Guiding Light Update Monday 12/23/02

By Suzanne


The show opens up with Beth and Bill about to exchange gifts with each other, in the lobby at the Beacon, before they head off to different holiday celebrations.

Danny comes down the stairs at the Beacon hauling lots of gifts, and he walks over to talk to Cassie. Cassie is standing by the Christmas tree in the lobby contemplating whether or not she should hang up this ornament that RJ made. Danny tells her that she should hang up the ornament. Cassie comments on all the gifts he has with him, and he says that he hopes Robbie and Michelle enjoy them, and Cassie assures him that they will, and that his family will be reunited again. He says that he isn't gonna let anyone come between him and Michelle anymore.

Michelle is at the Bauer Casa wrapping Danny's gifts, when the doorbell rings. She thinks that it's Danny, but no it's Ben and Marina. They have come by with gifts, and when she tells them that Danny is on the way they volunteer to leave soon, but Michelle asks them to stay, and explains that Danny and Bill got into a little argument the other day and she needs them to run a little interference for her.

Alan and Alexandra are in the a Spaulding dining room, and Alexandra comments on how bad the weather is, and advises Alan to send some one to find Olivia. Alan turns down her advice, and says that he couldn't be less concerned about what happens to Olivia or Phillip.

Olivia is trapped in her car, and Phillip tries to help her move, but she screams out in pain. He thinks that they should call the police, but Olivia doesn't want to, because she says the accident was all her fault. Okay that makes no sense what-so-ever. Whatever! Phillip wants to know why she was out driving in such bad weather, and she explains that Alan saw the infamous elevator tape and kicked her out. Phillip pretends to be disappointed, or maybe that's just bad acting.

Olivia continues to ramble on about how her life with Alan is over, and Phillip rescues her from the car.

Ben gives Michelle her present, and it is a very doctor's bag. A very expensive doctor's bag that Ben obviously can't afford, so I'm sure we will hear more about this later. Marina explains to Michelle that anyone with eyes can see that her and Bill have something going on. Michelle pulls the old "we're just friends" line, but nobody buys it.

Bill and Beth exchange gifts. Bill got her some art supplies, in a nice wooden box, and Beth got him two season passes to a ski resort, and they make plans to go to the resort New Year's weekend.

Ten feet away, Cassie tells Danny that Bill and Beth look pretty happy to her, and he agrees. He explains that it really isn't about Bill, but that he is upset that anyone, but him, was there for Michelle in her time of need. Cassie assures him, again, that everything will be okay. She puts RJ's ornament on the tree, and Bill comes over to talk to Danny. Bill tells Danny that he has plans to stop by Michelle's and help her put the presents under the tree for Robbie. Danny says he has the exact same plans.

Bill and Danny have another passive/aggressive war of words. Danny says, again, that he is back in Michelle's life now, so he will be the one Michelle turns to, not Bill. Cassie goes over to see if Beth needs anything, and Beth says no, and gets ready to leave. She tells Cassie that she has done a wonderful job with the hotel, and that Richard would be proud. Beth then asks Cassie if she knows what is going on over there between Danny and Bill. Cassie says that she doesn't feel comfortable saying anything, and that maybe Beth should ask Bill himself. Beth looks worried. Bill comes over with their coats, and he and Beth head out. Cassie goes over to RJ's ornament and wishes Richard a merry Christmas.

Alexandra urges Alan to go look for Olivia, but he still refuses. Alexandra has now become one of Olivia's campaigners, and tells Alan that since that kiss in the elevator Olivia has changed for the better. Alan gets phone call from Phillip. Phillip tell him that Olivia was in an accident, and that they are stranded, because his car won't start. They have a bad connection so Alan can't really hear much else. They lose the connection, and Alan tells Alexandra Olivia was hurt in an accident. Phillip picks up Olivia, who can't walk, and begins their hike to safety.

Danny tries to find an excuse to stick around, so that Cassie won't have to be alone until she heads over to Reva's, but she tells him that she will be fine. He gives her his cell number as a gift, because he truly thinks of her as a friend, and he wants her to call him if she ever needs anything. She gives him her number as well, and he leaves.

Ben and Marina are on their way out, but they offer to stay if Michelle really needs them to. She says that she doesn't. She opens the door, and all three of them are hit with snowballs. Bill is the culprit, and this causes all of them to engage in snowball throwing, and Bill and Michelle fall to the ground with Michelle wrapped in Bill's arms.

Marina and Ben are now alone on the Bauer porch, and Marina questions Ben about how he is gonna pay for all the expensive gifts he bought. He explains that he used his credit cards, and that seems to satisfy Marina. They exchange gifts before heading off to the Spaulding mansion, or as Marina put it, "the mansion of maniacs." Marina got Ben several shares of a new company's stock off the internet, and Ben got her a new apron to use at Company. Marina's gift is very thoughtful, while Ben's is just dumb, but it's the thought that counts. I guess.

Bill and Michelle joke about how immature he is, and then he tells her that his car got stuck in the snow three blocks away, so he'll be sticking around for awhile. Michelle looks concerned.

Beth is now in the Spaulding dining room asking Alan why he isn't out looking for Olivia. When she doesn't get any answers she gives up, and goes to see Lizzie. Alexandra tries to convince Alan to go find Olivia, but he still refuses, and now she has given up, and walks away.

Phillip has carried Olivia to Company, because she refuses to go to the hospital. He knows where the Coopers keep a spare key, and he breaks a glass to get to it, and opens the door. He carries Olivia in, and checks the phone, but the storm has knocked out all service. Olivia says that she knows that she should not have called Phillip, but that he is her only good friend.

Beth comes back down to the dining room, and she and Alan talk about trusting your significant other, and how important trust is in a relationship. Alan is very sullen, and asks Beth how long do you continue to ignore certain things when you love someone, and Beth replies by asking, "how long do you continue to fight for someone you love?"

Phillip is tending to Olivia's wounds, and actually has something cooking in the kitchen. They both realize that they are stuck at least until morning.

Cassie is on her way out, and Danny bursts back in. He tells her that his car is stuck in the snow, and they realize that hers is too. Danny tries the phone, but it doesn't work. He is really upset that he isn't able to get to Michelle and Robbie and that Bill is there with them, and Cassie tries to cheer him up.

Michelle is still wrapping gifts, and Bill on the couch sleeping and dreaming about Michelle. Really he is. He dreams that kissed when they fell during the snowball fight. He wakes up and Michelle comments on how happy he looked while he slept, and asks him what he dreamed about. He lies and says that he doesn't remember.

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