Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/10/02

By Suzanne


Josh follows Reva into the Beacon; she's frantically looking for Cassie. She admits that Danny's memorial got to her. Josh is not surprised that Danny died young and points to his family life. He is concerned about Marah ending up like Michelle. Reva thinks he shouldn't judge Tony but he argues with her about how bad his family is and how he accosted Marah. Josh apologizes for upsetting her and goes to look for Cassie in the bar. Cassie goes downstairs and sees Reva. Reva takes her aside to talk about Danny. Reva is concerned about lying to Josh. Cassie advises her to hang on. Reva goes on and on about the trust that she and Josh have and is upset about betraying him. They speculate about how JOsh would react. Cassie tells her that she should tell Josh. Reva is surprised at her change of heart. Cassie tells her about her earlier discussion with Harley, in jail. Cassie talks about why she got so involved with Danny. She thinks she used it all as an escape from her life. Reva tries to make her feel better. Cassie tells her that she'll be all right, even though she'll miss the danger and excitement. Josh finally returns so Reva says they can leave.

Carmen is upset about Gus giving her Danny's ashes. Harley comes in, pretending to be embarrassed by how Gus is acting. Gus carries the urn around and suggests places she should put the urn. He emphasizes that Danny will around every day, right here. She goes to call her guard. Harley checks to make sure that the guards have the night off. They discuss how much pressure to apply to Carmen. Harley says they have to bring in Danny now. Carmen returns to Gus keeps up the act with the urn, shaking it, etc. Carmen is clearly affected. Harley pretends to be upset about what he's doing and tells him to knock it off. She yells at him that Carmen is a mother who has just lost his son. She gives Carmen the ashes. They keep arguing. Harley says maybe Danny tried to kill Carmen and maybe she was just defending herself. Harley says Danny deserves respect and maybe to be with his family. Then she leaves in disgust. Carmen talks to Danny's ashes and says she knows what she has to do. She walks out. Harley returns and they talk about how Carmen is losing it.

Ed and Michelle go to the pool house but he's not there. She is upset and angry. They wonder where he could be. Michelle guesses that Danny was at the memorial service and wonders if he went into hiding again. They discuss how Ed lied to her. She starts to go out but Danny arrives, sweating and looking like he's sick. Danny and Michelle hug. She worries about how pale he is. Ed excuses himself. Michelle wants to know why he didn't trust her. Danny explains why he did it. He confides that he was at the church today. She keeps bitching about how he kept her in the dark. He can't apologize any more than he already has. He tells her that he's finishing it, tonight. Carmen gets a backpack together and says he can't explain right now but he's got to go get this done. He won't give her details so she gets more upset. She's concerned about his injury. They argue. The phone rings; she begs him not to answer it. They drop the phone and it breaks. They argue some more. She begs him not to go. He kisses her and swears he'll be allright, then he leaves. Ed asks her to go home with him but she refuses. They go to the Beacon. Ed and Michelle talk some more about the lies. She insists on being there. She goes in and confronts Cassie about lying to her. Cassie says she had to, to protect her and Danny. They argue about everyone keeping Michelle in the dark.

Frank goes to Company; Buzz greets him. He sees how sad Frank looks and asks, "who died?" then catches himself, remembering that it was Danny. Frank tells him about the memorial service. He wonders where Buzz has been and says he knows that Buzz has been avoiding Holly and Ed. Buzz doesn't deny it. Frank says that this whole thing reminds him about how easy it is to let your children get away from you and get together with people whe might endanger them (meaning Danny and Michelle). Just then, Ben and Marina walk in. They decide to get some food. Ben tries to make small talk with Frank, who is not in a good mood. Frank asks him about his decision to leave school. Ben says he wants to take a little break, reassess his priorities, etc. Frank wonders if he's thinking of getting a job at one of the newspapers, but Ben says that journalism won't make him the kind of money he wants. Marina comes back from the kitchen. Frank says he was surprised that Ben wasn't at the memorial service. Ben says he has a hard time with things like that. Frank points out that supporting friends and family in that type of situation is important. Things are tense. Ben tells Marina that they shouldn't go to a movie after all and leaves. Marina thanks Frank sarcastically. Frank says he's trying to like Ben but he keeps giving him reasons not to. Marina reminds him that he was going to help Ben, but Frank says Ben doesn't want his help. Buzz jumps in at Marina's request, saying that he was kind of hard on Ben and he remembers what it's like to be young. Frank replies, "Do I?"

Gus and Harley wonder what to do now that they can't reach Danny on the phone. Gus praises Harley for her adlibbing. He gives her a big kiss for making him want to be a better man. She is touched. She keeps trying Danny on the phone.

Reva goes to the pool house to look for Danny; he's not there so she rushes out. Josh arrives right after that and sees the front door open and no Reva. He finds Danny's blood-stained coat and looks concerned and upset. He sees the broken cell phone on the floor. Reva comes back in and is surprised to see him there. He says accusingly that she knows why these things are there. She tries to explain. He is upset with her and asks her what the Hell was going on in there.

Carmen goes to the family's mausoleum with Danny's urn. She talks to it. She hears noises and calls out to ask who's there, but she doesn't hear or see anyone. She sits on a bench, staring, with the wind whistling around her. She cries and talks to the urn, mumbling, "my beautiful baby boy" and saying this is like a horrible dream. She wishes she were dreaming. Carmen gets up, saying that Danny is gone forever. She puts the urn down in front of the other caskets. She says that Danny is gone forever. She hears Danny's voice saying, "Whose fault is that?" She turns around and Danny materializes in front of her and walks toward her.

Harley goes to Company and says she has to pick up Zach but she has to work. She starts to ask if someone can do something for her, but then wonders why Frank, Buzz, and Marina are all sitting around sullenly, not speaking. They tell her that they're mad at each other. Harley can't deal with them so she runs off again.

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