Guiding Light Update Monday 12/16/02

By Suzanne


The show opens with Harley in the Beacon lobby with Gus and Eden. She tells Gus that she was not know that Alexandra was gonna suggest that they get married. She says that Alexandra's idea is ridiculous, and that she would never want to put that kind of pressure on Gus. Gus wants to know what it so ridiculous about the idea of the two of them getting married, and further more, why doesn't Harley want him to propose?

On the other side of the lobby Alexandra is attempting to help Olivia realize that having a baby with Alan might not be the best thing to do. In fact, she tells Olivia that she is deluded if she thinks that having a baby with Alan will make their relationship stronger or draw them closer together.

Alan and Phillip come walking into the dining room arguing about some business matter, and Nolan comes in after them to tell Alan that Olivia is at the Beacon and expecting his call. Nolan leaves, and Alan breaks the news to Phillip that he and Olivia will be starting a family. But wait, Phillip already knows, because Olivia told him. Alan seems surprised to hear that Olivia has already blabbed the wonderful news.

Rick A.K.A. Bionic Bauer and Mel are at Olivia's having a drink. Rick is trying to convince Mel to turn off their pagers and her cells, so that they can have a nice, uninterrupted romantic evening. He almost succeeds, but is interrupted by Blake; who tells them about her plan to set Phillip up. She asks Mel if she has and potential single women in her rolodex, and Mel says that she does have a friend in town, who could possibly be transferring to Cedars. Blake tells Mel to call her up and invite her to Olivia's for a drink, and she tells Bionic Bauer to call Phillip up and do the same. Rick agrees to do it even though he has some reservations.

Alan is upset that Olivia told Phillip about their personal, private decision to have a child. Well since Alan was gonna tell him anyways I don't see what the big deal is. Anyways...Phillip assures him that Olivia did not spill the beans, but that he merely put two and two together when they had a conversation the other night, and she kept talking about whether or not she would make a good parent. This seems to calm Alan down, and he tells Phillip that he thinks their child will be a wonderful addition to the Spaulding clan. Phillip asks him if this is indeed a done deal, and Alan says that he and Olivia are definitely in it for the long haul. Phillip says that he is glad to hear it, and tells Alan good night. It's obvious that Alan is doing all this because he is well aware that Phillip is a serious threat to his relationship with Olivia. Anyways...Nolan comes in and tells Phillip he has a phone call. It is Bionic Bauer and he is calling to invite Phillip to join him and Mel for a drink. Phillip turns him down at first, but Bionic Bauer convinces him to join them.

Alexandra tries to convince Olivia that she is making a mistake by thinking that having a baby is a wise choice. Olivia says that Alexandra doesn't know her very well, and that she raises Sam all by herself and she wants to have a child of her own. Alexandra asks her if she wants to have that child with Alan.

Ten feet away Gus is perplexed by Harley's hesitance to discuss the "M" word. She tells Gus that he doesn't want to marry a "three time loser" in the marriage department. Gus tells her that she is not a loser, and he breaks down all the benefits that they could reap if they hypothetically got married. His hypothetical benefits include a two parent home for Harley's kids, less bills, and tax breaks. His proposed benefits aren't romantic, but Harley admits she likes truth over romanticism. Eden busts up their conversation, like always, to place all the attention on her. She tells Gus that they are supposed to be celebrating the downfall of the Santos's right now, and he invites Harley to join them. Eden steps to the side, and has a flashback to Carmen warning her that if she didn't get her hands on that confession DVD that she would tell Gus what she knows about Eden's little secret. Eden looks sullen.

Ross shows up, and Blake tells him about her plan to hook Phillip up. They go and sit at the bar to watch the festivities. Phillip shows up and sits down, and immediately starts in on how pathetic his life is. I think everyone on the planet can agree with that. Anyways...Mel's friend shows up, although at this point we don't see her, and even though Mel and Bionic Bauer try to act surprised to see her Phillip realizes he has been set up.

