Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/5/02

By Eva


At Company, Alexandra stops but to talk to Buzz. Alexandra tells him he is going to love the present she got him for Christmas. Buzz says he hopes she is giving Philip and Alan what they deserve. Alexandra tells Buzz she is going to make sure Zach is back with Haley for Christmas.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Harley that he is having second thoughts about Zach's custody.

At the pool house, Gus, Danny, and Cassie discuss the plan to catch Carmen at the memorial service. Gus makes Danny promise he won't go to the service. Danny makes Gus promise he will protect Michelle. After Gus leaves, Cassie insists that Danny tell Michelle he is alive. Danny tells Cassie that he wants to tell her the truth but not telling her is the only way to keep her and Robbie safe.

At the Bauer house, Michelle prepares her speech for the service. Ed walks in and listens to Michelle reading her speech out loud. Ed almost tells her the truth but then he remembers that he promised Danny he wouldn't say anything. After Ed goes upstairs to take care of a crying Robbie, Michelle calls the Beacon to talk to Cassie. She finds out Cassie is at Reva's house. Michelle leaves a note saying she went for a walk and heads to find Cassie.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Harley wants to know what caused Philip to have a sudden change of heart. Philip says that on Thanksgiving day he discovered he isn't always right. Philip explains that he was wrong to blame Beth for the publication of Lorelei's Diary. Philip says he is wiling to keep an open mind about Gus. He says that he hasn't changed his mind about custody yet. He says she can come to the mansion anytime and bring Gus along on her visits. Harley gets angry and says that she hates the fact that he holds all the cards and she won't audition for the right to be Zach's mother.

Outside Company, Gus tells Eden to stay away from the memorial service.

Inside Company, Buzz wants to know the reason Alexandra is so intent on helping her family. Alexandra doesn't tell him anything, saying a woman's got to have some secrets. Alexandra asks Buzz if he likes Gus. Buzz says he likes Gus on a good day. Alexandra says she isn't sure what she thinks of Gus yet.

At the pool house, Cassie gets ready to go to the service hoping this will be the last time she has to come to the pool house and keep secrets from her family and Michelle. Danny thanks her for everything she has done and tells her if she or her family ever need anything all she has to do is ask. Cassie walks outside the door and is surprised to find Michelle.

Outside Company, Harley arrives and Eden tells her that Alexandra tried to bribe her to change her story but she turned her down. Before Eden leaves Gus tells Eden that if he sees her at the church he will be burying her there. Harley tells Gus that Zach is fine. Harley also says that she has come up with plan B incase Carmen doesn't come to the service.

At the Bauer house, Philip drops by to offer his sympathies to Michelle. Ed tells him she has gone for a walk. Philip asks Ed if raising kids gets easier as they grow up. Ed says you never stop worrying about your children.

At the pool house, Cassie talks loudly so that Danny knows Michelle is outside. Once she has given him time to hide Cassie and Michelle walk inside the pool house to talk. Michelle says she is having a rough time writing her speech because she still feels like Danny is with her. Michelle asks Cassie to sit with her at the service. Michelle asks Cassie how she got through Richard's service. Cassie says she isn't the best person to answer that question. Cassie says that Michelle doesn't need to say good-bye to Danny because he is right there.

At Company, Harley tells Alexandra that Philip seems to want to keep an open mind. Alexandra tells her she shouldn't be convinced until Zach is in her arms and they both walk out of the mansion.

Buzz tells Gus that he owes Harley for all the pain he has brought to her life. Buzz says if this case is dangerous he should protect Harley above all else. Gus says that he has always protected Harley.

At the pool house, Cassie tells Michelle she borrowed money from the mob. Michelle tells Cassie that it doesn't matter now that Danny is gone. Cassie makes another attempt to tell Michelle the truth but Michelle says she needs to get home and leaves. Cassie tells Danny that keeping the truth from Michelle is wrong. Danny says he wanted to come inside and hold Michelle and stop her pain but he didn't do it because it is the only way to protect her. Cassie says she is going to tell Michelle the truth because she doesn't want her to sit through the service thinking he is dead. After Cassie leaves Danny calls Gus to tell him they have a problem.

At Company, Harley tells Alexandra her kids are her first priority. Alexandra says since Harley has been fighting an unsuccessful battle to get her son back, now she (Alexandra) is taking control of the situation.

At the Bauer house, Michelle tells Ed and Philip she was at Reva's pool house talking to Cassie. Philip offers his sympathies to Michelle.

Outside the Bauer house, Gus tries to stop Cassie from telling Michelle. Cassie tries to push Gus out of the way. Philip interrupts them and thinks Gus is shoving Cassie around. Cassie tries to explain Gus wasn't doing that but Philip thinks she is covering for Gus. Philip tells Gus that for a second he thought he might have been wrong about him, but now he sees he wasn't wrong about him. After Philip leaves, Gus handcuffs Cassie and places her in protective custody.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Alexandra he has changed his mind about Gus because he just saw him shoving Cassie around at the Bauers. Philip says he doesn't want Gus anywhere near his son. Alexandra informs Philip that now she is taking control of the situation.

At the Police station, Cassie demands to make a call to Harley. Just when Cassie finishes her demands Harley arrives.

At the pool house, Danny reads his obituary in the newspaper. After he finishes reading it he tells himself he is the only one who can protect Michelle. Danny puts on his hat and coat and walks out of the pool house.

At the Bauer house, Michelle explains to Robbie that they are going to say good-bye to his daddy and a lot of people are going to say nice things about his daddy. Ed listens to what Michelle is saying to Robbie. After Michelle sends Robbie to play, Ed says he can't bear to watch her suffer anymore. Ed tells Michelle Danny is alive and leaves her speechless.

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