Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/12/02

By Heidi Anderson


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The show opens up with Cassie at the cave with Danny. She is worried, because he is still bleeding a lot, and she takes off her blouse so that she can use it to stop the bleeding.

Ray is at the clinic and he gets a phone call from Maria about an emergency at the mansion. Holly and Ed walk in just as Ray is leaving.

Now we are at the Santos House of Hired Hits, and Tony is still yelling at Carmen. He tells her that he grew up in the Santos family, and he knows that their lives revolve around revenge and death. He tells her that she is at the center of this vicious cycle, and he is gonna stop that cycle tonight by getting rid of her. Marah looks on still unnoticed.

Back at the cave, Danny is shivering and sweating. Cassie strokes his hair and proclaims that, ď[she] canít lose him too.Ē Credits.

Cassie is urging Danny to hang on. He blacks out, and she checks his pulse to make sure he is still alive. She leaves to go get him some help. She had better be going to find Dr. Ed. The man practiced medicine in African jungles. A cave on a beach should be a piece of cake.

Holly and Ed are talking about Michelle and Dannyís breakup. Ed tells Holly how Michelle has been working really hard to move on, and how disappointed he was that Danny couldnít change his behavior. Holly apologizes to Ed to kissing him the last time they were at the clinic together. Ed tells her no apology necessary seeing as how she is such a great kisser.

Lizzie, Marina, and Buzz show up at Company for some dessert. They are returning from attending a play. Buzz goes in the back to make dessert, and Ben walks in. He sees a car brochure on the table, and he and Lizzie start discussing how great the expensive car is. Marina feels alienated.

Carmen is still lying about not knowing where Danny is. Ray shows up and Tony tells Ray that Carmen killed Danny. Carmen says that Tony has gone mad. Ray wants to know if Tony knows this for sure. Tony says that he isnít gonna wait till Dannyís body shows up to do something about it. Carmen eggs him on, and he goes for her throat, but he backs down, and says that he wonít kill her, because then he would be just like her, and he doesnít want ever be like her. Marah look relived. Commercials.

Marah walks into the den, and gives Tony a hug. Tony threatens to call Gus on Carmen, but Ray reminds him that he doesnít have any hard evidence. Tony tells Carmen to get out of his sight, and that he never wants to see her again. Carmen leaves, and Ray follows behind her. Marah tells Tony that he should feel good for not killing Carmen. He says he doesnít feel good, because he really wanted to kill her, and, if Ray hadnít shown up, he probably would have.

Buzz asks Marina if she only like Ben for his money. She says, although the money doesnít hurt, she likes Ben because he is cute, smart, and funny. Buzz tries to convince Marina that money isnít everything.

Holly is talking to Ed about how unsure she is about what she wants out of life and who she wants to spend her life with. Ed tells Holly that he would like to start a relationship with her, but she runs away from the subject like she does with Buzz. Now I donít particularly find neither Buzz nor Ed handsome, but two guys are chasing after you Holly, so might want to choose one real soon before you end up with nada. Ed goes to walk Holly to her car, and Cassie breaks into the clinic to use her ďfive-finger discountĒ on Edís medical supplies; like she even knows what she is looking for. Ed walks back in and finds Cassie pulling a ďWinona Ryder.Ē

Danny is shivering back at the cave, and he passes out again. Commercials.

Lizzieís ride comes so she leaves, and Marina looks upset. Ben realizes she feels a little alienated, and tells her that he is sure she will one day have her own expensive car. Marina tells Ben about a daydream she has where she is driving down a deserted highway in the desert, in some expensive car, all by herself, and feeling totally free. She tells him that she is afraid that she will never be financially secure. Ben tells her that he would bet anything that one day she will be rich.

Cassie tries to lie to Ed about how she got into the clinic, but he sees the broken window she used to open the door. He wants to help her, but she refuses to tell him who is hurt. He letís her leave with the supplies, and gives her some instructions on how to administer some of the meds. He tells her if things get too far out of her control to call him.

Carmen is down at the beach looking for Dannyís body. Ray has followed her all the way there. She tells him that she came to the beach to clear her head, but Ray wants to know why she really came to the beach. Carmen gets fidgety, and Ray looks angry. Commercials.

Buzz is outside Company raking leaves, and Holly walks up and tells him that she is there to tell Ben that almost all of his trust fund is gone. Buzz wants to discuss their relationship.

Marina and Ben are still inside Company, and Ben tells Marina that he still has problems even though he has money. She asks him if he could survive without his trust fund. He says that he would, and he asks her if she would still be interested in him if he didnít have money. She says yes, and they kiss.

Tony tells Marah about Danny arranging his immunity. He says that Danny always knew that being a Santos eats you alive, and that eventually you end up like Carmen, willing to kill your own kid. That is why he left Michelle and Robbie, and that is why he set up the deal with the Feds, so that Tony could have a way out.

Ray wants answers, and Carmen asks to make a confession. Ray tells her that she can, and she tells him that she shot Danny. She tells him she had to do it, because Danny sold her out to the Feds. She asks Ray for absolution, but he refuses. Commercials.

Carmen tells Ray that he is a priest and he canít refuse her. She says killing Danny was an accident, and she is sorry. She claims she never wanted Danny to die. Ray does not believe her, and he is acting like anything but a priest. Ray is furious, and his Santos genes are showing. He tells Carmen that he canít forgive her, and that if she wants forgiveness from God, she should talk to him herself. He walks away.

Marah tells Tony not to think the worst, because Danny could still be alive. Tony tells her that she should go, and she leaves, but not before telling him how sorry she is.

Cassie returns to the cave, but finds Danny missing.