Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/19/02

By Heidi Anderson


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The show opens up with Reva attempting to give Shane a bagged lunch she made for him, but she doesnít know that he doesnít have school today. You know, with her being in prison and all. Josh informs Reva that the governor is willing to take a look at her case due to the living will. Reva wants Josh to immediately cancel there meeting with the governor and the D.A. He wants to know why, and she tells him that Cassie forged the will.

Edmund tracks down Ross at Company, and tells him that today must be his lucky day seeing as how Edmund has info that might save him from being disbarred.

Olivia and Alan are in her bedroom. Olivia is all somber and sad after her and Alanís night of lovemaking. She is literally on the verge of tears. That canít be a good thing. Alan on the other hand, looks content and pleased. She is lying on his chest, and he canít see her face, so he assumes she feels the same way. She also tells him how much she loves him, and how all she wants to do is make him happy. I would believe her if it wasnít for those tears welling up in her eyes.

Phillip is hanging out in the lobby at the Boring Hotel. He has been on an all night bender and he looks, as Lizzie will put it later, like ďAn unmade bed.Ē Alexandra starts on about how she and Phillip should save Alan from Olivia, and Phillip tells her to, ďGo to Hell!Ē Credits.

Alexandra explains that she is only trying to help, and this starts Phillip on a long rant where he explains what a great person Olivia is, how all the guys in her life have treated her like garbage, and how she and Alan are great together. His feelings for Olivia are very apparent, and Alexandra is shocked by how much Phillip is love with Olivia.

Olivia is now in the Spaulding ďden of iniquity,Ē and Alan comes in trying to drag her back upstairs into the satin sheets, but she tells him that she has work to do at the Beacon. She leaves and the butler, who I think is Nolan, tells Alan that Phillip stayed at the Beacon last night.

Holly is at Company, and she tells Buzz that she is there to tell Ben about his now nonexistent trust fund.

Lizzie is at Company and she tells Marina that she is there to get some food for Alan. Ben walks up to them and asks if they have seen Holly, because he was supposed to meet her there. Lizzie tells him that Holly went into the kitchen with Buzz, and Ben heads that way. Lizzie watches Ben walk away, and Marina tells her to keep her eyes off Ben, because he is ďtaken.Ē

Edmund tells Ross the living will is a forgery.

Reva tells Josh the whole story behind Cassie forging the living will, and he is really upset, and leaves to find Cassie. Commercials.

Holly tells Ben that just about all of his trust fund money is gone. He isnít a happy camper.

Lizzie brings Alan the food she got him, and tells him about Phillip wanting to move out. Alan tells her that if Phillip wants to go he isnít going to try to stop him. Lizzie blackmails Alan in to helping her convince Phillip into staying put.

Alexandra brings up Beth, and asks Phillip if Loreleiís Diary is the main reason that he and Beth broke up. Phillip tells her that he and Beth didnít break up for any one reason, and then he ends their conversation. She leaves to go get her things, and Phillip is by himself until Olivia walks into the Beacon. Phillip has this lovelorn look on his face that is really funny, and his hair actually looks better all messy. Actually anything would look better than his usual mid-80ís hairdo. Commercials.

Reva is at Richardís grave talking to him. She basically is recounting her storyline of the last few months. Windy Richard does not make an appearance. I guess he only visits Cassie.

Olivia and Phillip exchange pleasantries, and she inquires about how he is doing, because he looks pretty bad. He tells her he is fine, and begins to ramble about how he left the mansion to give Olivia and Alan some space only to end up getting drunk in a bar named Oliviaís. YeahÖLike I said he was rambling. Itís actually pretty funny. Phillip leaves, and Josh walks in looking for Cassie. Josh and Olivia discuss how they have had bad mornings, and these two are actually being civil to each other. They both admit that it may seem like they should be happy, but things arenít really going that well for either of them at the moment. They donít really go into specifics about what is bothering them, but Olivia begins to talk about how their breakup affected her, and Josh tells her that their breakup was as much his fault as hers. Josh tells Olivia to, ďtake care of [herself],Ē and leaves to try to find Cassie.

Alexandra is chilling on a bench outside of the Beacon, and Edmund walks up. Alexandra tells him that she is feeling a little remorseful about her actions as of late.

Alan agrees to help Lizzie, and Phillip walks in and asks them what they have been up to. They both are sporting guilty faces. Commercials.

Lizzie changes the subject, and leaves for more coffee. Alan tells Phillip that he didnít have to stay at the Beacon last night. Phillip says that he did think it was necessary to stay at the Beacon, and that he thinks it would be best if he moved out all together. Alan asks him who that would be best for, and what Phillip is afraid will happen if he stays.

Alexandra walks up to Olivia, who is working in the lobby, and drops the elevator tape on her desk. Olivia tells her that she can show Alan the tape if she wants to, and declares her love, yet again, for Alan.

Ross is at the Lewis house, and tells them what Edmund told him. Josh tells Reva that they will get through this, and Reva asks him why he is so calm now. He tells her about the civil conversation that he and Olivia had earlier, and how it reminded him of how many obstacles they have faced in the past and how special their relationship is. Ross tells Reva that the D.A. just called him and is on her way over. Commercials.

Holly walks over to Buzz to tell him that Ben isnít taking the news well. Buzz uses this as an opportunity to turn their conversation over to the topic of their quasi-romance. He wants Holly to tell him how she feels. He thinks she just wants to be friends, and she doesnít really deny that.

Phillip tells Alan that things around the mansion are too tense, and he just wants a breather. Alan isnít convinced that, that is the whole story, but Phillip sticks to it. Lizzie walks in unnoticed, and is watching Phillip explain why he wants to move. Phillip seems determined to move out, and Alan looks like he is concerned, but he doesnít know what to say or do to convince Phillip to stay. Alan notices Lizzie standing in the corner of the room.

Alexandra asks Olivia if she was thinking of Phillip while she was making love to Alan last night. Olivia vehemently denies that, and proclaims, yet again for the millionth time, her undying love for Alan. Alexandra seems to finally believe her, although, one can never be sure with Alexandra, and offers to wipe the slate clean.

Reva is freaking out over whether or not Edmund has gone to the D.A. or not. The doorbell rings and the D.A. is at the door, and guess who is with herÖits Edmund.