Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/6/02

By Heidi

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Today’s recap is gonna be a lesson in brevity. I have an earache, so I’ll type as much as I can before the bottle of Nyquil I downed kicks in… here we go…

The show starts with Josh visiting Reva at the prison’s visiting room. He’s there to tell Reva that he will be out of town on business for a few days. She tells him about Marah yelling some hurtful, but true things at her, and Josh tries to blame Marah’s anger on the fact that she misses her mother. Reva tells Josh no to deny that she has messed up.

Cassie is at the Beacon unpacking. Danny is pissed that she hasn’t left town. She refuses to leave with Reva still in jail.

Gus and Harley are at Company. She tells Gus that they might actually be able to use Eden killing Federico Santos to their advantage.

We are now at the Spaulding “den of iniquity,” and Alexandra is telling Olivia that all she had to do is forget about Alan and Phillip, and annul her marriage, and Alan will never see the tape. Olivia protests, and Alexandra argues that she will not allow Olivia to destroy her family. Phillip walks in and sees the tape playing. Credits

Phillip asks Olivia what Alexandra wants. Olivia tells him about Alexandra’s demands. Alexandra also wants Phillip to stay away from Olivia. Alexandra tells Phillip about Alan kidnapping her. Phillip tells Alexandra that what she claims to be trying to prevent she will, in fact, cause if she shows Alan that tape.

Harley says that since Eden killed the man that killed her father they could claim that she was afraid of him, and killed him in self-defense. Gus says that since Federico was his father’s murderer that it could also been seen as a motive for pre-meditated murder. Gus is not just worried about Eden going to jail he is also concerned about Tony finding out the truth and killing Eden.

Danny is pleading with Cassie to leave town. She argues that she has to find away to get Reva out of jail. He tells Cassie that Reva will still be there when she gets back, but Cassie definitely doesn’t want to be around when Carmen explodes. She tells Danny that “We” have got to do something about Edmund, and help Reva. Danny is like, “What are ‘we’ gonna do?” Cassie replies, “Break his legs. Whack him. I don’t care!” No really! She does. Do you guys get it? Cassie isn’t Michelle. She doesn’t judge Danny. You figured that out two months ago? Oh, so did I.

Reva goes on and on about what a horrible mother she is. Josh tries to convince that she isn’t. Yes, Reva you do suck, and so does this storyline. Reva gets to see visitors like all day everyday. The way that GL is capturing the reality of life in prison is just remarkable. Whatever.

Danny asks Cassie if she really wants Edmund whacked. She says “No,” but she dos want Danny to help her get a fake living will drawn up, so that she can pass it off as the original, and get Reva out of jail.

Gus tells Harley that getting the Santos’ out of the picture will be the answer to everyone’s problems. Harley thinks that Gus is being pulled back into his vendetta.

Olivia tries to argue her case, but Alexandra ain’t having it. She tells Olivia to leave quietly, or leave with some drama. She leaves Phillip and Olivia alone to make up their minds. Commercials.

For some reason Alexandra has wondered into Zack’s bedroom, and Alan walks in to speak with her. I know Zack’s room is a new set and everything, but how many scenes are gonna be shot in here. They are robbing Zack’s room of all its innocence. They should keep all the plotting and lying in the “den of iniquity” where it belongs. Anyways… Alan pretends he didn’t know Alexandra was home, or that Edmund had gone to rescue her. Alan wants to call a détente, but Alexandra ain’t having any of that either.

Olivia is beating herself up over allowing Phillip to kiss her. He tries to make her fell better, and takes part of the blame for this whole mess. He tells Olivia he is gonna help her and Alan keep their marriage. His first step is moving out.

Gus tells Harley that he has truly given up his vendetta, and he tells her about working with Danny to take Carmen and the family down. He wants her to promise not to go spilling this secret to Phillip like she did the other secrets he’s shared with her. She doesn’t promise him anything but she does kiss him goodbye.

Cassie gives Danny some papers with Richard’s handwriting on, so that he can forge Richard’s signature on the fake living will. Danny asks her if she is sure she wants to go through with this. She does, and she promises him once Reva gets out she will leave town. She tells Danny that when he leaves town to make sure to take care of himself. Commercials.

Alexandra is trying to convince Alan that everything she is doing, she is doing for the family. Alan is buying that, and he wants to know how ruining his wedding night will help him or the family. Alexandra says one day he will know, and he will thank her.

Olivia is telling Phillip not to move out, because she needs him here to help her fight Alexandra. Harley walks in with Jude in tow, and says, “I hope I’m not interrupting.” Phillip says, “You are. What do you need?” Harley replies, “Well you said I could see Zack whenever. Well it’s whenever.” Commercials.

Cassie is visiting with Reva. Cassie tells Reva that she maybe getting out real soon. She does not explain specifics.

Harley tells Phillip she is not gonna give up Gus or her kids, and that she plans to fight him for custody. Harley hints to Phillip and Olivia’s inappropriate relationship, and asks Phillip if he really thinks “this” environment is really better than the one that she could provide. Harley threatens to get a lawyer. It’s about time she called a lawyer seeing as how Ross is such a flake. Phillip has this incredulous look on his face. It’s priceless.

Danny shows up at Company. Gus wants Danny to leave Eden out of everything. Eden calls Gus and tells him to watch out for Danny. Why she does this I do not know? Gus knows better than you do honey that Danny is in trouble. Maybe you should be taking your own advice and move the hell out of the mansion like Gus told you to. Carmen overhears part of Eden’s phone conversation, and makes a call to an unidentified person to find out whom Eden was talking to, and where Danny went on business a few weeks ago.

I’m surprised I got as much recapped as I did. If this recap stinks I blame it on the Nyquil. That is all.