Guiding Light Update Friday 11/15/02

By Eva


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At Company, Billy and Josh talk and Billy asks if there is any news on the new trial. Josh says no but he will do everything in his power to make sure Reva doesn't spend another day in jail.

At the Beacon hotel, Reva stops by to leave Cassie a note. Edmundsees her and he lets her no how unhappy he is she is a free woman. Edmund says that when Reva gets a new trial she won't be the only one to go to jail Cassie will also go to jail.

In the Wine Cellar, Danny's fever breaks and he wakes up. Danny says he wants to tell Cassie what is going on in case they find him and finish him off or he doesn't survive the gun shot wound. Danny asks Cassie to deliver a message to Michelle for him.

At the Bauer house, Ed tells Michelle what happened at the hospital with Carmen.

At the beach, Tony and Narah are about to leave to tell Michelle about Danny when Gus arrives. Gus tells them that he found a bullet fragment and some blood. Gus asks Tony to get something of Danny's so that they can run a DNA test. Tony blasts Gus and says " if Danny's dead it's because you blew your end of the bargin." Gus says Danny's death is Carman's fault. Marah tells Tony that just because blood was found doesn't mean Danny is dead. Tony tells Gus if Danny's dead I am holding you responsible. Marah tells Tony they should go and tell Michelle.

At the Church gym, Harley and Frank talk about her situation with Philip. Harley asks Frank if he has heard anything about Danny. Frank says Gus has gone to check out the crime scene.

At the Beacon, Reva calls Edmund "a big bag of hot air". Edmund tells Reva that Cassie forged the living will. Reva doesn't buy it.

In the Wine Cellar, Danny wants Cassie to tell Michelle that he was trying to change his family from the inside but she (meaning Carman) found out before he was ready and shot him. Cassie misunderstands and thinks Michelle shot Danny. Cassie tries to make sure of what she heard but Danny is unconcious again.

At the Beach, Carman goes to the spot where she shot Danny and cries bitterly and shouts Danny's name.

At the Beacon wine cellar, Cassie is confused and says she will find out what happened to Danny. Cassie worries because Danny's fever is comming back she promises not to let anyone hurt Danny but she decides to go get help.

Upstairs at the Beacon, Reva tells Edmund that if he goes after Cassie he will have a fight on his hands. Reva wonders why Edmund isn't going to the D.A. she figures out Cassie beat him in some way. Cassie arrives and after a few choice words to Edmund he leaves. Reva tells Cassie she knows what she is hiding.

At company, The Governor arrives to honor the Vietnam veterans. Buzz introduces the governor to Josh and Billy.

At the church gym, Gus tells Harley that Reva is free and awaiting a new trial. Gus also fills her in on what he found at the crime scene. Gus tells Harley that he feels like it is his fault. Gus says that after all the years he has been chasing the Santos family he thought he would feel better because he has almost got them but he feels sorry that Danny may be dead. Gus says he also feels badly for poor Michelle. Gus and Harley kiss.

At the Beach, Carman continues to cry and talk to Danny. Carman wonders where Danny is and she says she never wanted to hurt him. Carman says she loved him more than anyone else in the world. Carman blames Michelle for poisoning Danny's mind against her and forcing her to hurt him. Carman says that now she is all alone and she needs to talk to someone.

At the Bauer house, Michelle tries to call Danny on his cell phone but his voice mail box is full and Tony isn't answring his Cell phone. Bill arrives and Michelle jokes that he just came for food. Bill notices Michelle is worried about something and tries to get Michelle to tell him what is wrong. Michelle tells Bill about what happened at the hospital with Robbie. She also tells Bill that for a moment she thought she heard Danny whispering her name.

Outside the Bauer house, Tony and Marah see Bill and Michelle through the window. Tony says that he wants to wait untill Bill leaves to tell Michelle. Marah says Michelle needs to know and they need the DNA sample for Gus. Before they have much chance to argue Michelle opens the door and lets them in.

Inside the Bauer house, Tony asks Michelle how Robbie is doing. Michelle says he has an ear infection, she also tells him about Ed's run in with Carman. Tony tells Michelle not to worry about Carman because he will take care of her. Michelle gives Tony Danny's hat and asks him to give it to Danny when he gets back from his trip.

At the church gym, Gus continues to share his guilt about Danny with Harley. Gus says he wishes she had her badge back so she could help him bring Carman down. Gus says he wants to get some justice for Danny's sake. harley tells him she misses working with him on cases. Gus says that she is always working with him in his head because he always asks himself what she would do. Gus and harley kiss again.

At the Beacon, Reva tells Cassie what Edmund said and cassie denies everything. Reva says she is sorry Cassie felt she had to do this. Cassie says she did nothing wrong.

At Company, Josh butters up the Governor and tells him he should make some sort of Grand gesture to prove to the voters he has a kind heart.

At the Bauer house, Robbie arrives and mistakes Tony for Danny. Michelle tells Tony that Robbie still asks for his daddy all the time. Michelle asks Tony not to tell danny about it. Tony leaves without telling Michelle abot Danny. Before he leaves he asks Michelle if the divorce is final yet. Michelle says she and Danny are officially seperated but the divorce isn't final yet.

Outside the Bauer house, Tony is angry because he thinks Bill is trying to take Danny's place. Marah explains that Bill and Michelle are friends and Bill has a girlfriend. Tony tells Marah that he won't tell Michelle about danny untill they have some proof.

At the Beacon, Cassie gives Reva enough hints for her to figure out what Cassie did she also hints that Edmund got rid of the living will. Carman arrives looking for Edmund. Cassie tells her he is in the bar. Cassie says that before she goes to Edmund she has some questions for her about danny.

At the church gym, Harley tells Gus that not working is killing her. Harley decides to talk to the comissioner and get her job back.

At Company, Reva arrives to meet Josh. Josh tells her that he got the governor to look at her case for a possible pardon. Josh says the Governor thinks the living will will can make a big difference.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Carman she needs to talk to her now. Edmund arrives and Cassie leaves. Carman tells Edmund she is in crisis and needs a friend. Edmund says whatever she did she brought on herself. They insult each other and Carman goes to find Cassie.

In the Wine Cellar, Danny is awake again and Cassie wants to tell Carman about his condition. Danny tells Cassie carman shot him and if she finds out Cassie is helping him she will kill her too.