Guiding Light Update Monday 12/2/02

By Heidi Anderson


The show opens with all the Spaulding’s picking up their stones and aiming them at Olivia. Beth explains how she knew all along that Olivia was behind the diary being published, and Lizzie voices how the diaries release negatively affected her life. Olivia admits that she had the diary published and leaves the table to go out on the patio. Phillip follows her, and demands to know why she did it.

Michelle is outside still trying to deal with her loss, and Bill is still there helping her get through the grief. Cassie looks on while hiding in the bushes.

Harley calls the station to find out where Gus is, and she finds out that he is at the morgue, and decides to go over there.

Gus is at the morgue, where he shows Carmen a very much alive Danny through a window. Carmen thinks that she is seeing Danny’s dead body, and she begins to weep as soon as Gus pulls back the sheet. Credits.

Michelle is still grieving, but she decides that she has talked about her feelings enough and sends Bill back to Beth. She gets up to head inside, but she hears a noise coming from the bushes. She sees Cassie, and asks her what she is doing there.

Carmen bursts into the morgue wanting to hold Danny’s body, but Gus holds her back and makes her leave the room. She sits down in the hallway mumbling, “How could this happen to my boy?” Gus tells her that she knows what happened and should just come clean.

Beth is whining about how she knew Olivia was behind the diary all along, and Alexandra tells her that she is a much better person than Olivia. Alan defends Olivia, and demands to see Alexandra’s evidence.

Phillip yells at Olivia demanding to know how she could voluntarily hurt so many people, and she replies she did it because she was deeply in love with him. Commercials.

Phillip is not comforted by her answer, and is still very upset with her. He says that what she did will change their relationship forever. This would actually make their relationship more normal when you think about it.

Bill shows up and Beth and Alexandra catch him up on the events of the evening. Olivia comes in and apologizes to everyone, and lets them get all holier-than-thou on her. Phillip apologizes to Beth for believing Olivia over her and for all the things he said to her because of that. Beth says that if it weren’t for Lizzie getting caught in the middle of all this, she would thank Olivia and Phillip for doing her a favor.

Cassie apologizes for startling Michelle, and Michelle tells her that Danny is dead, and tells her how hard it has been dealing with the fact that Danny isn’t coming back. Cassie pretends like she doesn’t know anything, and tells Michelle that things WILL get better soon; with much emphasis on the “will” part. Michelle thanks Cassie for listening to her, and goes inside.

Gus is still trying to get Carmen to admit that she killed Danny. He bluffs and pretends he has more evidence than he does, and right when he almost has Carmen ready to fess up Harley walks in and disrupts them. She is headed inside the morgue on some assignment the D.A. gave her, even though Gus tried to stop her, and she walks in and sees a very alive Danny getting dressed. Commercials.

Well unfortunately folks this is where my recap must end, because my cable went out. It did the same thing for the entire second half of Y&R and the entire episode of B&B as well. I apologize. I will be complaining to AT&T Broadband. How dare they interrupt my soap viewing!

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