Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/7/02

By Eva

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At the Beacon, Danny gives Cassie the forged living will. Danny tells her to think carefully about what she is doing because if she admits a forged livingwill into evidence she will be commitinga felony. Cassie says that while she doesn't agree with whatReva did she understandsthat she was only following Richards wishes.Cassie says she doesn't care what she has to do to get Reva out of jail. Danny says that somepeople would consider what she is doing wrong and immoral. Cassie says that those people don't understand what you have to do to protect your family. Cassie asks Danny if he is talking about Michelle.

At the Bauer house, Beth arrives looking for Rick. Michelle tells her he is upstairs with Jude. Beth takes the oportunity to talk to Michelle. At vailsburg, Bill arrives with Marah, Bill says he wishes they were not so strict about the rules because he would love to talk to Reva too but his name isn't on the list. Marah says he can take her spot. Bill asks his cousin why she doesn't want to see her mother. Marah tells Bill what happened on their last visit. When Marah's visiting time comes she apologizes to her mother for what happened last time. Reva says Marah doesn't owe her an apology for telling her how she feels. Marah says her feelings shouldn't matter that she should support her mother durring this time. Reva tells Marah that she was right to call her selfish because she didn't consider how her decison would afect her family. Reva says she wishes that she didn't always act before thinking. Marah says she wishes she could forget all the pain she feltall those years ago when Reva was gone. Reva encourages Marah to stop trying to fix things and just feel what she feels. Time is up so Reva quickly asks Marah about how the halloweeen party. Marah says it was fine and promises to come visit soon.

At the Bauer house, Beth urges Michelle to try and work things out with Danny. Michelle says that her marriage is over. Michelle says Ed has been encouraging her to start dating again but she isn't ready because she still loves Danny and probably always will. Beth says that Michelle shouldn't date untill she is ready because it isn't good to get into a realationship when she is vulnerable. Beth uses her realationship with Edmund and Rick's realationship with Harley as examples. Beth also tells Michelle that she thinks she has something special with Bill and they have a great sex life. Michelle says that it must be special because Bill talks about her all the time. Rick arrives and asks if he can eavsdrop on their girl talk. Michelle leaves Beth and Rick to talk.

At the Beacon, Danny once again asks Cassie to get out of town. cassie says she won't leave untill Reva is out of Jail. Cassie phones Ross to tell him about the living Will. Danny tells Casie he is leaving town and urges her to take care of herself.

At the Santos house, Carmen finds out that Danny spoke to the FBI about a deal. Maria asks Carmen what she will do Carmen says "you ask as if I have a choice."

At the Bauer house, Beth asks Rick if Michelle is really ok. Rick says she has had her ups and downs but she is ok. Beth asks Rick if Michelle told him anything about the hallowween party. Rick says all Michelle said was that she had a good time. Beth tells Rick that when she arrived at the partyshe saw Bill and Michelle Kissing.

At Bill's house, Bill tells Marah that realationships are never easyand admits things withBeth are getting complicated. Marah says that Beth left a family and a realationship for him and now he is having second thoughts.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Edmund that she found Richard's living will hiding in one of Will's books. A nervous Edmund looks at the will and tells her that the will is a forgery. Cassie wonders why Edmund would even think such a thing.

At the Santos house, Carmen cries at the thought of her son's betrayal. Maria refuses to be a part of killing Danny. Carmen says if she goes down Maria will too. Carmen says there is no other way. Carmen says she is doing this for the good of the familybecause if she doesn't do it there will be a blood war. Carmen says everyone in the familyeven Ray could be a target. Maria says there is no other way the sooner the better. Danny arrives and asks if there is anything wrong. Maria says they were just trying to make a hard decision. Carmen begs Danny to talk to her and asks if there is anything he wants to tell her. Danny refuses to talk to her. Danny picks up his mail and leaves. Maria asks Carmen if she is sure she wants to go through with it. Carmen says better me then somebody else.

At the Bauer house, Rick again asks Beth if she is sure she can't work things out with Philip. Beth says things between her and Philip are over. Rick says that maybe she misunderstood what she sae because Michelle and Bill have been friends for a long time and maybe they were just joking around. Beth says she knows what she sawand she doesn't want Michelle to make the same mistake with Bill that she made with Edmund because she was vulnerable. Rick says thatwhat she said was a big crock of bull.

At the Beacon, Edmund says Richard's signature is forged because nobody ever told him Richard had a living will. Cassie says she will swear that the signature on the living will was Richard's signature. Cassie tells Edmund he better drop the lawsuit against Reva because they could sue him if they find out he witheld evidence. Edmund says that Cassie is still the smart little Stripper Richard married.

At Bill's house, Bill explains to Marah that he isn't afraid of commitment after all he married Beth. Marah points out he didn't marry Beth he married Lorelei. Bill says Beth isn't Lorelei because things with Beth are more intense. Beth tends to dwell on her problems alot more then Lorelei. Bill says that he wants to do things right but he is scared he will say or do the wrong thing and hurt Beth. Marah says he doesn't have to solve all of Beth's problems he just has to be there to listen to her comfort her when she needs him. Bill isn't sure Marah's advice will work with Beth.

At the Bauer house, Beth admits to Rick that Michelle and Bill don't know she saw them kissing. Rick says that maybe her problems with Bill are more serious and have nothing to do with Michelle. Bill calls Beth just to check and see how she is doing. Bill says he thought she might need to see his face and she might need a hug. This makes Beth very happy and they agree to meet in her hotel suite. Beth tells Rick things between her and Bill are fine. Beth Leaves to go meeet Bill.

At Bill's house, Bill thanks Marah for her advice and promises not to doubt her next time.

Outside company, Michelle and Robbie run into Danny. Danny starts to leave but when Robbie begins to cry he stops and holds his son. Danny sits down and Michelle wonders if Robbie will ever understand why his daddy isn't in his life. Danny tells Michelle he is leaving town for a while. Danny tells Michelle to be careful and if she ever feels uneasy to go to Ed or Rick or Ray. When Michelle wonders why Danny says that he loves her and Robbieand he wants them to be safe. Michelle promises to be careful. When Danny leaves Michelle is sad and calls Bill because she wants another meeting of the losers club. Bill says he has a date with Beth. Not wanting to ruin his dateMichelle tells Bill she was just calling him because she wanted an excuse to get out of housework. Michelle hangs up and tells Robbie that not even her good friend Bill can make her feel better and "its just you and me kid."

At the Santos house, Carmen calls someone and says she needs somethingto make it clean and painless. Carmen hangs up and wonders if she can really kill her son.

At Vailsburg, Cassie tells Reva about Richard's living will . Cassie says Ross got a hearing for her and she could be home by tonight. The sisters leave to go see the judge.