Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Suzanne


The show opens up with Marah and Tony arriving at her parents cabin after a day of skiing.

In the Spaulding dining room, Alexandra is on the phone with an unidentified person receiving some "very good" news. When she hangs up Alan and Olivia walk in and the arguments begin. This argument is over Edmund. Alexandra wants to put Edmund back on the board of trustees, and Alan says, "not over my dead body." Phillip walks in, and Noelle walks in seconds later. Phillip introduces her to everyone, and Olivia looks shocked.

At the Springfield Police station, Frank and Harley stroll in, and Frank tells Harley that he never beats her at the shooting range, so something must be wrong. She tries to deny it, but she eventually tells Frank about what Eden told her the day before about Joe August being on the Santos payroll. They stop talking when Gus walks up.

Back at the cabin, Marah strolls in with a tree that she just cut down, and she and Tony place it in water. He talks about how servants decorated the Christmas trees every year when he was little. Marah tells him that they are gonna decorate this one, and they leave to look around the house for decorations. While looking for aspirin for Tony's back, which he hurt while skiing, talk of Marah living in the "ex-Marler house of horror" comes up, and Tony isn't too pleased with Marah living with a bunch of guys. She brings up how he use to live with Eden, and when Tony tries to explain she says that he doesn't have to. Tony says that it does.

Gus tells Frank about the celebration they had last night at the Beacon, and says he hopes that Eden can get her life together now that Carmen is behind bars. Harley agrees, and Gus gets up to go over to see Phillip. He explains that Eden will probably tell the truth now, and he wants to make that as easy for her as possible, so he is going to talk to Phillip. Harley agrees it is worth a try, and Gus leaves. Frank realizes that Harley hasn't told Gus, and that she is gonna go dig up the truth. Harley admits it, and says that she can't tell Gus what she knows until she knows whether it is the truth or not.

Noelle piles up her plate with food, eats a piece or two of it, and then tells everyone she has to go. Oh...and if you'd like to know...she played tennis and soccer in college, she has a brown belt in Tae-kwon-do, and has a super high metabolism. She also likes long walks on the beach, and fine dining. Anyways... Alexandra excuses herself, and Alan follows her to talk to her about Edmund. After they leave Olivia let's her jealousy show, and Phillip explains that Noelle spent the night in a guess room. He tells her that he realized, after hearing about her and Alan having a baby, that he needs to get a life of his own. Olivia tells him that she and Alan are no longer planning to have a baby at the moment.

Tony tells Marah that nothing happened between him and Eden. She tells him that she hasn't slept with anybody else since Romeo. He admits that he hasn't slept with anyone else either. They kiss, and go to decorate the tree.

Olivia explains to Phillip that she and Alan will eventually have kids, but that she doesn't want to put such a huge strain on her marriage right now. She tells him that Alan took the news well, and Phillip asks her why she is telling him all this. She says she is telling him for the same reason he told her about his and Noelle's sleeping arrangements, she didn't want to be any confusion. She tells Phillip that him moving on is a good idea, and Gus walks in and interrupts their conversation. Olivia leaves, and Phillip is not too happy to see Gus, but Gus asks him for ten minutes of his time, and Phillip consents.

Harley tells Frank that she has tracked down Joe's old partner, and that she is gonna go see him. Frank urges her to take Gus with her, because he argues if she doesn't, "this could come right back to bite you in the end."

Gus explains to Phillip who Eden pushed off the roof, and why they had to keep it a secret for so long. He tells Phillip that he would like to keep all of this a secret, but he willing to go to court if he has too. Phillip turns everything that Gus says around, and accuses Gus of selling his own sister out, and painting a target on her back. Gus denies that, and says that the Santos's are done, and he is sure that everything is safe. Phillip refuses to buy this, and tells Gus that he still doesn't want Zach around him. Gus threatens Phillip, and walks out.

Olivia is in her bedroom crying and scratching out Phillip's name from all the tiny little hearts on the cover of her day planner that say, "Phillip + Olivia 4EVA." Just Kidding! She really is crying though, and she puts the elevator tape in from her wedding day and watches it. She takes the tape back out and breaks it with her hands while telling herself that she has to stop doing this to. I couldn't agree more.

Alan is on the back patio talking to his P.I. Mrs. Parker. He wants her to switch placebos into Olivia's birth control. Mrs. Parker hesitantly agrees to do it.

Alan and Phillip talk about Phillip's burgeoning new love life, then talk shifts to the Company. Alan tells Phillip that Edmund is on his payroll, and that Edmund's job is to seduce Alexandra and find out why she really came back to town. Phillip says that he is gonna do his own digging, because he doesn't think Edmund can be trusted.

Marah and Tony are standing in awe of their "beautiful" Christmas tree, and then they sit down to have a nice talk. Tony tells Marah that Ray has really been helping him figure things out lately, and that yesterday they had a long talk about their dad. Marah asks Tony to tell her one good memory he has of his dad, and he tells her this story about how his dad hit him in the head with a baseball, and then called him a girl afterwards. You gotta love those touching father/son moments. He tells Marah that when he was a kid he thought is was kinda funny, but now he sees how sad it is. He tells Marah he doesn't want her to feel sorry for him, because he could be worse off. She tells him that they are gonna make lots of wonderful memories, and they kiss.

We now venture off into the Land of Music Montages, where Marah and Tony are making those memories by the minute. First they are on the couch sipping hot chocolate and rubbing whipped cream on each other's faces, then we see Marah getting her top taken off by Tony, then we see Tony getting his shirt taken off by Marah, then the crappy music stops, and we have a shirtless Tony asking a bra clad Marah if she is ready to go through with this. She responds with a kiss.

Gus is back at the station on the phone with someone named Dory, and he is asking them to tail Phillip for twenty-four hours. This Dory person agrees. Harley tells Frank that if Gus's dad's partner proves that Eden was telling the truth then she will tell Gus everything. Frank still thinks this is a bad idea, but Harley insists that everything will be okay. Gus walks over, and tells Harley that things didn't go so great with Phillip. She is not surprised, and they resign to the fact that this will have to go to court. Frank leaves, but not before mentioning that Harley is going to Clayton. Gus asks her what for, and she says it is for some old case and that she won't be going until after Christmas, and Gus believes her. Didn't these two vow to always be honest with each other? Yeah...that's not working out too good is it?

Phillip is in the dining room looking for his copy of the Great Gatsby, and he tells Olivia that it is his favorite book. He tells her that Lizzie is doing a paper on her dad the novelist and his favorite book. Olivia is shocked to hear that Phillip wrote a book, and he admits that it was a long time ago and that the book wasn't that great anyway. Olivia says that she would like to read it. She looks through Phillip's copy of the Great Gatsby, and reads a passage out that he has underlined. The passage has to do with Daisy and Tom's destructive relationship, and how it created nothing but messes for other people to clean up. Phillip and Olivia agree that it is important to clean up your own messes, and they said something else, but I dosed off due to how boring that scene was.

I awoke several seconds later to see Alan sneaking into their bedroom to steal Olivia's birth control pills. While going through her things he finds the elevator tape, but all it has on it is their wedding date, so he just assumes that it is a tape from their wedding. He leaves with her pills.

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