Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/13/02

By Heidi


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The show opens with Cassie making a phone call to hospitals in hopes that Danny was admitted. He wasn’t and she it trying to figure out where he could be.

Alan and Edmund meet outside of the Beacon to discuss Edmund’s progress with Alexandra. Edmund claims he hasn’t progressed much since Alexandra’s been away. Alan thinks Alexandra will fall in love with Edmund.

We are now at the Spaulding “den of iniquity” and Phillip is pouring himself a drink as Alexandra walks in. Phillip accuses her of wanting to destroy the family not protect it. Alexandra of course denies that. Phillip says that she looks like she is hiding something, and Alexandra tells him what Dr. Kirby said about Alan not being able to have sex. Olivia is walking by in the hallway at this exact moment, and comes into the den looking mighty upset.

Marah is at Dr. Ed’s clinic on the phone trying to call Tony, but Reva walks in and Marah hangs up the phone. Reva thanks her for coming to the party the night before, and questions where Marah went afterwards. Marah tells her to “back off,” but Reva wants to know if she saw Tony last night.

Cassie shows up at the Bauer house looking for Ed. Michelle wants to know if everything is okay, but Cassie just tells her that she needs to see Dr. Ed. Credits.

Marah tells Reva that she had an overwhelming feeling that Tony needed her, so she had to see him. Marah asks her to butt out. Reva agrees to leave, but Marah asks her to stay. Marah tells Reva about what she saw at the Santos house the night before, and trying to tell her about Tony’s changing attitude, but Reva begins to project her own failures at changing her life on Tony, and both Marah and I are fed up with Reva at this point. Reva leaves to go enjoy her freedom.

Michelle tells Cassie that Ed isn’t there. Cassie visits with Lil Robbie and Michelle tells Cassie that Danny has cut Robbie and her out of his life. This whole scene is a waste of time, because I distinctly remember both Michelle and Danny telling Cassie the same exact thing on two different occasions. Cassie leaves to go tract down Danny.

Marina and Buzz are at Company, and Marina asks Buzz if she will get to be on TV when the governor comes to town. She further explains that since Buzz is dating Holly, and Holly is covering the governor’s visit for her station, that maybe he could get Marina some camera time. Buzz admits that he hasn’t really talked to Holly lately, and Marina advises him to talk to her about his problems. Buzz walks away.

Alan is giving Edmund the “Cliff Notes” version Alexandra’s love life history. Alan tells Edmund to challenge Alexandra and be himself. They both agree that Edmund will attempt to woo Alexandra.

Back at the “den of iniquity,” Olivia accuses Alexandra of telling Phillip about her and Alan’s non-existent sex life in hopes that Phillip would run to Olivia’s waiting arms. Then Alexandra could use that information to destroy Alan and Olivia’s marriage. Alexandra denies this, and she and Olivia argue some more. Phillip takes Alexandra into the hallway, and tells her to stop interfering. Alex gets a call from Edmund telling her to meet him at the Beacon in a half and hour. Back in the “den of iniquity,” Phillip tells Olivia that Alexandra must be stopped. Commercials.

Alex runs into Alan on her way out to meet with Edmund. She once again tells him that she is only doing all this for his benefit. He again does not believe her.

Phillip tells Olivia that he doesn’t think Alexandra will show Alan the tape, because he doesn’t think that Alexandra wants to hurt him. Olivia isn’t convinced. She thinks that maybe she should show Alan the tape before Alexandra can.

Michelle shows up at the clinic to see Ed, and Marah tells her that something happened at the Santos mansion last night. Michelle asks her if this “something” has to do with Danny.

Cassie is back at the beach, and Reva shows up. They exchange pleasantries, and Reva invites Cassie to lunch, but Cassie says that she is too busy and has somewhere to be. Reva tells her that before she goes she has to tell her what Marah said about Danny Santos. Cassie immediately asks Reva if Danny was found and if he is okay. Reva is like “I didn’t say anything about Danny being missing.” Commercials.

Reva wants to know how Cassie knew that Danny was missing. Cassie lies and denies knowing that Danny was kissing. Reva believes her, and Cassie tells her that she has to go. Reva tells her that she can always trust her, and Cassie leaves.

Michelle tells Marah that unless she heard that Danny wants back into her and Robbie’s lives she doesn’t want to hear about it. Marah complies. Commercials.

Edmund and Alexandra are hanging out in the lobby at the Boring Hotel. Alexandra asks Edmund why he is still hanging around in Springfield, and he feds her some bull about wanting to be around to watch his nieces and nephews grow up. She asks him what his plans are, and he responds that his plans are for Alexandra to fall deeply in love with him. She laughs.

Back at Company, Marina tries to convince Buzz to fight for Holly.

Phillip thinks Olivia showing Alan the tape is a bad idea, but Olivia thinks that it maybe the best way to deal with the situation. Phillip agrees to possibly show Alan the tape if they get an opinion from a second doctor, and Alan’s heart can take it. He goes to call Dr. Pierce, who is Rick’s cardiologist, to examine Alan

Olivia walks into Alan in the hallway, and he again tries to get her upstairs. She tells him that they can’t until Phillip gets off the phone. She tells him that she will explain later.

Edmund is stilt trying to woo Alex, and she tells him that if their relationship were to work out her money and influence would not be at his disposal. He tells her that he is not interested in her money, because he will be financially set for life, due to Alan. Alexandra looks shocked.

Dr. Pierce shows up at the Spaulding mansion, and offers to take Alan back to Cedars for an examination. Alan refuses, but Phillip and Olivia insist, and they all leave for Cedars.

Marah finds Reva on the beach, and asks her for advice. Marah doesn’t know if she did the right thing by not telling Michelle about Danny. Reva thinks that she did. Marah leaves to go check on Tony, and Reva doesn’t stop her.

Michelle is talking to Robbie about living without daddies. She promises never to leave him.

Cassie show up in front of the Beacon. She is still trying to figure out where Danny could be. She notices some blood on a flowerpot, and the camera pans away, and we see Danny lying in a pile of leaves on side of the Beacon.