Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/21/02

By Eva


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At the Lewis house, Josh is upset that Marah invited Tony to Reva's party. Marah tells Josh she invited him because he put the word out and protected Reva in prison. Josh thanks Tony for his protection and lets him stay at the party.

An obviously jealous Beth exchanges polite party conversation with Michelle. Ross tells Josh that the governor took quite a risk by granting Reva's pardon so she will have to be a model citizen for quite some time.

At infierno, Carmen is determined to find out if Danny is hiding out in the Beacon wine cellar so she tells Eden to grab a case of wine and go with her to the Beacon.

At the Beacon Wine cellar, Cassie gives Reva and Danny the news that all the exits are blocked and the only way they can get out is through the lobby. Danny fears Carmen knows where he is and is getting ready to make her move.

At the Lewis house, Bill and Michelle explain about the losers club to Beth. Michelle assures Bill she is fine. After Billy sees Beth with Bill he invites her outside to have a talk. Ross tells Blake that he is still worried that Reva may still be in trouble.

Michelle tells Tony that she is worried that Carmen knows where Danny is and is holding out on her. Michelle asks Tony to keep Carmen away from Robbie. Michelle asks Tony if he would tell her if Danny was in trouble. Tony says yes he would tell her if Danny was in trouble. Tony says he will make sure Carmen stays away from Robbie. Tony makes Michelle promise to stay away from Carmen.

In the Beacon Wine Cellar, Reva leaves to get her car. Cassie plans to get Danny as a waiter to get him out unoticed. Danny asks Cassie if they can trust Reva. Cassie assures Danny they can trust Reva. Cassie leaves to get the uniform for Danny.

upstairs at the Beacon, Carmen arrives and asks Dwight the waiter if she can store a case of wine in the wine cellar for her private parties. Dwight tells her that Mrs. Winslow has closed the wine cellar because of asbestos.

At the Lewis house, Michelle worries that Danny is in trouble. After Michelle goes to help in the kitchen, Tony tells Marah that he would have told Michelle about Danny but not with so many people around.

Outside the Lewis house, Billy asks Beth what she wants with Bill. Billy tells her that since he was a little boy he loved bringing home wounded birds and nursing them back to health.

Inside the Lewis house, Rick puts on some music and everyone dances. Bill and Michelle share a dance.

In the Beacon wine cellar, Cassie promps Danny up as he puts on the waiters uniform shirt. Danny thanks Cassie again fr her help. Reva arrives to tell them Carmen is in the lobby. Cassie goes outside with Reva to create a diverson while Danny finishes getting dressed. Reva pretends to be drunk and spills a drink on Carmen while Danny goes through the lobby and out the door. Reva then leaves and drives Danny to her pool house. Cassie agrees to store the case of wine in the wine cellar. Carmen wants to inspect the wine cellar first so Cassie takes her down there.

At Milenium, Tony and Marah arrive to check on things. Tony says he has people watching carmen and they all tell him she is comming unglued. Tony says that is why he told Michelle to stay away from Carmen because he is afraid of what she might do. Tony says he has to Keep a lid on Carmen so Michelle doesn't come after her and he also has to come up with a way to tell Michelle about Danny. Tony says it is a little to much for him to handle. Tony says that he doesn't want to burden Marah with his problems and she should go back to her mother's party. Marah asks if he wants her to go and he says no. Tony again talks about almost raping Marah. Marah asks Tony if they can sit together calmly and talk about what happened that night last summer so they can get past it.

Outside the Lewis house,Beth explains to Billy how much Bill means to her. Beth says that Bill Makes her feel young and lets her have fun in a way she never could when she was his age. Billy is worried that bill will get hurt. Beth tells Billy that he raised a good son who can handle whatever comes his way.

Inside the Lewis house, Rick tells Michelle that she and Bill look cute dancing together. Rick tells Michelle that Beth caught them kissing on Halloween. Rick tells Michelle Bill is playing the field and he doesn't want her to get hurt. Michelle say the kiss meant nothing and she goes to find Beth to explain. Josh gets even more worried and wonders where Reva could be.

At Milenium, Tony tells Marah that in his mind he stops himself before he touches Marah and he just walks out when Marah tells him she slept with Romeo and he goes to jail to see Romeo and strangles him with his bear hands. Marah says that what happened between her and Romeo was her fault because she gave him her viginity and that was something special she wanted to share with Tony. Tony again says he is sorry for what he did because he had no right to touch her in anger. Marah says that she felt guilty and felt like dirt and in her mind she knew all those things Tony told her in anger were true. Marah encourages Tony to think about all the good things he has done. Tony says that when he confronted Carmen he realized for the first time he wanted out. He wanted to be diffrent for his sake not just for Marah. Marah tells Tony he can be diffrent because he can have a second chance. Marah says they aren't that far apart and he just lost someone he loved and she doesn't want him to be alone.

At the Lewis pool house, Danny and Reva finally arrive but danny's wound opens up and starts bleeding badly again. Reva goes inside to get some bandages.

At the Beacon wine cellar, Cassie gives Carmen a tour .

At the Lewis house, Michelle asks Bill why he didn't tell her beth saw them kissing on halloween. Bill has no idea what Michelle is talking about. Beth arrives and Michelle tells her that the kiss on Halloween meant nothing. Bill is disapointed that Beth didn't tell him that she saw him kissing Michelle. Reva is more then surprised to walk into a party.

At Milenium, Tony asks Marah if they could start over. Marah says she wants to try and start over. Marah remembers the first time. Tony asks Marah for a date as soon as possible. Marah smiles.

In the Wine cellar, Carmen looks for evidence that Danny was hiding there. Cassie says she doesn't want Carmen in her hotel and the next time she seees her there she will call the cops. Carmen asks how many children Cassie has and Cassie says she has three beautiful smart children who are far away from Carmen.

At the Lewis house, Everyone makes a toast to Reva's freedom. With the crowd Reva can't slip out to help Danny.

At the pool house, Danny's bleeding gets much worse.