Guiding Light Update Monday 11/11/02

By Heidi Anderson


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The show opens up with Cassie saying good-bye to Richard. Again! She is whining about how she doesn’t know how to live with out him, and Windy Richard makes a second return and blows out Cassie’s candles. So it is safe to guess that in Richard’s next life he became a cold front. Whatever.

We are now at the Santos House of Parricide, where Gus is yelling at Eden to tell him what is going on. He tells Tony about Danny’s plan, and Tony refuses to believe him. Gus tells Tony that Danny did all this for him. Tony looks confused.

Up on the cliff, Carmen is pointing her gun at Danny, and Danny is trying to talk her down. Credits.

Michelle is hanging outside the Bauer house and Marah shows up to talk. Michelle tells Marah about seeing Danny earlier, and Marah asks her if she is getting over Danny. Michelle says that she is, and Marah asks her how.

Back at the Santos Mansion, Gus is trying to figure everything out, and he and Tony deduce that Danny must still be at the beach. They leave to go find Danny, and Eden is left with Harley. Eden isn’t taking this situation seriously, and Harley tells her that she should, considering that if Danny is hurt or dead, Tony is gonna be really mad if Eden stopped him from being able to help Danny.

Carmen has disowned Danny, and tells him she is not afraid to shoot him. There whole argument boils down to Danny and Michelle. It ALWAYS boils down to Danny and Michelle. Danny brings up Miguel’s death and how it had something to do with the fact that he was cheating on Carmen. Carmen tells Danny that he has no idea what went down between her and Miguel. She also tells him that what he has done is much worse than anything Miguel ever did. He yells that she won’t shoot him, and then he lunges at her, and tries to wrestle the gun away from her. The gun goes off and Danny is shot. Commercials.

Cassie is down at the beach and hears a gunshot. She goes to investigate. That makes a whole lot of sense. Not! What is she gonna do? Have Windy Richard blow the gunman off the cliff? Whatever.

Danny is falling down, and Carmen is trying to hold on to him, and is whispering that she loves him. He falls over the side of the cliff.

Michelle and Marah are still having a meeting of the “Woe is Me/ We Love Santos Men” club. Marah wants to know how Michelle is living without Danny, and Michelle tells her that it is painful, but she knows she has to move on.

Carmen is looking over the side of the cliff, and calling out Danny’s name. He doesn’t answer. She backs away from the edge and retreats into the bushes. Gus, Tony, and Smitty reach the top of the cliff and look for signs of Danny. They don’t see any and decide to go back to the house. The camera pans down and we see Danny lying on the beach unconscious and bleeding. Commercials.

Cassie stumbles across a limp Danny, and wakes him up. She helps him to get to a nearby cave.

Phillip stops by the Bauer House to see Rick, but Rick is already asleep. He stays around to keep Michelle’s company.

Eden and Harley arrive outside Company. Eden is being uncooperative, and Harley tries to get through to her by asking if she really planned to sleep with Tony just to get back at the Santos’. Marah walks up and hears the part about Eden sleeping with Tony, and asks Eden what Harley is talking about. Eden goes on and on about how she and Tony almost had sex and Marah looks disappointed and concerned at the same time.

Carmen shows up at the mansion all distraught and shaky. She pours herself a drink, and Maria comes in acting all stoic. Carmen tells Maria that she is gonna need her help. Commercials.

Cassie has Danny at the cave. She went back to beach to get the candles and blankets she had. She re-lights the candles that Windy Richard had blown out earlier. Do you get it? She is re-lighting her flame i.e. moving on with Danny. You liked it better when you didn’t get it? I completely understand. Anyways…She covers Danny up with the blankets, and get ups to leave for help. Danny grabs her and tells her not to.

Eden and Harley are still outside Company. Marah has left to go find Tony, because she is worried for his safety. Harley and Eden are discussing Eden’s hatred of the Santos’ and her obsession with revenge. Harley tells Eden that she is the way she is because she likes to play the victim. Harley also tells her that she thinks that she is the only person in the world with problems, and calls her pathetic. Truer words were never spoken. Preach on Harley. Preach on.

Tony and Gus show up at the Santos mansion, where they confront Carmen. Carmen pretends like she has no idea what’s going on. Gus vows to get to the bottom of everything and he leaves. Tony tells Carmen she might have gotten rid of Gus, but still has to deal with him.

Phillip and Michelle are having a heart to heart over tea. Awww. Not! They discuss such fascinating topics as: first loves gone awry, Beth and Bills romance, and Phillip’s awesome parenting skills. It was actually more boring than it sounds. Phillip leaves to drool over Olivia some more I guess.

Back at the cave, Cassie is pleading with Danny to let her go get help. He claims if people knew he was still alive “they” would finish him off. Cassie is like who is “they.” Danny tells her that she doesn’t need to know that. He also tells her that she should leave, because helping him could put her and her kids in danger. Commercials. Eden tells Harley how she lives her life is none if her business, and walks inside Company to have a cup off coffee. Gus walks up and is feeling really bad about his and Danny’s plan going wrong. Harley tells him that together they will get to the bottom of this, and that he shouldn’t blame himself.

Michelle is standing outside looking off into space, and we are taken to the cave where Cassie tells Danny that she won’t leave him there to die.

Back at the Santos mansion, Tony is yelling at Carmen to tell him what happened to Danny. She is still pretending like she doesn’t know. Tony is furious and has officially regressed into Tony “The Terminator” mode. He look like he is about to bash Carmen’s head in. Carmen tells him that if he doesn’t back down she will call the guards in. Tony tells her he already let them off for the night. Marah has walked into the house, and is looking on as Tony the Terminator is taking aim on Carmen.