Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/11/02

By Suzanne


Josh listens as Reva explains that she's been hiding Danny Santos. Josh is shocked. He gets all the details. When she says she didn't have a choice, he points out that she did what she wanted to and didn't think about her family. He asks why she didn't come to him. She says that she and Cassie agreed that Josh wouldn't have agreed to help Danny. He says that is true and yells at her, asking her if she considered the danger she was putting her family in. She says of course she did. He doesn't want to hear her excuses. She says that when she helped Richard die, it left a huge hole. She lost her best friend (Cassie). So when Cassie came to her for help, she was so glad that Cassie finally trusted her. She rails that he can't understand what that means to her. She finally had her sister back. He nods, saying that if she had turned her down, she would have lost her. He is very annoyed that Cassie comes first "before honesty, before our marriage, before me".

Michelle yells at Cassie for letting her believe her husband was dead. Cassie tries to explain. Michelle doesn't care about her reasons. Cassie advises her what someone advised her (Ed?), to get over the pain and be grateful for what she has right now. They continue to argue. Cassie points out that she will be seeing Danny alive and in her life, so she should just accept it and be grateful. Michelle doesn't think she can just forget the lies. Cassie just says that if she hangs on to the pain or bitterness, it is going to destroy her. She asks her quietly if she knows what she would do to have one more day, one more hour with Richard. Michelle is clearly affected by what she said. Cassie advises her to think about what Danny has done for her. Michelle seems to be less angry and asks Cassie for details about what happened with Danny. Cassie talks about how brave Danny was. The only time she saw fear was when he worried that Carmen might go after her or their child. She tells Michelle about when he was delirious and thought Cassie was her, how he explained why he did everything. Cassie advises her again to see why Danny did this. Michelle isn't sure how she can do this because she feels so "raw". She talks about how different her situation is to Cassie's. Cassie knew that Richard loved her. Michelle had to deal with thinking that Danny didn't. Cassie says if she's going to be mad at someone, be mad at her or her dad, but not Danny. He deserves her love. Michelle nods and thanks her.

Carmen reels in shock from seeing Danny's "ghost". She begs his forgiveness. He asks how he can do that when she killed her own son. Danny's image is being projected by Gus and Harley from another room. They are chomping at the bit to get her to confess. Danny asks Carmen how it felt to kill her own son. Carmen is really rocked and can't believe it. Danny brings religion up and implies she is a hypocrite. He says that she is being judged for her actions. She tries to say that she did everything for her family and loved them. He asks what she knows about love. Gus tells Harley that he thinks Danny is going to lose it. Danny points out that she tried to destroy everything that is important to him: Michelle and their son. He says again that she killed him. She asks him to forgive her. He suddenly collapses and disappears. She goes over there and asks frantically where he went. She says she misses him so much.

Gus and Harley rush to help Danny, who has collapsed from the strain of his injuries. They get him back on his feet again.  Harley watches Carmen, who is still standing there, wondering where Danny went. She worries that Carmen is about to leave. Danny wants a little time but they don't have it, so he insists on being put back there.  They put him back. He catches Carmen just as she is about to leave. He assures her that he isn't a figment of her imagination or her guilt. He tells her that he knows her secret: she's not sorry for killing him. Carmen says that he has no idea how difficult it was to raise three children alone. He retorts that it might've been easier if she hadn't killed his father. She says that his father lied, cheated, and killed, but she still loved him. She moans that she lost them all now. She blames Michelle for their deaths. He says he saw the look in her eyes when she pulled the trigger; she was relieved that it was over. She denies it and says she didn't mean to shoot him. It was an accident. Gus and Harley move in to get her.

