Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/12/02

By Eva


At the Lewis house, Josh asks Reva where the cleaning supplies are because he wants to clean the blood stains that are in the pool house. Reva wants to know when his new plan will begin. Reva asks Josh if he is trying to drive her crazy.

At the Beacon, Ed tells Cassie that Carmen is in jail. Ed thanks her for all she did and says that he owes her again for helping his family. Cassie says that Ed doesn't owe her because she didn't do it for Danny or his family she did it for Richard.

At the Police Station, Frank gives the news that Danny is alive to a stunned Tony. Frank goes on to explain Danny's plan to Tony. Tony then visits Carmen. Carmen tells Tony he should save himself and that she needs his help to put the family back together. Carmen says he can be the head of the family.

At the Bauer house, Danny explains to Michelle that all he ever wanted was to get them out from under his family so they could have a normal life and be together. Michelle tells him to stop talking and just hold her.

At the Beacon, a puzzled Ed wants to know what Richard had to do with Cassie helping Danny. Cassie explains that she helped Danny because she wasn't there to help Richard. Cassie says Danny needed her because he couldn't turn to Michelle. Cassie says Danny loved Michelle so much he couldn't bear to have anything happen to her or have her be in any pain. As the words come out of her mouth Cassie realizes that the exact same reasons Danny needed her help were the reasons why Richard asked Reva for help. Cassie asks Ed how Michelle will deal with Danny. Ed says that is a good question. Cassie thanks Ed for listening to her and helping her to realize things. Ed leaves.

At the Bauer house, Danny asks if Michelle understands what he did. Michelle says in some way she understands and in other ways she doesn't understand. Danny asks if she still loves him and Michelle says yes. Michelle tells Danny she isn't sure love will be enough. Michelle says Danny left because he wanted to protect Robbie from his (Danny's) violent nature not because of Carmen. Michelle asks Danny if the reason he left then is still there now what will make it different this time.

At the Police Station, Carmen is bothered to see Marah waiting for Tony. Carmen asks him to get rid of Marah so they can talk.

At the Lewis house, Reva asks Josh if he wants to shock her. Josh says no but that wouldn't be a bad idea. Reva asks Josh if the first part of his new agenda is Tony. Josh keeps mum about his plans. Josh says now he won't let his opinion take a back seat. Reva wonders how this is going to work if one spouse doesn't know what the other spouse is doing. Cassie calls and asks if Reva can come over and talk. Reva says she and Josh are in the middle of something but Josh takes the phone from her and tells Cassie Reva will be right over. On Reva's way out Billy arrives for dinner. Billy asks Josh if he and Reva are having a fight. Josh says if they are it is the best one they have ever had. Billy is puzzled by his brother's new attitude. Josh asks Billy for help with his problem, Tony Santos.

At the Police Station, Tony tells Marah to come stand by him because he wants her to hear Carmen's speech. Tony tells Carmen it is over and he and Danny want to start a new life. Carmen tells him he will never fit in with Marah's family. Marah tells Carmen she is wrong. Tony tells Carmen that maybe she is right but he would rather die trying to fit in. Tony tells Carmen he will see her in court. Marah tells Tony that Carmen is wrong and he will have a good life. As Carmen watches Tony and Marah leave she vows that she is not done yet.

At the Beacon, Cassie checks to see if the flight from Tulsa is still on schedule. Reva arrives and Cassie tells her that she has realized something that will change everything between them.

At the Bauer house, Danny explains to Michelle that when he left he thought he could just go back to the family. Danny says that every day he was gone he thought of Michelle and Robbie and he realized he wanted to be with them. Danny says that he knew the only way he could do that was to put Carmen in jail and that is when he came up with his plan. Michelle wonders how he will untie himself from Carmen. Danny says that he chooses to tie himself to Michelle and Robbie the people that he loves they have all of him now.

At the Beacon, Cassie explains to Reva how the situations with Danny and Richard are the same and she tells Reva she is sorry for taking so long to understand. Cassie says that she wants their relationship to be the way it used to be with none of this between them anymore. Cassie and Reva hug.

At the Lewis house, Billy tries to understand his brother's new attitude. Josh says that Tony is a problem for him because of Marah

At the Bauer house, Danny tells Michelle that she may never understand what he did or why he did it but she has to know he loves her and Robbie. Michelle says that all these months she has been a single mother with no hope. Danny says that the reason he didn't tell her about his plan was because he wasn't sure it would work and he loved her to much to give her false hope. Ed arrives and Danny asks for his help to make Michelle understand. Ed says that he and Michelle need to work things out alone. Ed takes Robbie upstairs. Danny asks Michelle if she still loves him and could ever forgive him. Michelle says she loves him and probably would forgive him if that was the only problem. Michelle tells Danny about the confrontation with Carmen and rescuing her from falling. Michelle asks Danny if he was in the same situation would he have let Carmen fall.

At the Police Station, Carmen gives her lawyer a name and number and tells him to contact them and tell them to come as soon as possible.

At the Lewis house, Tony and Marah arrive and Tony explains to everyone that he and Danny are out of the family business for good. Josh invites Tony on a hunting trip. Tony says yes to the invitation.

At the Beacon, Reva gives Cassie her ring back. Cassie tearfully puts it on her finger and says she will pay Reva back. Reva says she doesn't care if she ever pays it back because Cassie has already given her the best present. Reva leaves after telling Cassie to give the kids a hug and a kiss from their aunt Reva.

At the Lewis house, Josh orders take out and Reva arrives and tells him that she and Cassie turned a corner. Josh asks Marah and Tony to stay for dinner. Tony tells Marah to stay and he wants to go see Danny. As Marah is walking him out, Tony tells Josh to let him know the details on the hunting trip. Reva again tries to find out what Josh is planning for Tony but Josh remains mum.

At the Beacon, Cassie has a joyous reunion with her kids.

At the Bauer house, Danny admits he doesn't know what he would have done in Michelle's situation with Carmen. Danny asks Michelle to help him change because he really thinks he can do that now. Michelle says that she is scared that they have burned themselves out. Michelle says that she has spent all these months fighting her feelings for him and she can't turn her feelings on and off like a faucet. Danny says he doesn't expect anything from her now. Danny asks Michelle for a date on New Year's Eve. Michelle says yes and they share a brief kiss. Danny leaves and Michelle smiles as she watches him.

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