Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/3/02

By Heidi Anderson



The show opens up with Marah stopping by her parent’s house to hang out. She says that there is someone she knows that has just lost someone dear to them and is alone who needs there support. Josh automatically assumes that she is referring to Cassie, and the doorbell rings. It’s not Cassie at the door, but Tony Santos.

Cassie is helping Danny get comfortable in the pool house. Ed shows up and voices his concerns about Michelle and Danny’s plan. He tells Danny about Carmen breaking into the house, and Danny is mad that Ed didn’t tell him earlier, but Ed is like if I had told you what could you have done?

Michelle is on the bluff with Carmen, and Carmen tells her that she isn’t going to allow Michelle to take anything else away from her again. Michelle looks scared. Carmen doesn’t even have a gun. If I was Michelle I would probably cuss Carmen out, call her a wacko, push her out of my way, and walk on down the cliff. I mean…that sounds a lot better than hanging out on a cliff waiting for her to push me off. Credits.

Holly shows up with Ben outside Company. He is down in the dumps about his almost non-existent trust-fund, and Holly tries to help him look at the bright side. She leaves, and Marina comes out and says, “Hey! There’s my favorite rich boy.” Ben let’s out a loud sigh.

Josh isn’t really happy about Tony being in his house, but Reva wants him to try to make an effort to be nice to him for Marah’s sake. Tony tells Josh that he understands his ill feelings towards him, and that he is trying to be better person. He vows that he will never hurt Marah again.

Danny apologizes for everything, but says this is the only way. Ed says that Michelle’s well-being is more important than the plan. Cassie tries to make Ed understand that Michelle will be okay, but Ed lays down law, and gives Danny 48 hours to complete his plan, or he will tell Michelle the truth himself. Ed leaves and Cassie tries to claim Danny’s fears by saying that she will call Michelle and offer to talk with her if she wants.

Michelle is on the bluff trying to talk Carmen down, but Carmen is completely out of her mind and can’t be reasoned with. She claims that she won’t let Michelle take away her grandson like she took away her sons.

Cassie leaves Michelle a message on her cell, and Danny is worried because Michelle didn’t answer her phone. Cassie says that Michelle probably needed some alone time and that he shouldn’t worry. Danny explains to Cassie that when he first left Michelle he had no plan, but he soon came to realize that getting rid Carmen and the family business was the only way to get back to Michelle and Robbie. Commercials.

Ben tells Marina that he is broke. At first she doesn’t believe him, but he explains that his trust-fund is gone, and that if she is looking for a rich boyfriend she better keep looking. Marina is surprised by all of this.

Josh and Tony are building a fire, and the wood is smoking really badly, so Josh decides to get some wood from the wood pile near the pool house. Reva doesn’t want him to, but he insists, and Tony goes with him. Marah thanks her mom for welcoming Tony into her home. While bringing the wood back to the house, Josh runs into Cassie and asks her what she is doing out there.

Michelle slips up and says that Carmen killed Danny, and she quickly apologizes for the comment and says she knows Carmen could never do such a thing. Carmen is really whacked out, and babbling about Danny giving money to Cassie. Michelle doesn’t understand her, because she doesn’t know about that Cassie borrowed money from Danny. Carmen wigs out and lunges at Michelle. They tug at each other and fall outside of the camera’s view. Commercials.

Ed shows up at the Bauer house looking for Michelle. Holly is there and Ed is highly upset over recent events. Holly shows Ed the headline from tomorrow’s paper. It says, “Danny Santos Murdered, Suspect Unseen.”

Cassie lies about wanting to use the sauna in the pool house. Josh is suspicious, but buys her story. Cassie apologizes to Reva for putting her in a position to have to lie to her husband, and tells Reva that she is just doing what she has to, to help Danny. She tells Reva that she considered calling Gus and Harley to search for Michelle, and this makes Reva mad, because she thinks too many people know the truth. Reva asks Cassie why she is willing to risk so much to help Danny.

Michelle wakes up from her fall to find Carmen hanging on for dear life to a branch connected to the side of the cliff. Michelle tries to help her, but Carmen says she wants to die. If that was truly the case wouldn’t she just let go and fall to her death. When you want to die you don’t hang on for dear life. Commercials.

Ben explains that bad investments combined with a bad economy cost him his trust-fund. Ben tells Marina that he understands if she doesn’t want to hang with him anymore considering his new financial status. Marina marches him into Company and tells Buzz she wants him to give Ben a job.

Ed is blaming himself and his leaving for Michelle’s involvement with the Santos family. Holly tells him that there is nothing that anybody could have done to prevent Michelle from falling in love with Danny. Holly tells Ed that she broke up with Buzz.

Cassie says that Danny helped her, so now she is helping him. Reva thinks that this is all too much, but Cassie insists that once Carmen is behind bars this will all be over.

Michelle helps Carmen to safety, and Carmen wants to know why she helped her. Michelle says that she did it because she is a paragon of virtue. Not really! But that might as well be what she said.

Marina tries to convince Buzz to hire Ben, but Ben doesn’t want any help because he says he doesn’t need it and he doesn’t want to be anyone’s charity case. Ummm…your girlfriend helping you get a job so you can pay your bills hardly makes you a charity case.

Small talk, cake, talk of homicidal mothers (no not Reva), and awkward handshakes between Tony and Josh take place in the Lewis living room. Marah says she has to go study so she and Tony leave. Outside she tells Tony that she thinks everything went relatively well. While inside Josh says the complete opposite.

Ed tells Holly that things are really a big mess right now, but that he can’t get into specifics. Holly understands, and Michelle walks in. She tells her dad she went up to the bluff, but she doesn’t tell him what happened. Ed calls Cassie and tells her to tell Danny that he will be telling Michelle the truth as soon as his deadline comes up.

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