Carmen sits and talks to herself, asking God to forgive her. She murmurs over and over again, "I'm so sorry, Danny". Gus and Harley come in and arrest her. Carmen is shocked to see Danny walk in. Danny asks if they got everything they need, and they say they do. First Carmen says, "You set me up", but then she is so relieved that he's alive that she cries tears of joy and thanks God. They lead her out. Danny leans against the wall and looks like he's thinking. He walks around and looks at the caskets of his dead father and brothers. He says he can't say he's sorry. No matter how Carmen felt about him (Danny's father), he had no reason to take it out on them (Danny and his siblings). Maybe things would have been different if his father had been around, or maybe not. He talks to Nick. He hopes he's at peace now. He's not going to let what happen to Nick happen to him. He has a beautiful wife and son, and he loves them more than anything. He's going to take his life in a new direction. The camera pans to a stained-glass window with an angel as he says this. He say she owes it to Michelle and his son. He walks out of the mausoleum.

Michelle is at home with Robby and sings him the "mockingbird" song. She kisses and hugs him. She looks at Danny's obituary and traces his picture with her finger. She looks thoughtful, then she gazes out the front door and looks up at the sky. She smiles.

Reva says that Josh has a right to be angry, but it's ridiculous to think that she chose Cassie over him. He yells at her some more. She admits she acts on impulse. She starts to promise something but he says to stop. He knows she means well, but she can't keep her promise. He knows she has a good heart, but it's her head that gets them in trouble. She agrees and doesn't know how these things keep happening. That scares him. She says she can change. He says he's the one who's going to have to change. She makes these decisions but doesn't let him be a part of any of them. He can't live with that, he yells. Cassie walks in and there is an awkward moment. Reva tells her that Danny's not there and Josh knows everything. Cassie starts to say that it was all her fault and he should be mad at her, not Reva. Josh says he's not mad...he's furious at both of them! He shouts this last part very loudly. He argues with Cassie. He says that Cassie knew Reva wouldn't turn her down because she'd be so grateful to have her sister back. Cassie admits that's true. Cassie says she was certain it was safe, or she wouldn't have risked their family. She and Reva point out that the police were involved, and Ed Bauer...they go on and on in tandem. Josh finally says "okay!" and laughs at the two of them. He goes "Aaagggh!" in frustration. He says he should have seen this a long time ago. Cassie's always done crazy things but Richard was a buffer for her. He's only had to deal with Reva's craziness. But now that Cassie's on her own, he gets to deal with both of them. "Lucky me!" he laughs. He says "welcome back" and hugs Cassie. He says he adores her. She and Reva look uncertain at this change. Cassie says it's nice to be back in the family. Josh reminds Reva that at their wedding, he said he chose to accept everything that goes with her, including her crazy family. She tears up and he kisses her passionately.

Later, Josh is tidying up at the cabin. Reva asks him what he meant about him changing. Josh says after all these years, you'd think he'd know better. He asks her to be less impulsive, etc. but she just can't do it. She is the woman he loves. And if she changed even the smallest thing about herself, he'd probably hate it. He says the change has to come from within him. She acts and he reacts, he says; he doesn't think he can live that way any more. He asks if she handle it if he is different, "new and improved". She laughs. She assures him that she can live with him no matter who he wants to be.

Cassie gets a message at The Beacon that "it's over" and she can bring her kids home. She calls Tami and tells her to pack to come home.

Carmen is put in jail and says that the confession was coerced and she'll be out soon. They laugh and give her the department cell phone so she can make her one call. Harley sits at her desk and puts her feet up. She says they can get Maria for obstruction of justice. She and Gus are very happy and give each other high-fives. She knows he's thinking about his dad. He says yeah, he thinks he would have been proud. He misses him. He wishes his father had gotten to meet her.  He thinks he would have been more proud of his relationship with Harley than anything else.  They kiss.

Carmen phones Danny and leaves a message on his voice mail to say she loves him. She knows he loves her, too, and she forgives him. She warns him not to count on Michelle because she'll never forgive him.

Danny goes home and knocks on the door, so Michelle opens it. He says it's over and Carmen's in jail. He says she's out of their lives for good. She asks if he means their life together. Yes, he says, that's what all this has been about.

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