Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/27/02

By Heidi


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Outside the Lewis house, Reva talks to Cassie and tells her she left some thanksgiving leftovers for Danny close to the pool house and she she pick them up before she goes in to see him. Reva also wants to know when things will be over. When Josh interrupts there conversation Reva says she is calling Cassie to tell her she missed seeing her at thanksgiving dinner and she saved some leftovers for her.

At the Spualding Mansion, Olivia is surprised to find Alexandra organizing things for thanksgiving dinner. Olivia says she thought she would host thanksgiving dinner this year. Alexandra says that she has always organized thanksgiving dinner for her family. They argue untill Edmund arrives with an envelope that the butler gave him to give to Alexandra. After Alexandra reads what is in the envelope she tells Olivia that she will do a fine job hosting the dinner this year. Olivia leaves to talk to the cook. Alexandra tells Edmund that Olivia will be getting more at the dinner then she expected. Lilian is surprised to find out that Philip invited Bill to dinner. Beth tells her that Bill will be arriving later because Michelle is having a rough time and he is over at her house being a friend.

At the Bauer house, Bill tries to lighten the mood while Michelle runs around making preperations and trying to keep her mind off things. In the procces Michelle breaks a dish and starts to cry. The family and Bill offer to help with the clean up but Michelle insists that everything is fine. Ed goes outside for some air racked with guilt over the pain he is causing his daughter. He remembers that Danny told him Carmen would kill Michelle if Michelle Knew the truth.

At the Pool house, Cassie brings thanksgiving dinner to Danny. Danny wishes he was having thanksgiving dinner with Michelle. Cassie tries to persuade Danny to tell Michelle the truth and spare her the pain and agony she is going through now. Danny feels guilty about the pain he is causing Michelle but he tells Cassie it is the only way to keep Michelle and Robbie safe.

At Milenium, Carmen meets with Gus and demands to see Danny's body.

Outside the Bauer house, Ed thanks Mel for being a part of the family. Ed also tells Rick and Mel that he feels helpless about Michelle and the pain she is feeling.

Inside the house, Michelle thanks Bill for his emotional support. Michelle tells him to go be with Beth but Bill says Beth understands he has to help her. Michelle counts her blessings and tells Bill she is grateful to have had Danny in her life because they had a powerful love which gave her Robbie. Michelle says she doesn't think she will ever have a love that strong again.

At the Pool house, Danny tells Cassie he has always dreamed of having a normal happy life with Michelle. He says that is the reason he came up with this pan. Cassie says he will be with Michelle again soon.

At Milenium, Carmen says she will get Gus fired if he doesn't let her see Danny's body. Gus tells Carmen to meet him at the morgue in thirty minutes.

At the Spaulding mansion, Edmund wishes Beth and Lilian a happy thanksgiving. Olivia tells Beth she looks beautiful. Alexandra wonders why the Spaulding men can't recognize a wicked woman. Edmund wants to know what Alexandra has planned for her favorite wicked woman. Alexandra doesn't say a word. Alexandra and Edmund pretend like they are in love since Alan is watching. When Alexandra leaves to get some pate Edmund tells Alan he and Alexandra are getting very close. Lilian goes to have a talk with Lizzie so that Philip and Beth can talk. Philip and Beth share memories of a thankgiving in Arizona when Philip dropped the turkey on the floor. Beth thanks Philip for inviting Bill to dinner and Keeping an open mind. Philip says at least Bill isn't Gus Aituro.

At the Lewis house, Josh tells Reva that he gets the feeling that she and Cassie are hiding something. Reva tells him its just secrets between sisters. Josh makes a special Thanksgiving toast in honor of Reva.

At the pool house, Cassie is still trying to persuade Danny to tell Michelle he is alive. Danny says it will cause Michelle more pain if she has to pretend he is dead. Danny says carmen is so close to breaking that everything will be over soon. Danny asks Cassie to go ask Ed if it ok for him to walk around a bit. After Cassie leaves Gus arrives and says that the corpse they they talked about needs to be him.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth gets a call from Bill to tell her that Michelle is having a really rough time and he can't leave. He promises to be there for dessert. A disapointed Beth goes back to dinner.

At the Bauer house, The family talks about the family members they have lost. They also share the things for which they are thankful.

At the pool house, Gus says that Carmen is demanding to see his body. Gus explains his plan to Danny.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lilian gets beeped by the hospital and has to leave. Olivia makes a toast and says that being with Alan is exacly where she wants to be. She tells everyone she will make the Spauldings proud. She tells Beth she wants to be friends with her again. She tells Alexandra she wants to make peace. Olivia ends the toast by toasting to loyalty and commitment. Beth says she is willing to try and be friends again. Alexandra also wants to make a toast.

At the Morgue, Carmen arrives to see Danny's body. Gus says no civilians are allowed. Carmen tells Gus to get out of her way. Gus says it's not healthy to get in her way because people tend to end up dead.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra remembers all the problems they have had this past year but all is forgiven by everyone. Alexandra says that she is sure Beth will forgive Olivia for being the one responsible for the publication of Lorelei's Diary. When Alan defends his wife by saying that Lorelei herself, Alexandra shows everyone a copy of an e-mail sent to the publisher asking that her name not be used and that she not ber paid for the book.

At the Bauer house, Michelle goes outside to get some air and begins to cry. Bill arrives and holds her as she cries as Cassie arrives and is stunned to see Michelle in Bill's arms.

At the Morgue, Carmen sees Danny's body from a viewing room window. The body is completly covered by a sheet. Carmen insists that Gus lift the sheet.