Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/4/02

By Heidi


The show opens up with Harley having a morning visit with Zack in the Spaulding “den of iniquity.” Alexandra is there too, and she tells Harley that she wants her to give her the “low down” on Eden.

Eden is working at Infierno, and Tony comes in and asks her what she is doing there. He says she doesn’t have a job there anymore, and she tries to tell him that she is sorry about everything that happened. He partially blames her for Danny’s death.

At the Bauer house, Mel and Rick are on the phone warding off journalists while Michelle is planning Danny’s memorial. Bill shows up and Michelle asks him why couldn’t she just have stayed in love with him, and Bill tells her she couldn’t because she followed her heart. She admits that if she had to do it all over again she probably would have still fallen in love with Danny.

Gus is at Company eating breakfast, and Frank comes in and says that he knows the body in the morgue is not Danny Santos. He says that he is going to tell the chief. Gus asks him to butt-out, but Frank says that he isn’t gonna let Gus bring his sister into all this. Credits.

Father Ray shows up to comfort Michelle and help her makes plans with the church for the memorial. Michelle asks Rick for some help, but says he can’t because he got a page from the hospital and delegates Bill as her helper. He heads outside and Mel follows him. Mel knows that he didn’t get a page, and wants to know if he is purposely trying to push Bill and Michelle together.

Gus tells Frank that he’s working for the Feds, and that is all he can say. He also tells Frank that Harley doesn’t know anything and is not involved in the case, and Frank backs off. Gus leaves Harley a message saying that she might want to avoid her brother for a few days.

Harley gives Alexandra the Reader’s Digest version of the events of the last few months surrounding Eden. Alexandra says that she will talk to Eden.

Eden is trying desperately to keep her job and her hold on Tony. She tells him that Danny’s death was not his or her fault, and she is seriously putting the charm on, but Tony isn’t buying it at all and tells her to leave. Marah walks in to comfort Tony over the newspaper headline. She holds his hand and hugs him while an upset Eden looks on. Commercials.

Rick tells Mel that Bill makes Michelle feel safe and happy, and that is the only reason he is pushing them together. Mel tells him that she knows that he worries about Michelle, but that he can’t go around trying to fix her life for her. She says that Michelle will get over Danny when she is ready, and not when Rick is ready for her to move on. Rick takes her advice to heart.

Michelle tells Bill about what happened the other night on the bluff with Carmen.

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