Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/17/02

By Suzanne


The show opens with Bill showing up at Casa Bauer upset that Michelle didn't call and tell him Danny was alive. She tells him that Danny isn't there and that they are taking things slow. She thinks Bill is gonna tell her that she should just be appreciative that Danny is alive and to take him back, but he says he was about to say the opposite.

Danny shows up at the Boring hotel to get a room. He and Cassie talk for a bit, he tells her that he and Michelle aren't together just yet, and she tells him to just give Michelle some time to come around.

At the police station Harley demands that Eden give her the dvd back, and she does. I called it yesterday, and the dvd that Harley gave her wasn't the real one. Eden tries to deny that she was stealing the dvd for Carmen, but Harley doesn't believe her and demands to know what Carmen has on Eden. Eden finally breaks down and says that Carmen has something on her and Gus.

Ross and Ed are at Olivia's where Ross is trying to convince Ed to help him with his crazy plan. The plan isn't described yet, but it has something to do with Ed calling up Blake on her radio show. Ed doesn't want to do it, but Ross successfully convinces him.

Blake is at the radio station doing her show and Holly is in the control room. Ed calls up calling himself Fred and talking in a "Sigmund Freud" type voice. This whole scene is very funny, and Ed makes mistake after mistake. The biggest mistake being that he tells Blake that he wants to marry her.

Back at the police station Harley urges Eden to tell her what Carmen Santos has on them. After much hesitation on Eden's part she finally confesses that Carmen knows that Eden pushed Fredericko off the roof because she didn't want Gus to find out that their dad was a crooked cop and working for the Santos's. The supposed reason he was killed was because something went wrong between him and the Santos's, and that if Gus found all this out he would be devastated. Eden says that everything is now in Harley's hands.

Back at the Boring Hotel, Cassie gives Danny his room key, and advises him to go see Michelle and talk to her. He takes her advice and goes.

Ed is still talking to Blake on the radio, and begins to tell her his problem. Ross is writing down what he wants Ed to say, and Blake almost hears the two fo them talking in the background. Blake realizes that she is talking to Ed, but Holly doesn't believe her. Blake thinks that Ed is talking about Holly, not knowing that Ross is behind all this. Blake asks "Fred" where he is calling from, and he says, "a new hotel by the lake." She sends Holly to the Beacon to talk to Ed.

Bill and Michelle are sill hanging out in kitchen. Bill compares Danny and Michelle's relationship to gingerbread cookies, and then the audience is subjected to one of their trademark "We are just the bestest of best friends" type scene with lot's of goofing around and such, and then Danny the party pooper shows up. Danny comes in under the guise of wanting to see Robbie, and Michelle goes to see if he's still awake. Once she leaves Bill tells Danny he should leave Michelle alone.

Danny explains that what he did was to protect Michelle and not to her hurt her. Bill explains that Michelle went through Hell, but she stayed strong and held it together. He wants to make sure that Danny doesn't hurt her again, because a person can only take so much. Danny tells Bill he doesn't have to worry about Michelle anymore, because he is back.

Back at the police station, Eden tells Gus that she and Harley were just talking about how proud Gus's dad would have been of him. Then Gus goes on and on about how great his dad was and how perfect he was etc. Harley goes over to speak with Carmen, and tells her to keep what she thinks she knows about Joe August to herself or else. Harley even threatens her with a case of botulism. Now that is funny!

Ed and Ross are still talking to Blake, and Cassie comes in, but leaves almost as quickly as she came after saying that she doesn't even want to know what these two are up to. Blake tells "Fred" to follow his heart, because she knows that his ex-wife wants to be in a committed relationship. Ed realizes that they have been found out, and sends Ross over to talk to Blake. Holly shows up and asks Ed if what he said about their relationship on the radio is true.

Ross calls Blake's show under the name "Russ," and he talks to her as he walks into her studio. She ends the show, and plays a song while she and "Russ" dance in the studio. He tells her that Ed was speaking for him to her, and she tells him that Holly is headed to the Beacon, because she thought Ed was speaking to her.

At Olivia's, Ed explains what really happened, and Holly is embarrassed and gets up to leave. Ed stops her and tells her that, although he wasn't talking about their relationship earlier, what he said can be applied to them as well, and they kiss.

Danny tells Michelle that he was just telling Bill how appreciative he is that he was their for Michelle while they were apart. Bill goes to check on Robbie, and Danny tells Michelle that he is not giving up on them. He leaves, and Bill comes back out and gives Michelle a hug while a concerned Danny looks on from outside.

Gus tells Harley about his dad's old partner Roy Baker, and how Roy was really close to their family. Harley looks very intrigued, and we know that she is gonna track this Roy Baker down.

Michelle asks Bill how she handled herself, and he tells her that she handled herself fine. She tells him that she isn't sure what kind of message she wants to send Danny. She asks Bill what he and Danny talked about, and he avoids telling her. He asks Michelle if she is gonna go through with their her New Year's Eve date with Danny, and she says she is. They break into another one of their trademark "We Are the Bestest of Best Friends" scenes, this time throwing cookie dough at each other. Except this scene is different, because Bill has a look of longing in his eyes.

Danny is at the Beacon checking in, and Cassie looks surprised to see him. She asks him how it went with Michelle, and he tells her that he didn't get to talk to her much, because Bill Lewis was there. He also tells her about Bill's threat, and Cassie tells him that Bill and Michelle are old friends. Danny agrees, but he says that Bill is in love with Michelle even though Bill doesn't realize it yet.

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