Guiding Light Update Monday 12/9/02

By Suzanne


Olivia tells Phillip that was a long time ago (her trying to get to him and break up him and Beth), and a lot has happened.  He just wants her to know he understand, and he can't be self-righteous about what she did any more.  She is glad they have a truce but doesn't think they should ever discuss this again.  He agrees.  Alan comes in and there is tension.  He cryptically insults Phillip and then suggests he leave the house.  Phillip says sure and goes out.  Outside the room, Phillip says to himself that he doesn't have anywhere to go.  Then he gets out his phone.  Meanwhile, Olivia tells Alan that he can quit pretending, but Alan says he's not pretending any more. He wants them to be close again.  She wants to make him happy. He doesn't want to be angry with her any more.  They are both relieved to get that over with.  They discuss how  she wants their marriage to work.  He suggests that they be "simple and direct", so she agrees.  He wants to go to a new level.  She isn't sure what he means.  He says family is the most important thing to him.  He wants her to have his baby.

Olivia is stunned by what he suggests.  She says it's a huge commitment and "why complicate things?"  She says her life will change.  He says he will help and also get nannies.  She wants to have one someday, she says, but first wants to accomplish more in business.  He points out that many women have both career and babies, but she doesn't want to do that.  She says he is asking her to give everything up and putting a strain on their relationship.  She wants to concentrate on him and for them to enjoy each other.  It wasn't too long ago he was sick.  He says he wants to see her pregnant.  She thinks that he wants her to be fat and untouchable so that Philip won't want her.

Alan is amazed at what she said.  He goes on and on about how beautiful and sexy pregnant women are.  She says it's just such a "huge, permanent responsibility".  She needs to think about it.  He suggests they practice in the meantime, and she agrees.  They tell each other how they missed each other, kiss, and head for the bedroom.

Phillip meets Beth for a drink at the Beacon.  She is astounded that he seems to want to be friends.  He says she can gloat if she wants, but she doesn't want to.  They get a drink and he admits he was wrong about Olivia, the diary, and not suspecting her from the beginning.  Beth is calm about it all and he is amazed at that.  He says that's the reason she moved out, but she says, no, that was just the last straw.  She jumps up and asks if he is trying to get a second chance with her.  He says that he didn't say that; he knows she's with Bill now.  She wonders why he really called her and asks if he's okay.  He says he's fine.  She asks how his life is and he jokingly talks about the weather (meaning his life is nothing to talk about).  She says she really doesn't want to know because it's too soon.  He suggests they talk about the kids instead and get a bite to eat.  She says she has to go soon and he says he does, too (but you get the impression he's just trying to save face since he really has nothing better to do).

Michelle continues her eulogy.  She says there is no reason that any of them should be mourning for Danny.  Gus gets up nervously and goes to the back of the church with Harley.  They look worried.  Ed goes to Michelle but she wants to go on.  She says Danny's not dead, he's very much Robbie's face, in her heart, etc. Everyone who knows about Danny being alive breathes a sigh of relief.  She says Danny didn't lead a model life but helped people.  He always struggled to do the right thing.  She loves Danny and knows he loved her.  But he loved his family more.  Danny, in hiding, shakes his head at that.  She says there's a hole in her heart and she needs Carmen to help her heal.  She begs her and says she is the one Danny loved.  She asks Carmen  to help them understand, the son she loved.  Michelle walks to Carmen and says if she wants to mend fences, she needs to help her understand Danny.  Tony urges Carmen to get up and speak.

Carmen speaks from her heart but rambles a bit.  She talks about how much she loved Danny and his brother.  She says he was sweet and sensitive, and she tried to protect him, to shelter him.  Maybe she made a mistake because he never took on family responsibility.  But things happen that are out of your control, and she says this is her fault.  She spoiled Danny and didn't prepare him for taking over.  He shut her out of his life.  He came back, but things were never the same.  Now he's dead and it's her fault.

Gus says to himself, "say it!", hoping she will confess to the crime.  She says, "Danny's dead and it's all my fault.  So sorry..."  she mumbles over and over.  Ray tries to help her but she refuses his help, saying she doesn't need him or any of them.  She rushes out and Ray follows her.  Gus and Harley are frustrated; they say they have to go to Plan B.

Bill is concerned about Michelle but she tells him not to worry about her.  Harley calls Danny on his cell and tells him they are going to Plan B, so he needs to get out of the pool house. He's stuck behind the curtain and can't say anything or leave yet.  Tony gets up and apologizes for Carmen.  He says the Santos family doesn't really learn how to love or how to handle real love (he looks at Marah as he says this), so they mess up badly.  He tells Michelle that Danny loved her and Robbie so much.  He wanted them to have a good life and be safe.  Danny asked him what matters to him in life.  Tony knew the answer, and Danny showed him the way.  He says Danny died a hero and always would be one to him.  Tony kneels before Michelle, kisses her on the hands and head, and then goes back to tell them all about the reception at Infierno.

Reva and Marah are touched by what Tony said, but Josh reminds Reva that Tony and his family are gangsters.  Marah tells them that she's going to the reception and wishes they would go, too.  Josh doesn't want to go but Reva talks him into it.  Marah and Tony leave.  Ray stays to say a rosary.  Danny still can't get out.  Finally, Ray finishes and leaves, so Danny sneaks out.

At the Santos place, Gus gives Carmen an urn and says it's Danny.

At Infierno, Frank and Rick are concerned about Michelle. She is on edge and snaps at them.  She tells Ed that she can't do this any more.  Reluctantly, he takes her to where Danny is supposed to be.

Olivia goes to get a drink, wearing her nightgown and a flimsy robe.  She doesn't see that Phillip is already in the room.  She turns and is surprised.  She asks him if she would be a good mother.  First he says that she would bring the same intensity and passion she does to everything.  Then he thinks and says she would make a good mother.  She says she never really thought about it before.  He realizes why she's asking.  She says never mind and that they shouldn't talk about it.  She rushes out.

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