Alexandra accuses Olivia of only wanting to have a baby to make up for her guilty conscious. A phone call from Alan breaks up their friendly conversation, and Olivia leaves to meet Ala at home for dinner.

Over on the couch Harley, Gus, and Eden are throwing back a few in celebration. In the midst of the celebrating and reminiscing, Eden gets up with a worried look on her face, and tells Gus that she can't totally believe that everything is over until Carmen is behind bars for good. He tells Eden that with the evidence they have, Carmen will be behind bars for good, but Eden says that she needs to see this evidence for herself.

Carmen is meeting with her lawyer in her cell, and he informs her that the only way he could possibly get her off is if she takes an insanity plea. She refuses, and tells him that the state's evidence won't be a problem very soon.

Gus tries to convince Eden that Carmen will not escape the wrath of the law, but Eden still wants to see the tape. She even claims that after she sees the tape, and feels confident that Carmen is going away, that she will probably feel safe enough to tell Phillip the truth. Harley thinks that they should let her see the tape, and they head to the station.

Phillip is completely blowing his date off, and being a real idiot. So much so, that Mel drags Noelle, the friend from out of town, away to the ladies room, so that Bionic Bauer can talk some sense into Phillip.

Olivis shows up at home, and immediately pours herself a drink and downs it like it's water and she just got back from a walk through the desert. Alan comes in and they hug and say their hello's. Their conversation quickly turns to talk of children, and Olivia admits that after her conversation with Alexandra she is having doubts. Alan tries his damdest to convince her to stick to their plans, but Olivia wants to wait a while. Alan finally agrees to give it some more time.

Blake and Ross look on from the bar, and Blake is scared her plan isn't gonna work.

Rick calls Phillip on his crap, and tells him that Noelle is beautiful and smart, and that Phillip is insane for blowing her off. The girls return, and Noelle decides to call it a night. Before she turns to leave she tells Phillip that she didn't know that he was gonna be there, and that he didn't know about her, so "no harm no foul." Phillip stops her and asks her if she thinks that he was acting like a jerk earlier. She says yes, and he looks surprised by her candor.

Harley, Gus, and Eden arrive at the station. Harley is getting the paperwork ready in order for her to get the DVD released from the evidence room. Gus is hesitant, but Harley assures him that this is a good idea. Gus and Harley leave for the evidence room, and Eden wonders over to Carmen's cell where Carmen congratulates her on making the right choice, and helping her out. Eden claims that she did it for Gus, and not to help Carmen. Harley and Gus return to tell Eden that she can watch the DVD in the interrogation room. She leaves the DVD on her desk, and tells Eden to go ahead with out them while they process Carmen for her transfer. Eden looks conflicted while she stares at the DVD. When I watched this the first time I was really upset with Harley for giving Eden, of all people, such a crucial piece of evidence, but that just doesn't make sense and Harley is a better cop than that, so having watched it again I am positive that the DVD that Harley gave Eden is not the real DVD at all. Harley wouldn't be that stupid.

Phillip apologizes for his behavior earlier, and invites Noelle to stay, and she does.

Blake, who is satisfied that her plan worked out, gets up to go do her talk show. Ross attempts to propose again before she leaves, but she dodges the question. Once Blake leaves, Ross calls Ed and asks him for a favor.

Alexandra comes home and she and Alan get into their usual argument. He tells her e doesn't appreciate her butting into his life, and she says she does it for his good. He says that he knows what is good for him and Olivia, and that conversations with Alexandra always give him a head ache. Alexandra leaves, and Alan goes into Olivia's purse under the guise of looking for aspirins. He finds her birth control pills, and a big flash bulb goes off in his twisted little head. He grins with excitement.

Eden snatches the DVD, puts it in her purse, and attempts to walk out, but Harley is waiting in the wings, like I knew she would be, and stops Eden from leaving. Harley asks her why she is betraying the brother she claims to love in order to help out a woman she claims to hate.

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