Guiding Light Update Monday 11/25/02

By Heidi Anderson


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The show opens up with Tony getting Infierno ready for his date with Marah. The place looks great. He has tons of candles everywhere and he has a romantic table setting for two right in the middle of the room. He goes to retrieve Marah from his office, and she is in awe of the great job he did setting everything up.

Gus comes home to Harley who meets him in her bedroom with a ďcome hither stare.Ē Cute little jobs are made, and Harley tells is in the mood for some loving, but she can tell he is preoccupied with something, and she asks him where he went tonight. I might add that the most important thing to note is that we finally get to see Harleyís bedroom. Finally! Oh, and itís pretty nice too.

Michelle is at the Bauer house freaking out. Every nose Michelle hears she thinks is Carmen coming back to take Robbie away. She is looking for a gun that Danny supposedly stashed somewhere when Ed walks in the kitchen. She is looking for a gun inside of the Kitchen cabinets. I seriously doubt that Danny would hide a pistol in a soup bowl. She tells Ed that if Carmen comes back to the house she will not hesitate to shoot her. I know the Bauers are supposed to be Springfieldís family of paragons, but Michelle is really hypocritical. She was willing to leave Danny because he would go as far as killing someone to protect his family, and here she is professing that she would do the same thing.

Cassie tells Danny that she canít help him, and that Ed can. She says she is gonna go get Edís help whether Danny likes it or not. She leaves the pool house. Credits.

Gus lies to Harley about what he did tonight, and Harley recounts to him what went on at the dinner party once he left. She tells him everything, including what Alexandra said about Eden, because they vowed never to keep secrets from one another. This upsets Gus, because he is keeping secrets from Harley.

Marah and Tony are now so comfortable with each other that they can take turns feeding each other food. All the Tony/Marah fans out there must be squealing with delight. Tony feels guilty for having such a good time when Danny is dead. He tells Marah that he will go tell Michelle the truth tomorrow. She agrees, and tells him to just enjoy tonight.

Ed tells Michelle that there have got to be other options out there besides, ďturning the house into an armed fortress.Ē Michelle thinks that her only other option besides toting a gun around the house is to get in touch with Danny. Michelle leaves to go check on Robbie, and Ed leaves to take out the trash. When he walks out of the house Cassie jumps out the bushes, and asks him for his help. Commercials.

Michelle comes back into the kitchen, hears Ed and Cassie outside and assumes, again, that itís Carmen coming to steal Robbie. She grabs a butcher knife and heads to the door. Ed walks in and she calms down. He tells her that he got an emergency beep, and has to go. He promises to be back as soon as possible.

Tony and Marah are now taking a trip down bad memory lane, and this ends with them almost kissing, but Tonyís cell rings. It is Michelle and she wants to see him right away. Marah offers to go with him, but he thinks he needs to do this alone. He leaves.

Gus asks Harley that if he learns something on the job that he is supposed to keep confidential, does she expect him to tell her. Harley understands his dilemma and tells him that he doesnít have to tell her.

Cassie and Ed show up at Revaís pool house. Ed is surprised to a badly injured Danny, and begins to assess the extent of his injuries.

Tony shows up at the Bauer house, and Michelle is really upset. She tells him about Carmen breaking into the house. She demands to know where Danny is, and after much hesitation Tony tells her that he thinks that Danny is dead. Michelle doesnít believe him.

Tony tells Michelle about Dannyís plan, and how Carmen figured it out and consequently decided to get rid of Danny. Michelle is clearly hurt to hear that Danny kept all this from her. Commercials.

Ed is operating on Danny, and he is being pretty rude to Cassie. Not that Iím not enjoying it or anything, but this isnít Cassieís fault. She is just trying to help. AnywaysÖEd is trying to find any bullet fragments that might still be inside Danny.

Gus is undressing, and Harley invites him over to her side of the bed, if you know what I mean, but Gus is hesitant because of all the things on his mind. Harley assumes that Gus is feeling a little guilty about the whole Danny Santos thing, and he agrees that he his. She assures him that he in not to blame for things not working out as planned. She advises him to leave all that work related stuff at the station, and to come on over to her, and get some loving. He takes her advice.

Michelle is angry with Danny because he wasnít honest with her. She says that if he would have told her she could have helped him, and then she realizes that she has been feeling like something was up for days and this is why. It dawns on her that Danny really isnít coming back, and she nearly faints, but Tony catches her. She says that she wants to be left alone, and Tony leaves after promising to take care of her and Robbie. Michelle grabs some pictures of her and Danny, and yells that she hates him for getting himself killed.

Ed is finished operating on Danny, and says that he isnít out of the blue. He gets rude with Cassie again, but he apologizes, and he acknowledges that she isnít to blame for all of this. Danny makes Ed promise not to tell Michelle that he is alive. Ed leaves, and Danny tells Cassie that he wants to get out of her hair, and that he is gonna leave tomorrow morning, but Cassie tells him he isnít going anywhere.

Tony comes back to Infierno, where Marah has been cleaning up, and he tells her how rough it was to break the news to Michelle. She consoles him. Tony tells her that he is not gonna let Carmen get away with this.

Gus and Harley are in bed post coitus, and engaging in a little pillow talk. Gusís cell rings, and it is Tony calling to say that he wants to meet with Gus tomorrow morning, so that he can finish what Danny started. Gus agrees and he hangs up, and returns to go another round with Harley.

Ed returns to the Bauer house, to find a devastated Michelle. She tells him that Danny is dead, and he looks conflicted, because he canít tell her the truth.

Cassie tells Danny that she helped him because she wanted too, and that she wonít let him leave. He asks her why she wanted to help him, and she explains that Danny has helped her several times, and that she will never forget it. He tells her that they are now even.