toasts are had. The show ends with a montage showing all of the characters in their various Christmas activities. For instance, we see Michelle and Danny engage in the most passionless kiss ever, and we see Alan help a slightly crippled Olivia to his car. 

The End. Happy Holidays!!

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