Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/20/02

By Heidi


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The show opens with Cassie bringing Danny some lunch. Cassie tells Danny that a suspicious couple have checked into the hotel, and have been keeping an eye on her lately. Danny thinks his mother is behind this, and tells Cassie he needs to be moved.

Carmen is at Infierno drinking and having her very own private pity party. Michelle shows up looking for Tony, because she is trying to track Danny down. Carmen rudely says that they are both gone, and walks away. I guess Carmen has very little patience for party crashers.

Tony comes into Company to meet with Marah. I must describe Marah’s wardrobe. Marah is dressed in the most horrifically tacky manner possible. She looks like she is about to audition for the lead role in an all girl school’s theater production of Super Fly. The only thing she is missing is the goldfish in the heels of her shoes. Seriously! She is wearing a fedora with a red silky do-rag underneath. To match this red do-rag she is wearing this red sweater that has a feathery collar. She also is wearing a tan leather halter top to match a tan plaid skirt. Her outfit almost made my eyes bleed. Anyways…Tony tells Marah that the blood test were inconclusive due to the fact that the blood found on the cliff had been contaminated by nature. They discuss whether or not to tell Michelle what they know, and Tony is still hesitant to do so until he has some definite answers. He promises Marah that Carmen will not get away with this.

Edmund and the D.A. walk into the Lewis house, and reach cheers and applause. Not really! They D.A. assures Josh that he will want to hear what Edmund has to say. This causes Reva to have a really loud and somewhat nonsensical outburst about not wanting to be accused of anything in her home, and urging to D.A. to take her away to jail right now if that is what she came to do. I am paraphrasing, because what Reva actually said didn’t really make much sense, so I assume this is what she meant, and it still kind of doesn’t make sense. Oh well…Credits.

Edmund tells Reva that he has forgiven her, is dropping the wrongful death suit, and is asking the state to stop pursuing the case. The D.A. backs his story up, but Reva looks less suspicious.

Beth is in the lobby at the Boring Hotel occupying herself with her palm pilot, and Bill walks in. Beth is acting kind of funny, and Bill asks if she is mad at him. She claims that she isn’t, but he isn’t convinced so he asks her again. She thinks that Bill is acting guilty, and tells him that if he is feeling guilty and if there is somewhere else he’d rather be then he should go. She is definitely using the reverse psychology on him right now. Beth is really lame. I might also mention that she offered to spank him if he wanted. I like to drop a few F.Y.I.’s every once in a while.

Michelle demands that Carmen tell her where Danny is. Carmen basically tells Michelle to get lost, and Michelle tells Carmen that she knows about Carmen trying to get her hands on lil Robbie at the hospital. Michelle threatens Carmen and tells her to stay away from her and Robbie or else. Carmen threatens her right back, but Michelle definitely won this round.

Danny wants to be moved, but Cassie claims she can’t do it all by her lonesome, so Danny agrees that she can go get help, but only from someone she can really trust. Commercials.

Bill gives Beth, what some would consider, a hot kiss, and tells her that there is no where else he’d rather be. He says that he wants to be with her, and is not walking away.

Tony tells Marah that he wants to a new life for himself, but doesn’t really know how to achieve it. Marah encourages not to give up and to keep trying to figure it out. This conversation basically ends with Marah saying that she and Tony are friends, not romantically involved at all, just friends. Whatever!

Edmund gives Reva a letter of retraction, and assures her that his motives are pure. The D.A. tells Josh that Reva was pardoned last night. Josh and Reva are delighted. Josh walks Edmund out, and asks him why he is really there, and what he wants. Edmund tells Josh that they both know the living will is a forgery, but that he decided to forgive Reva, and let go of all ill feeling. Josh has a “whatever” type look on his face, and I would know what that looks like, because I have that same look on my face this whole episode. Josh walks back in and he and Reva celebrate. He leaves to get some champagne from the kitchen, and the doorbell rings. It’s Cassie, and she needs help. Commercials.

Cassie tells Reva she needs her help, right away, and she can’t tell Josh anything. Reva goes inside and feeds Josh a false story about helping Cassie pick out a paint color for a room in the Beacon. He believes her and she and Cassie leave to go, as Cassie put it, “Save a life.”

Josh tells Ross that he is going to throw Reva a surprise party.

Beth and Bill are basically acting like love crazed teenagers in the lobby, when Josh calls Bill and invites him to the surprise party for Reva. Bill accepts and tells Beth the good news. She is hesitant to go at first, but Bill convinces her to go. I might also add that Beth tells Bill, in a joking manner, that he has a large…uhhh…“love tool.” F.Y.I. fact number two.

Tony and Huggy Bear, I mean, Marah are still at Company when Josh calls to tell Marah the good news. She tells him she’ll be right over, and after she hangs up she tells Tony the good news. Marah is really excited and hugs Tony. Awkward glances ensue.

Marah apologizes for getting carried away and hugging Tony, but he tells her no apology was necessary. She invites him to the party, and he of course initially resists, but Marah convinces him to come.

Carmen is plastered, sitting in the dark, and singing to herself in Spanish when Eden comes barging in looking for Tony. Eden tells Carmen that Tony won’t even talk to her since Danny went missing, and Carmen wants to know why Eden cares so much. Eden says that it doesn’t really matter anyways since Tony is so wrapped up in Marah. The mere mention of Marah sends Carmen into drunken rant about how Michelle ruined “her boys.” Eden tells Carmen that if she needs a friend she is there for her, and that maybe they could help each other out.

Cassie brings Reva down to the wine cellar, and explains that they need to move Danny, because he isn’t safe there anymore. Reva is like where do you want to move him? Cassie is like I was thinking of your place. All Reva can do is laugh, and I must admit I laughed too. Commercials.

Michelle shows up at the Lewis house with lasagna. Ross asks her how she has been, and she tells him she has been okay. Marah and Tony show up, and Michelle tells Tony that she is still worried about Carmen. Josh comes out and blows his top when he sees that Tony is there. Michelle and Ross leave to give Josh, Marah, and Tony some privacy.

Michelle goes out on the porch just as Bill and Beth walk up. Small talk ensues. Beth looks pretty insecure right now. I knew her little act at the Beacon earlier was just a front. Have I mentioned how lame Beth is? I have? Oh…well allow me to reiterate. She’s lame.

Reva thinks this whole situation is insane. Cassie begs Reva to help her. Reva agrees to let Danny stay in the pool house, and to not tell Josh about all this. They plan to move Danny after dark, but of course they have no idea that half of Springfield is at Reva’s house right now.

Carmen’s minions call to tell her that they have seen Cassie in and out of her wine cellar for several days now. Carmen know wants to know what Cassie is doing down there.