Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/26/02

By Heidi Anderson


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The show opens with Phillip looking for Alan’s vitamins in the Spaulding dining room. Alexandra comes in and he tells her that Olivia talked him into staying.

Ed is outside the Bauer house talking to Cassie on the phone. He tells her that he told Rick and Mel that Danny was murdered. Ed goes inside, and he discussed with Rick and Mel how they all are going to have to help Michelle get through the day. Michelle comes barreling into the kitchen with Robbie, and apparently she went jogging. She is pretending like nothing is wrong, but she is obviously very upset.

Carmen is in the office at Infierno shaking and acting all neurotic. Tony walks in and tells her, “Happy Thanksgiving.” She tells him, “I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong.” Gus walks in and tells Carmen that they have found Danny’s dead body. She acts like she is surprised. Credits.

Alexandra is surprised that Olivia was the one who convinced Phillip to stay. Phillip says that he decided to stay for the well being of the children. He says that he and Olivia are adults, and will be able to control themselves. Lizzie runs in all excited to hear that they will not be moving. Apparently Olivia told her.

Beth and Bill are discussing renting a loft above Infierno. They are also discussing what they will do for Thanksgiving. Bill apologizes for his dad grilling Beth the other day, and Beth apologizes for thinking he and Michelle had something going on.

Carmen is crying and telling Gus that he is wrong about her. Gus says that he knows that Carmen is the one who killed Danny. Tony stands up for Carmen. Gus says that he is gonna come back with proof that Carmen killed Danny. Once he leaves, Carmen questions Tony about his change of heart.

Michelle is still pretending to be okay, and Mel and Rick try to get her to open up. She insists that she is okay, and takes Robbie for his nap. Ed tells Mel and Rick that Michelle is in denial, and that the only thing they can do for her is to be there when it all sets in. Commercials.

Lizzie invites Olivia to help her make apple pies, and Phillip tells Lizzie she should wait to make the pies until after her mother stops by. Lizzie gets an attitude, and Phillip asks to speak with her alone. He asks Lizzie to cut her mom some slack, but Lizzie refuses.

Rick calls Bill and tells him about Danny, and asks him to come over and help with Michelle. Bill tells Beth that something has happened to Michelle, and he has to go see her. He leaves.

Tony explains to Carmen that he was just looking out for the family, and that when he was mad at her before he wasn’t really mad at her, but taking his frustrations out on her. He says that he doesn’t think she shot Danny, and she believes him.

Gus stops by the Bauer’s house to tell them that Danny is dead, and Ed answers the door. Ed tells him that he knows that Danny is alive, because he treated him. Gus tells Ed that he has to keep his secret until they get Carmen. Gus also tells Ed that he has a John Doe down at the morgue, and that he needs him to ID him as Danny. Michelle comes to the door, and hears the later part of the conversation. Commercials.

Michelle wants to go to the morgue to ID Danny, but Ed insists that he be the one to do it. He and Gus leave for the morgue. Michelle goes into the house, and she looks like she is on the verge of tears.

Olivia is on the phone in the Spaulding “den of iniquity” sending her Thanksgiving wishes to Jonathon. Alexandra walks in, and starts in on Olivia about her convincing Phillip to stay. Olivia tells her she did it because Alan asked her to do it. Alexandra tells Olivia about how Phillip was at the Beacon drunk the day after her wedding, all the nice things he said about her, and her suspicion that he is in love with Olivia. Olivia doesn’t believe Alexandra, and Alexandra tells her to ask Phillip himself. Commercials.

Olivia tells Alexandra for the millionth time that Alan is her husband, and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Not Phillip. Of course Alexandra still doesn’t believe her.

Beth comes in looking for Lizzie, and runs into Phillip. Phillip tells her that if Lizzie is gonna get use to Bill she needs to spend more time with him, and Phillip invites Beth and Bill to thanksgiving dinner.

Rick walks Bill in, and Michelle tells him that he can go, because she is fine. He says he doesn’t have anywhere he needs to be. Michelle tells him that Danny chose to go back to that family, and leave her and Robbie, so he got what was coming to him. She goes to reach for a hot pot and burns her hand. Bill helps her to rinse it under some cold water, and she says that she can’t feel anything because she is so numb. This causes her to breakdown crying, and she admits that she doesn’t know what she is gonna do without Danny, and that she misses him already.

Gus is meeting with Tony at Infierno. Tony wants to help Gus, but Gus turns him down. Gus tells Tony to watch his back, because the more marbles Carmen loses the more dangerous she’ll get. Why are Gus and Tony meeting at Infierno? Isn’t Carmen still there? I thought Gus had to go to the morgue? Whatever.

Lizzie walks into the “den of iniquity” and Alexandra asks Lizzie what happened between Olivia and Beth. Lizzie tells her that they use to be friends, but that things got weird between them. She tells Alexandra that Beth thought Olivia was the one who had the diary published, but that the publisher told her that she had been the one who had it published while she was Lorelei. Alexandra finds that to be peculiar, and sets up a meeting with the publisher who published Lorelei’s Diary.

Beth can’t believe that Phillip invited her and Bill to dinner. He tells her that if Bill means that much to her, and vice versa, that they will attend. Beth says, “Nothing could keep us away.”

Michelle thanks Bill for being there for her, and he tells her that he isn’t going anywhere.

Carmen is at Infierno drinking herself into a stupor. Ed comes in, and tells Carmen that he had to ID Danny’s body at the morgue. He tells her that since Danny is gone she is in no way connected to their family anymore, and that she should permanently stay away from them. He leaves, and Carmen decides that she wants to see Danny’s body too.