Guiding Light Update Friday 11/8/02

By Eva

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At the Lewis house, Josh arrives home to an empty house. Reva greets him and Josh is surprised but happy to see her. they kiss.

At the Bauer house, Harley asks Rick to help her get custody of Zach again.

At the Lake, Danny meets with Gus and tells him he has a feeling Carmen will try to kill him soon. Gus tells Danny he will be out of the business soon and Danny will have what he has wanted for so long. Danny asks Gus for a signed copy of Tony's immunity papers. Carmen calls Danny and sets up a meeting with him for tomorrow night at the lake. Danny hangs up the phone and tells Gus Carmen will try to kill him tomorrow at midnight.

At the Santos house, Carmen tells Maria that she intends to surprise Danny tonight because he won't be ready. Carmen says "I brought Danny into this world I gave him life I can take it away."

At the Lewis house, Josh is so happy to be reunited with Reva but is a bit confused. After Josh and Reva finish kissing Ross, Marah, and Shane pop out from their hiding place. Ross explains about the emergency hearing and the living will. Ross says that Reva is home until her new trial but it is unlikely that there will be a new trial because of the living will. Cassie arrives just as Reva tells Josh that Cassie found the living will.

At the Santos house, Carmen wants Danny to be alone tonight no guards and no Tony. Maria says she will take care of the guards. Eden comes downstairs and says Tony went out. Carmen asks Eden to call him on his cell phone and get him to come back to the house. Carmen asks Eden to keep Tony busy all night long.

At the Lake, Gus wants Danny to have back up tonight just to be safe. Danny says the meeting isn't until tomorrow night and refuses to have back up. Gus tells Smitty to back up Danny but not let Danny see him. After Gus leaves Tony arrives, Danny tells Tony he is going out of town and he wants to make sure things are taken care of just in case he doesn't make it back.

At the Bauer house, Harley tells Rick she is taking Philip to court to regain custody of Zach. Rick tells her not to ask him to take sides in the custody battle. Harley says she just wants Rick to testify that she is a good mother and he has no problem with Gus being a part of her life. Rick agrees to testify that she is a good mother. Gus arrives and asks to talk to Harley outside. Gus tells Harley that Danny's plan is taking place tomorrow at midnight. Gus asks for Harley's help to get Eden out of the Santos house tonight because she might get hurt. Harley and Gus leave.

At the lake, Tony wonders why Danny is going out of town. Danny says nothing except he doesn't want Tony involved because if the plan blows up Tony will be protected. Tony is hurt that Danny doesn't trust him after all he has done for him. Danny asks Tony to make sure Robbie and Michelle are all right but not to let Michelle know he is watching out for them. Eden calls Tony and says she has a fever and she may need him to take her to the hospital. Tony says he is busy and to have one of the guards take her. Danny urges Tony to go so Tony tells Eden he will be there in a little while. Before Tony leaves Danny tells Tony to be careful with Eden because he can't trust her like he can trust Marah Danny says that Marah still loves him Danny urges Tony to think about what he really wants and needs in his life. Danny tells his cousin that he loves him like a brother and gives him a hug before he leaves.

At the Lewis house, The celebration of Reva's return Continues. Josh thanks Cassie for her help to get Reva out of jail. Cassie comes to the painful realization that everything is over and Richard is really gone. Reva asks Marah about her new house. Reva wonders if Tony has stopped by the house. When Marah says no Reva tells her that it is ok to admit she still loves him. Reva tells Marah that things are getting back to normal. Josh encourages Cassie to work things out with Reva. Cassie says she never wanted Reva to go to jail she just wanted to grieve her husband. She says she didn't like being pushed to agree that what Reva did was the right thing. Josh apologizes for how he acted but he was afraid for his family. Josh says he will always be grateful to her for getting Reva out of jail. Cassie leave because she has something to do.

At the Santos house, Tony arrives to find the house lit by candle light. Eden explains that she lied because she wanted to be alone with him. Eden and Tony kiss but Tony stops things before they go too far. Eden explains that she doesn't want to get serious she just wants to have fun. They kiss again and head to the bedroom. Gus and Harley arrive seeing the romantic setting Gus figures out what is going on and heads to the bedroom to stop things between Eden and Tony.

At the lake, Danny scouts the location for tomorrow night as Smitty follows him. Suddenly Smitty is knocked out be Carmen who makes her way to Danny.

At the Lewis house, Josh and Reva spend the rest of the night alone. Reva tells Josh that she feels like the trial is over. Reva says it is a new beginning for her and Cassie. Reva and Josh make love.

At the Beach, Cassie talks to Richard and she remembers when Richard told her the story of the San Cristobal festival. She lights a Candle and thanks Richard for keeping her safe and loving her so well. Cassie says "good-bye my love."

At the Santos house, Gus and Harley bust in on a surprised Tony and Eden. Acting like a brother Gus tells Tony to get off Eden. Eden tells Gus that Carmen and Maria went to church. Gus thinks something is wrong and calls Smitty. Gus gets even more worried when Smitty doesn't answer his phone.

At the Lake, Danny asks Carmen what she is doing there since their meeting isn't until Tomorrow night. Carmen says "That is what your friends were supposed to think now we can be alone just me and my loving son."