Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/14/02

By Eva


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At the Beacon, Edmund tells Alexandra he was hired by Alan to make Alexandra fall in love with him. Alexandra wants to know how Much Alan has been Paying him. When Edmund shows her the figure he asks her to double Alan's price.

At the hospital, Alan calls Dr. Kirby in a panic because Philip and Olivia have asked Dr. Pierce to run some tests on him. When Olivia arrives Alan covers and says a deal has gone sour. Olivia urges Alan to get examined so they can get on with their lives and have a normal marriage. When all his protests fail Alan agrees to have the tests.

At the church gym, Ray takes out his anger and frustration on a punching bag. Ray listens to Tony worry that there hasn't been any word on danny in 24 hours. As Tony watches his brother and wonders why he isn't more worried about Danny he figures out that Ray Knows what happened to Danny. Tony asks Ray if Carmen confessed to him last night and by the expression on his face he knows that what he said is true. Tony begs his brother to tell him what Carmen said so he can go help Danny if he is still alive. ray tells him there is nothing to tell. Marah arrives and asks if there is any news on Danny. Tony says he hasn't heard anything. Looking at his brother Tony tells Marah that if someone knows something they don't want to say anything.

By the cellar door of the Beacon, Cassie is suprised to find an unconcious Danny who finally wakes up after several minutes. Cassie worries that Danny is cold and wants to get him inside the wine cellar. Danny again tells her its dangerous for her to help him. Cassie tells him she isn't scared and argueing some more Cassie finally drags him inside the wine cellar.

Inside the Beacon, Alexandra finally reaches a deal with Edmund. The plan is for them to pretend to fall in love. Edmund is then to give false information to Alan.

At the church gym, Marah offers to go to the beach with Tony to get some fesh air. Tony is surprised and asks Marah if she doesn't have some place else she needs to be. Marah says her pace is there helpig a friend. Ray urges him to go and they leave. When they are gone Ray remembers Carmen's confession and once again struggles between his vows to God and the love for his family. ray punches the bag even harder.

At the Beacon, Edmund orders a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the new deal with Alexandra. Alan calls Alexandra and fills her in on the details of his latest mess and asks her to come to the hospital and help him. Alexandra says she will come after she gets done havig champagne with Edmund. Alan pretends to be shocked and angry at Alexandra for being with Edmund.

At the hospital, Ed brings Robbie in for Mel to examine. Mel says that Robbie has an infection in both his ears but will be fine with antibiotics. Mel goes to write Robbie a prescription and runs into Carmen who asks if any accident victums have been admitted. Mel refuses to give her any information. Carmen sees Robbie and Ed and wonders if Robbie is sick. Ed tells his condition. When Carmen wants to hold Robbie and make him feel better Ed says that Danny and Michelle gave up their happiness to keep Robbie safe from her influence and that he intends to keep Robbie away from her too. Carmen gets mad and tells him that he should hold on to his grandchildren because sooner or later children and grand children leave you. Carmen leaves while Ed wonders what she meant by that remark.

In the wine Cellar, Cassie continues to worry because Danny has lost a lot of blood. She tends to him with the bandages and antibiocs Ed gave her. Someone comes into the wine cellar. Cassie discovers Dwight who went to getthe champagne Edmund ordered. Dwight is startled by Cassie and spills champagne on her clothes. Cassie tells Dwight that the cellar is off limits to everyone on staff except her because of asbestos. Once Dwight is gone Cassie locks the cellar. Cassie goes back to Danny and again tries to persuade him to let her go get Ed. Danny refuses again so Cassie promises she will take care of Danny.

Upstairs at the Beacon, Alexandra and Edmund are suprised that Cassie gave them such an expensive bottle of Champagne to replace the one Dwight spilled. Alexandra says they have to save the bottle for another day because she has to get to the hospital. Edmund says he will save the bottle for when Alexandra really falls in love with him.

At the Beach, Marah listens as Tony worries if Tony is alone and needs his help. Tony is hurt that Danny didn't trust him enough to tell him about the deal with the FBI. Marah says that Danny didn't tell him about the plan because he wanted to protect him.

At the hospital, Alan is surprised when the test results show he has serous arterial bockage and he may need surgery.

At the beach, Marah tells Tony that Michelle doesn't know about Dannyand that she thinks he is still on a business trip. Tony asks Marah if she were in Michelle would she want to know that he was missing and maybe dead. Marah says yes and Tony decides to tell Michelle Marah offers to help Tony tell Michelle and Tony gladly accepts her offer.

In the wine Cellar, Danny's fever is very high and he thinks Casssie is Michelle. Danny tells "Michelle" that he never stopped loving her and he did everything for her. Cassie plays along Danny tells her he is cold. Cassie puts a blanket on him and starts to leave to get another one but Danny tells "Michelle" not to leave. Cassie holds Danny to keep him warm. Danny repeats Ilove you Michelle over and over again.