Guiding Light Update Friday 11/22/02

By Eva


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At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra makes sure the table is set just right for the family dinner. Philip arrivesand wants to know what is going on. Alexandra says that everyone is going to have dinner together. Alexandra tries to persuade Philip not to move out of the mansion. Philip says that she knows the reasonhe is moving out and he thought she understood. Philip is surprised when Gus and Harley arrive for dinner along with the rest of the Cooper clan.

In Alan's study, Lizzie again reminds Alan that if he doesn't persuade her dad not to move out she will just have to tell her dad and Olivia that Alan faked his heart attack. Olivia arrives and Lizzie asks for her help to persuade her father not to move out.

At the Bauer house, Carmen visits Robbie in his room and promises to always protect him.

At the Lewis house, The party continues for Reva as they continue to toast her freedom. Reva tries to figure out a way to get some gauze and tape to Danny for his injury.

Outside the Lewis house, Beth tells Bill she is sorry she didn't tell him she saw he and Michelle kissing on halloween. When Bill asks her why she just din't make herpresence known that night and ask what was going on. Beth admits she was afraid to know his answer.

Inside the Lewis house, Josh feels like Reva wants to be somewhere else. Reva covers and says she just wasn't expectig a party.

In the pool house, Danny's bleeding is much worse he tells himself he has to get out of there so he tries to stand but he is too weak and almost falls down. Cassie arrives just in time to catch him before he falls and she puts him back back on the bed. Cassie notices that Danny is bleeding again and she wants to call Ed. Danny refuses but Cassie tells him if the bleeding hasn't stopped in 30 minutes she is calling Ed. Danny asks Cassie to make a call for him because he wants to finish what Carmen started.

Outside the Lewis house, Beth tells Bill that she is worried that the bond of friendship between he and Michelle could turn into something more. Bill says the kiss meant nothing and he is just trying to be there for Michelle because she is going through a rough time. Michelle interrupts them to tell Bill she is going home to check on Robbie. Beth tells Michelle she is sorry for jumping to conclusions. Michelle says she feels badly that Beth misunderstood what happened. Bill tells Michelle to call him if she needs anything.

In Alan's study, Alan asks Lizzie to leave he and Olivia alone to talk. Lizzie makes sure her grandfather understands how much she loves living at the mansion before she leaves. Alan asks Olivia to persuade Philip to stay because Philip won't listen to him. Olivia says she will try to talk to Philip if that is what Alan really wants.

In the Spaulding mannsion dinnig room, Marina tells Lizzie that her aunt invited the coopers to dinner. Marina also says that she suspects Lizzie's aunt has a hidden agenda. Philip asks Harley why she came to dinner. Harley says that Alexandra invited her so she could spend more time with Zach. Philip wonders if he will have to eat crow. Alan and Olivia arrive and Alan wonders what the coopers are doing at dinner. Marina tells Frank to sit next to Alexandra because she is single. Frank says Alexandra isn't his type but Marina says maybe she has some rich single friends. Cassie calls Gus and tells him she has some information on what he lost on the beach. Cassie tells him to come to Reva's pool house and make sure no one sees him. Cassie also says not to tell Harley. Gus apologizes to Alexandra for leaving on police business. Harley walks him out and wants to know where he is going. Gus tells her he is following a lead and leaves to meet Cassie. Alexandra makes a toast to family.

At the Bauer house, Ed arrives to find Carmen walking into the kitchen holdig Robbie. When Ed asks where the babysitter is Carmen says she let her go because she was watching tv. Ed says she is allowed to watch tv when Robbie is asleep. Ed Demands to be given Robbie or he will call the cops. Carmen gives him Robbie. Michelle arrives and is very angry to find Carmen at the house.

Outside the pool house, Reva gives Cassie some gauze and tape for Danny's injury. Reva says she can't help Danny anymore. Cassie tells Reva that she owes her this after all she took from her and what Cassie did for her. Josh arrives and Reva says she and cassie have some unresolved issues to talk about in private. Reva says she will help Cassie because she is her sister and she loves her. Gus arrives and discovers Danny is alive. Danny Tells him that to everyone else he is dead and he will stay that way.

At the Bauer house, Michelle tells Carmen thatthe next time she comes near the house she will be arrested. Michelle says that from this moment on Carmen is no longer a part of Robbie's life. Carmen says that when she wants something she gets it.

At the Spaulding mansion, Buzz talks to Alan about motorcycles. Harley tells Philip how good Gus is with Zach. Tensions rise when Philip insits he won't give Zach back to Harley unless she breaks up with Gus. Angry words are exchanched between Frank,Philip, Harley and Buzz. Philip pounds his fist on the table and stops the comotion. Philip asks Alexandra if this is what she wanted to happen and if she is happy. Alexandra says she wanted Philip to realize the coopers are family and they love Zach very much. Philip says that was never in dispute. Alexandra says he had better stop argueing with them and listen to what they want to saybecause she will just keep inviting them to dinner. Philip walks out to cool off.

Outside the pool house, Reva wants Cassie to stay out of this situation. Cassie says she is already in it and refuses to stop helping Danny.Reva says she will be with her in spirit.

Inside the pool house, Danny tells Gus that Carmen has to be convinced he is dead so she will be lulled into a false sense of confidence so maybe she will slip and they can catch her. Danny tells Gus to get a body because Carmen will need proof. Cassie tries to persuade Danny not to go through with the plan because thinking he is dead will destroy Michelle. Danny says its the only way to keep Robbie and Michelle safe.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia follows Philip out and asks him not to move out of the house. Olivia says that Lizzie and Alan really don't want him to leave. Olivia says if they behave like adults there shouldn't be any problems. Philip says he will stay. Alexandra tells Harley she has decided to invite Eden over for tea and a talk. Dinner ends and Alexandra asks Buzz to tuck zach in while she tries to make peace with his parents. Philip says that as long as Harley is with Gus they have nothing to talk about. Harley says in that case they have nothing to talk about and she goes to say good night to Zach. Philip tells Alexandra he knows he is doing the right thing to protect his son. Alexandra says he always thinks he is doing the right thing.

At the Bauer house, Michelle panics because she feels Carmen threatened Robbie. Michelle vows to take care of Carmen herself.

At the Lewis house, Reva almost tells Josh about Danny but she decides not to and just tells Josh she loves him.

Outside the pool house, Gus tells Cassie he will contact her when he has a body. Gus also says Danny needs medical attention. Cassie says she will call Ed because she knows she can trust him.

Inside the pool house, When Cassie walks in the door Danny tells her he wants to go somewhere else but Cassie says he's in no condition to go anywhere. Danny loses conciousness again and cassie dials the phone to call Ed. Danny wakes up briefly and say no. Danny starts to get up to leave and since he is very weak he falls of the bed and onto the floor where he passes out.