Guiding Light Update Friday 12/6/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Amanda


Phillip and Alan decorate the Christmas tree.  Alan is cranky and says he likes it better when the servants decorate the tree.  Phillip suggests they put the angel at the top of the tree instead of the traditional star, but Alan is against it.  Olivia comes in, admiring their handiwork.  ALan asks her to choose, so she chooses the star, too, anxious to be on his good side.  Alan has her put it on while he holds the ladder.  They turn on the lights and admire how pretty the tree is.  Alan tells her that he has to meet someone at the Beacon, but he will be back for a cozy supper with her.  They kiss and he leaves.  Phillip observes that they seem to have put the Lorelei thing behind them.  She hesitates.

Marah finds Reva at the Beacon, where she is looking for Cassie.  Marah asks her if she and Josh can come with her to Danny's memorial service.  Reva says no, but Marah says she's going.  Josh brings in the paper with Danny's obituary.  Reva suggests to him that they go to the memorial service but he says no.

Cassie is in jail, where Gus has put her to keep her from telling Michelle that Danny's alive.  She begs Harley to let her out, saying that Michelle has a right to know.  They argue about their plan.  Gus is called away.  Harley won't let Cassie out, either.  Outside, Gus asks Tony whether Carmen will be at the church.  Tony says she wanted to, but they talked her out of of it.  Gus says no, she has to be there.  Tony looks puzzled.

Danny sneaks into the church with dark clothes and a stocking cap.  He has a flashback to Gus telling him he shouldn't go.  He creeps around and then hides behind a curtain.

Ed tells Michelle that Danny's alive.  He can't bear to see her in such pain.  She's confused, so he explains.  She's relieved that Danny's alive but she wants to see him.  He explains that she can't because hers and Danny's lives depend on it staying secret.

Olivia, being evasive, says she doesn't know what Phillip means.  Phillip is still curious, so she confides that it was Alan's idea to act like nothing is wrong between them.  She says she deserves whatever punishment that Alan comes up with.  Phillip agrees and says she did hurt Alan, but he'll forgive her because he loves her.  She asks if Phillip will.  He says the Spauldings band together against outsiders who attack them.

Beth tells Bill to give Michelle her condolences.  She's not going to the funeral; she wants him to focus on helping Michelle.  He asks what she's going to do.  She mentions some things, including visiting James at the Spauldings' place.  He hopes she doesn't see Olivia; she kinda hopes she does.  They make plans to meet later.  Beth phones and finds out that Olivia is home.

Josh tells Marah that he doesn't want to show any approval of her relationship with Tony.  The three argue and eventually he agrees to go, but he's not happy about it.

Carmen drinks; Maria tells her that won't help.  Carmen is still very upset, thinking she killed her own son.  She wants to go to the funeral, but Maria says no.

Gus tells Tony that they have a plan and Carmen has to be there.  Tony is annoyed that now Gus wants his help, but Gus smoothes things over.

Harley and Cassie argue.  Cassie admits she just wanted to feel needed.  Harley protests that she is needed by many people.  Cassie doesn't know how she is going to face life without Richard.

Ed and Michelle argue.  She's upset that he's been keeping this from her, and even more upset that Cassie knows and Tony doesn't.  He tells her the plan, to make Carmen feel so guilty at the Memorial Service that she'll confess.  Michelle doubts it will work and worries that this will drag on forever.  Rick and Mel arrive. They see that Michelle is upset and say maybe she shouldn't go.  Michelle insists angrily that she's going.

Alan gets a message that the person he's meeting will be late.  Phillip comes up and asks him to cat over a drink about Olivia.

Beth looks at the tree with James.  Olivia comes in as Beth is saying that Mommy would rather see an angel.  Olivia says softly that Daddy wanted an angel, too, but Alan wanted a star.  Beth adds tartly, "And Alan always gets what he wants".  Christie comes in and takes the baby to see Zack.  Beth gets in Olivia's face about what she did.  She could forgive her, but not for what she did to Lizzie.  Olivia apologizes and says she didn't think about what her actions would do to Lizzie.  Beth calls her selfish and says that she shouldn't be worrying about her forgiveness.  She protects her children and Olivia is lucky she's still alive.

Maria tells Carmen they'll have their own special mass at the house later with Ray.  Carmen worries how it will make her look.  Tony comes in and asks if they're ready to go.  They're surprised at his change of attitude.  Tony tells Carmen that she has to go because the other families think she killed Danny and they're not happy about it.  Carmen goes to get ready.  Maria says she's staying home.

Michelle gets ready to leave.  Rick and Mel are worried about her.  Ed tries to change Michelle's attitude and talk her out of confronting Carmen.  Michelle thinks they should leave Robbie at home, so Mel offers to stay with him.

Alan won't discuss Olivia, saying they've patched things up.  Phillip knows better and insists.  Alan thinks Phillip is there to gloat because Olivia published the diary to break Beth and him up.  He thinks Phillip is flattered.  Phillip's mouth drops open.

Beth yells at Olivia, who grovels for forgiveness.  Beth threatens her some more and reminds her that Alan trusts her, Beth, right now, more than he does Olivia.

Cassie whines some more to Harley.  Harley has to go to the service, so she asks Cassie if she lets her go, will she not run to MIchelle and screw up their plans.  Cassie promises not to.  They hug and Harley offers words of encouragement.  Cassie says she's going home.

At the church, Tony greets Ed, Michelle and Rick.  Ray greets them, too.  Danny watches from his hiding place.  Carmen comes in.  Ray faces her and says she shouldn't be there.  Tony tells him it's okay.  Josh points out to Marah that it doesn't look like Tony is distancing himself from his family.  Marah says he must have had a good reason to bring Carmen.  Rick says Carmen shouldn't be there, but Michelle says Carmen has a right to pay her respects.  Carmen says that's very generous of her.  Michelle says that enough people have been hurt.

Tony suggests to Marah that she and her family may want to leave in case things get ugly, but she says they'll stay to support him.  Michelle wonders where Cassie is.  Rick thinks Michelle's acting strange, but Ed says that she just lost her husband, so what's normal.

Ray starts the service.  He talks about how special Danny was.  He asks Ed to come up and say a few words.  Ed gets up, and so does Michelle, who insists on speaking instead.  Ed tries to stop her, but she is adamant.  Gus asks Ed quietly what she's doing.  Ed tells Gus that Michelle knows.  Gus looks worried.

Phillip arrives home.  Olivia tells him about her confrontation with Beth.  Phillip isn't surprised and tells her about what happened with Alan.  He says Alan is right, he does find it appealing that Olivia is willing to trample everyone and anyone to get to him.

Michelle tells how she felt when she learned of Danny's death.  Danny looks upset.  She says that now, she feels hope and joy, thanks to what her father told her...what he always tells her, which is the family motto: "When in doubt, tell the truth".  She is about to do that now.  Everyone looks worried.

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