Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/19/02

By Eva


At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia wraps presents for Alan. When Philip arrives she tells him to keep out because she thinks its Alan trying to sneak a peek at the presents. Philip tells her a story about one year when Alan had one of the servants run around with tape, scissors, and the same color wrapping paper so that they could wrap the presents he opened so that no one would know he peeked. Philip tells Olivia not to worry because he doesn't think Alan will ever see the video tape because Alexandra has the only copy and she will never show it to Alan. Olivia accidentally tells Philip that she kept a copy of the tape. Alan gets the placebo birth control pills from Monica. Alan asks Monica to repair the damaged videotape because he thinks it holds a special memory for Olivia. Alan wants to put the tape in Olivia's stocking.

At the Lewis Cabin, Tony and Marah declare their love for each other and kiss.

At the Spaulding Mansion. Olivia explains to Philip that she kept a copy of the tape because she was going to show Alan the tape in an effort to be honest with him. Olivia says she thought about it because Alan was so hurt after what happened with Lorelei's Diary. Philip and Olivia both agree that Alan shouldn't see the tape because it would hurt him for no reason. The kiss didn't mean anything and its in the past. Olivia tells Philip she trashed the tape. Philip gives Olivia her Christmas present and jokes that it is a pair of slipper socks. Olivia opens it and says she loves slipper socks. Olivia gives Philip his present, A picture of Lizzie, Zach and James in a wooden frame. Philip is touched because he doesn't have a picture of the three of them together. Alan arrives, when he sees the picture he takes it from Philip thinking its Olivia's present to him. Olivia starts to explain the mix up but Philip stops her when he sees how much it means to Alan to have a picture of the future of Spaulding. Philip tells Alan to let Olivia wrap the present and give it to him properly. Olivia tells Philip she will make him a copy of the picture.

At the Lewis Cabin, Marah and Tony keep kissing a news bulletin comes on the radio saying that a snow storm is headed to Springfield and advising people not to drive. They go to the window to look at the snow and decide to stay at the cabin until the storm passes. Marah jokes that her parents will send the police and blood hounds after her. Marah tries to call her parents on her cell phone but she can't get a signal. Marah remembers that today is the traditional trimming of the tree at the Lewis house. Tony and Marah reluctantly decide to leave after the mood is broken. Tony promises Marah that he will make their first time together perfect and it will happen soon. As they step out the door they discover that the car is totally covered in snow. Marah fears that if they don't leave now they will be stuck at the cabin for days. Tony promises he will find some way to get them out.

At the Lewis house, Josh worries when Marah is late for the tree trimming. Reva calls Marah on her cell phone and discovers she is out of range. Josh tells Reva that he called her house and was told that Marah went skating with Tony this morning. Josh figures out Marah went skating at the pond near the Lewis cabin. Reva tells Josh to trust Marah that if she is stuck she found shelter and Tony will take care of her. They argue because Reva thinks Tony is trying to change and Josh thinks Tony will never change. Josh gets his jacket and asks Billy and Shane to come with him to get Marah. Reva tells them she doesn't want them to go because they will get stuck in the storm too. Despite Reva's protests they head out the door. When they open the door to leave they see Marah and Tony standing there. Marah tells everyone that Tony hot wired a snow mobile which he "borrowed" from the neighbors. Josh is less then thrilled at this news. Tony explains that he left a note with his phone numbers along with money for the use of the snow mobile. He also tells Josh he will return the snow mobile after the storm passes. Uncle Billy pretends to be annoyed that Marah didn't get there early enough to make their special uncle Billy and Marah chocolate chip cookies. Everyone toasts Tony for getting Marah home safely. Josh answers the phone but the caller hangs up.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia watches the snow fall and tells Alan the kids should make snow men. Alan says that they have servants to do that for them. Olivia says she will have to change his attitude before they have children. Alan says he is happy to hear her talk about having children. Olivia says she wants to enjoy spending their first Christmas together. Alan agrees not to talk about the baby for now.

At the Lewis house, Reva tells Josh she is happy to be home with the family but she misses H.B. and her mother. She also misses Rusty, Roxie, and the rest of the family. She tells Josh she wants to plan a big family party next Christmas. Reva asks Joseph it would be ok to invite Jonathan too. Josh says whatever she wants is fine with him. Tony thanks the Lewis's for inviting him. Reva explains to Tony that each member of the Lewis family has their own box of ornaments. Every year they get a new ornament. It was a tradition started be Reva's mother. Reva takes out some of Marah's ornaments and explains to Tony what they mean. Reva says that when a member of the Lewis family goes off on their own they are given their box of ornaments to take with them. Reva cries as she gives Marah her box to take with her now that she has her own home. Marah says she will wait until next year to take her box.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip enters Alan and Olivia's bedroom he looks at the picture that Olivia gives him. He walks over to the bed and holds a scarf that Olivia left on the bed. He smells it because it still has her perfume on it. Philip remembers how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress the first time he saw her in it. Philip tells himself to get a grip and goes to get Zach. Alan tells Olivia that she is the best gift he has ever gotten. he is also happy to see how committed she is to their marriage. Alan says he will do everything he can to make her happy. Alan is interrupted by Monica who arrives with the tape she fixed. Alan leaves Olivia and says he is working on a surprise for her. Monica gives Alan the tape and he puts it in the VCR so he can watch it before he gives it to Olivia.

At the Lewis house, They light the tree and sing Jingle bells. The Phone rings and the caller tells Reva "you think you got away with it but you will pay."

At the Spaulding mansion, An excited Zach tells Olivia that he is going to see Santa Claus. Olivia tells Philip she should check how things are at the Beacon but she is having fun playing hooky. Philip offers to stop by there since it is on his way to see Santa. Philip says he will call her if anything needs her attention. Alan stands in frozen silence as he watches the tape of Philip and Olivia kissing.

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