Guiding Light Update Monday 11/18/02

By Heidi Anderson


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The show opens with Alexandra and Alan in his hospital room. She asks him how far he is willing to go with this charade. He tells her he is willing to go as far as he has too. Phillip, Olivia, and the doctor come in to tell Alan the O.R. is ready for him. Alan refuses to have surgery admits that he hasn’t been entirely truthful about his condition.

Harley is at Company meeting with the police chief. She asks him for her job back. Gus is outside cheering her on through a window, and Eden walks up. Apparently she has moved out of the Santos house, but she wants to move back in. Gus tells her, “not over my dead body.”

Carmen is at the Boring Hotel looking for Cassie. She runs into Edmund. She tells him that she needs to talk, and he reluctantly complies. She tells him that Danny is dead.

Danny is trying to explain why Carmen shot him. No actually, Cassie is doing all the talking, and Danny is kind of nodding in between shivers. Cassie figures that Carmen shot Danny because she found out that Danny stole her money to pay off Cassie’s debt. Credits.

Danny denies that what he did was for Cassie. He tells her that actually he was using her. He explains to her what his plan was, and that it went wrong when Carmen surprised him a day early. Cassie urges Danny to tell Michelle what is going on, but he refuses. Cassie leaves to go upstairs to talk to Carmen, even though Danny urged her not too.

Rick a.k.a. the Bionic Bauer, is in the Bauer kitchen freaking out over their empty fridge, and his empty stomach. Frank shows up to see Michelle, i.e. to talk to her about everything that has happened lately. Rick assumes that he is talking about the divorce, and tells Frank that he could have helped Michelle out a long time ago, if he had been the one to marry Michelle, and not Danny, because Danny has turned Michelle’s life into one big hellish nightmare. Well last time I checked… Danny saved Michelle from DEATH, and if he hadn’t married her she would be swimming with the fishes right now. So maybe everyone should cut the man some slack.

Alan comes semi-clean, and admits that he switched the hospital charts, but he doesn’t admit that he never had a heart attack in the first place. He goes to have more tests done, and Olivia cries from all the overwhelming emotions…I guess. Phillip holds her and consoles her while Alexandra looks on from a distance. Commercials. Can I just say that…every commercial I see for HACK makes me not only not want to watch the show, but write into CBS asking for the show to be taken off the air, so I never have to see another HACK commercial as long as I live. That goes for you too Presidio Med.

Phillip and Olivia are still reassuring each other, and then Olivia leaves to go check on Alan. Phillip looks a little shaken.

The Chief tells Harley that unless Phillip drops the charges he can’t help her.

Eden tells Gus that she can help him bring down the Santos’ if she is living with them. She tells Gus about how Carmen has been walking around the mansion talking to herself in Spanish, how Ray won’t return any of Carmen’s phone calls, and how Tony won’t even talk to her. Gus accuses her of wanting to move back into the house because she is falling for Tony. She denies that, and Gus gets up to go inside Company. He tells Eden to wait there for him. Harley is still trying to get the Chief to reinstate her. Gus walks in and goes over to Harley’s table and inquires if she has told the Chief about her awesome new job offer. Harley and the Chief look puzzled.

Edmund and Carmen are chilling on a couch in the lobby of the Boring Hotel. Edmund asks Carmen if she is sure that Danny is dead. She says that she is, and explains that he hasn’t heard about it because no one has found the body. Edmund is unsympathetic due to the fact that Danny tried to kill him a few months ago. Carmen asks Edmund to go home with her, and keep her company, but he rudely refuses and walks away. Cassie walks up and says that she and Carmen need to talk about Danny. Commercials.

Cassie lies to Carmen about why she wanted to see her. She tells Carmen that she hasn’t seen Danny around and would like it to stay that way. She wants Carmen to tell Danny if she sees him. Carmen agrees and leaves. Carmen stops right outside of the hotel and calls Eden. She tells Eden that she will meet her outside Company in a few minutes.

Gus pretends that Harley got a message on her machine from the Chicago P.D. They supposedly offered her a prestigious new job, with better pay and an office. The Chief immediately decides that he doesn’t want to lose Harley to the Chicago P.D. and offers to reinstate her immediately with a raise, and her own office in a month. She accepts. She kisses Gus to thank him for coming up with such a clever plan.

Alan and Alexandra are now in the Spaulding “den of iniquity.” Alan is gloating over the doctor giving him a clean bill of health, and the fact that he and Olivia will be engaging in sexual relations really soon. He goes upstairs to put the satin sheets on the bed, and Alexandra pulls out the elevator tape. Olivia walks in and Alexandra tells her she should have her bags packed and ready. Olivia tells her that she is not afraid of her showing Alan the tape, and actually calls him down to the den herself. Alexandra looks surprised.

Phillip checks in on a busy Dr. Bionic Bauer. Phillip needs some advice, and since Rick is Springfield’s resident paragon, he came to him.

Alexandra asks Olivia why she wants Alan to see the tape. Olivia says that hours ago she thought that Alan was going to die, and the fact that he would steal someone else’s chart just to prove that he was healthy enough to be with her proves how much he loves her. She asks Alexandra to stop trying to ruin Alan’s life. Alan walks in and Olivia leaves to take a shower.

Cassie comes down into the wine cellar, and tells Danny that Carmen bought her act hook line and sinker. He tells her that now she has to convince everyone else that he is dead.

Harley can’t believe that getting her job back was so easy. Gus explains that most people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. Harley agrees, and asks Gus to move back in with her. He responds with a kiss and a “Hell yeah!” They kiss some more and toast to one another. Eden walks in and Gus gives her the key to his motel room, and he tells her that he will be moving back in with Harley. Eden looks really happy for them. Not really! She actually looks grossed out to see her brother happy and in love. They say misery loves company. Anyways…Eden walks out of Company and Carmen walks up to her. Carmen basically strong-arms Eden into corroborating with her on the story that Carmen wants her to tell the police. This makes no sense. If I was Eden… I would tell Carmen to bug off. I mean Carmen really can’t do anything right now with the police all over her, and with Tony basically disowning her. Then again, this is Eden we are talking about; so all logic must be forgotten when examining her decisions and/or choices. Anyways… Carmen also invites Eden to move back in.

Danny is begging Cassie to tell everyone that he is dead. She refuses to put Michelle through what she went through, because your husband lying about selling cars on the side is exactly like your husband the mob boss being shot by his mother, and that lunatic mother possibly coming to kill you too.

Phillip tells Bionic Bauer that he is conflicted over what to do about his feelings for Olivia. Phillip kind of admits that his feelings for Olivia are growing, but he maintains that he will not act on them.

Alan realizes that Alan truly loves Olivia, and she tells him that that worries her. He tells her not to worry.

Olivia is upstairs getting all purdy for Alan, and she opens one of the drawers in her boudoir, and a copy of the elevator tape is there. She puts the tape in the VCR, and watches it for a second and cries.