Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/5/02

By Heidi Anderson

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The show opens with Eden and Tony at Company. It is the anniversary of the day that Tony’s dad died. Gus comes in and asks to speak to Eden alone. Tony leaves, and Gus asks Eden if she remembers what today is. She says, “Yes [she] knows, “ and Gus asks what she is doing with Tony.

Tony runs into Marah outside of Company, and she tells him that she wanted to see him, because she wanted to tell him that she “owes him.”

Harley is in Zack’s room reading him a book. The book is about a little ant that is being bullied by a big bug, and is fighting back. This scene is really cute, because Harley is doing the little voices and everything. Phillip is standing in the doorway, and he asks Harley what she and Zack are reading. She says, “A book about bullies, and how we deal with them.” Phillip just stands there looking smug.

Alexandra is still at the cabin, and Edmund is still asleep outside on the bench. Alan calls Alexandra for another conference, and he asks her what she thinks she gained by blackmailing his doctor into telling Olivia what he did. Alexandra jokes about that being a horrible accusation to make before she has even had her tea. They argue some more, and when Alexandra continues to insult Alan, he says that she might not ever leave Mystic Island. She jokingly replies that she is sure she will eventually be voted off.

Olivia comes into the “den of iniquity” and asks Alan how his morning is going. He nastily replies that it is going really bad.

Alexandra wakes Edmund up. She asks him how his night was, he replies that “he wasn’t attacked by bears”, so all in all, it was okay. He gets up to go get the boat ready, but Alexandra stops him to tell him that she didn’t make him sleep outside in an attempt to be modest or to play hard to get. Credits.

Edmund reiterates that he is only trying to help Alexandra and has no ulterior motive. She tells him that if he is lying he’d be better off in the woods with the bears. Alexandra goes to retrieve her things, and the tape of Olivia and Phillip in the elevator.

Back at the “den of iniquity,” Alan is still upset with Olivia for not sleeping with him. She assures him that as soon as his heart gets better the loving will proceed. Olivia is trying to convince Alan that she loves him and doesn’t regret marrying him. He buys it.

Harley is playing with Zack and his toys. She once again asks Phillip when Zack will be able to come home with her. He tells her that he will have papers drawn up so that they can share joint custody. Harley is excited that Zack will be allowed to come back home, and she tells Zack, “You get to come back home, because mommy did everything daddy told her to.” Harley immediately looks like a light bulb went off in her head once she said that, and takes off with Zack down the hall.

Gus asks Eden if Tony has mentioned the anniversary of his father’s death. She says that he has. She also says that she might be going to the gravesite with him. Gus says that if she isn’t careful she could end up in a grave herself. If only…

Marah knows that Tony helped Reva, because a guard at the prison told her. Yeah, that really makes sense. A guard that you don’t know just volunteers some information that would connect them with the mob, and prove that they show favorites. Whatever! Marah tells Tony that she is still upset with her mother. Marah then asks Tony if he came to Company alone. He tells her he came with Eden.

Gus tells Eden that she could easily slip up and reveal her secret. She says that she won’t, and Gus says, “You didn’t just cross Tony’s father you murdered him!” The plot thickens. Dun, Dun, Dunnn. Commercials.

Gus says that they went on the rooftop to get a taped confession, and that Eden should have never lost her cool and pushed Tony’s dad off the roof. He says they only got away with it, because the Chicago PD covered for them. Eden refuses to grasp the seriousness of the situation. She tells Gus that Tony’s dad killed their father and deserved what he got. Gus explains that he was only a triggerman, and with that taped confession they could have gotten everyone involved. He asks her again to move out of the house. She refuses and leaves.

Tony tells Marah that he and Eden are not dating, but he does let her in on the fact that she is living with him. He tells Marah about this being the anniversary of the day his father died, and she apologizes for going on and on about her mother when Tony’s parents are dead. He tells Marah he doesn’t want to end up like his father. They hold hands, and Eden sees this. She actually looks a tad bit jealous.

Harley goes into the “den of iniquity” to get her bag, and Alan follows her out into the hall. He insults Harley by saying that she is a horrible mother for letting a cold-blooded murderer around her children, and exposes his bloated ego. He says that she should be so lucky that Phillip has been so generous with her seeing as how she is only but a lowly Cooper. What a pretentious, pompous, arrogant jerk. Once he walks away, Harley flashes back to when she found Gus’s love letter on the beach, and she calls him to meet with her. Commercials.

Eden walks up and interrupts Tony and Marah’s moment. Marah leaves, and Tony and Eden decide to stop by Tony’s dad’s grave. Gus tries to stop Eden, but she leaves anyway. Once she and Tony are gone, Harley shows up, and she and Gus immediately kiss each other. He asks her if Phillip had given in or reneged on his deal. She says no to both questions, and says that he actually offered to draw up joint custody papers, but she is gonna turn his offer down.

Phillip wants to know what Alan said to Harley. Alan tells Phillip that if Harley is such a good mother why doesn’t he give her joint custody since that would make Alexandra happy. Phillip says that would be hard considering that he hasn’t seen Alexandra since the day of the wedding. Alan says, “Is that such a bad thing?” Phillip says that it’s not, but he is still worried. Right then Alan’s phone rings and he takes the call in the hallway. It’s Edmund and he tells Alan that Alexandra is on her way back to the house. Alan tells Edmund to meet him at Olivia’s in half an hour. Alan kisses Olivia goodbye and goes to meet Edmund. Phillip leaves to go talk to Lizzie, but before he does Olivia asks him if their arrangement will work out. He leaves without giving her an answer.

Gus tells Harley that they should stop, because she needs to get her son back. Harley explains how the book, about the ant and the bug, gave her the inspiration to stop allowing Phillip to bully her, and gave her the courage to stand up for herself from now on. She tells him that she wants everything she deserves i.e. Gus and her kids. She says that she plans to clear Gus’s name, by launching a full-scale investigation into what happened on the roof that night. Gus tells her no.

Phillip finds Lizzie and brings her into Zack’s room to talk to her. Phillip wants to know how she feels about possibly moving out.

Alexandra walks into the den of iniquity and plays the elevator tape for Olivia. Olivia wants to know what Alexandra wants.

Gus explains that they can’t dig deeper into the rooftop incident, because the man that was killed was Tony Santos’ father. Harley is shocked.

Lizzie thinks that the reason Phillip wants to move out is because he and Olivia aren’t getting along. He tells that, that is not the case, and blames it on wanting to give Alan and Olivia some space. Lizzie isn’t buying it, and she refuses to move out. The funniest part of this scene is the look on Phillip’s face as Lizzie walks out on him as he is still trying to talk to her.

Edmund meets with Alan at Olivia’s. Edmund assures Alan that he will gain Alexandra’s trust. He tells Alan that he wants more money for dating Alexandra, and Alan agrees to negotiate.

Alexandra explains that the clause in Olivia’s pre-nup, concerning her losing the Beacon if she cheated on Alan, was valid from the moment she signed it. She threatens to show Alan the tape of the elevator kiss unless Olivia annuls her marriage to Alan.