Guiding Light Update Monday 11/4/02

By Heidi Anderson

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The show opens up with Cassie and Blake meeting at Olivia’s. Cassie catches Blake up on her trip to San Cristobel, which we luckily did not have to witness, and her crusade to free Reva. Harley shows up and wants to know why Blake left the love message in the bottle for her to find.

Gus is hanging out at company with Buzz. Buzz is obviously feeling a little sympathetic towards Gus, and tells him that a few months ago he would have bet anything that Gus and Harley would have had a future. Gus agrees with him and decides to leave. Outside Gus runs into Danny, and lets him in on the fact that the FBI has granted him and Tony immunity in exchange for Carmen and the family. Danny tells him that all Carmen has to do now is try to kill him.

At the Santos House of Homicide, Carmen is on to the fact that Danny is behind the stolen money. Eden walks in and Carmen bites her head off, but her mood softens and she asks Eden what she would do if a family member betrayed her. Eden says she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t take betrayal lightly. Carmen agrees.

Olivia and Phillip are walking towards the Spaulding “den of iniquity” where Lizzie is upset that Alan faked his heart attack. He asks Lizzie to keep their secret, right as Phillip and Olivia are walking into the den. Phillip asks about the secret.

Lizzie covers for Alan. Alan takes Lizzie into the hall and offers to buy her a red convertible for her cooperation. The morals being taught in the Spaulding household are priceless.

Carmen knows that someone “cooked the books,” and she wants Eden to keep her eyes and ears open around Danny.

Gus wants to know why Carmen would want to kill her son whom she loves so much. Danny says that once she finds out about him stealing the money she will want him dead.

Back at Olivia’s, Blake explains that she could not have been behind the love letter in a bottle and says that obviously fate is responsible. Cassie backs Blake up and tells them about the mysterious rose that appeared on her pillow the night Richard died.

Harley says that even if Gus threw the love letter in bottle in the lake, they still can’t be together. Blake tells her that Phillip may come around. Harley doesn’t think that is ever gonna happen. She says that she will be okay, and argues that Cassie is fine all by herself, so she will be okay too. Cassie refutes this by saying that she would give anything to have Richard back, and that Harley can still be with Gus if she can work everything out. Cassie is visibly upset, and decides to leave. Harley feels bad, and asks Blake if she was a jerk. Blake answers her in one word, “Yes.”

Cassie is working at the front desk in the Boring Hotel, and Carmen lets her in on the fact that her whole debt has been paid off.

Danny is still talking to Gus, and they are contemplating possibly letting some information leak out to Carmen. Eden walks up and asks what the two of them are doing together.

Olivia tells Phillip that the doctor told her that Alan could have another heart attack at any time, and that this one could be fatal. She whines about how all of this is their fault.

Gus and Danny pretend like they are not working together, and Eden buys into their act. Once Danny leaves, she literally kisses Gus because she believes he is out to get the Santos’ again.

Phillip tells Olivia not to feel guilty, because through everything that has happened she has been there for Alan. Olivia is really trying to convince Phillip that she is really in love with Alan, and Phillip is really eager to believe her. Harley walks in, and has this really cute scene with Nolan, where she kids him about assaulting him again, and asks Phillip about Zack. He tells her that Zack is asleep, and she asks to kiss him goodnight, since she once again will not be able to take him home. Phillip doesn’t give her an answer, but looks pensive. Phillip is such a jerk. He is a walking slime-ball, and I wouldn’t wish a relationship with him on my worst enemy. No, I take all that back, because everything he does, he does out of love. Not! That is only the twisted rationale he uses to explain his demented behavior. But if you’re a Phillip fan, just ignore the last couple of sentences or replace Phillip’s name with any character of your choice, and enjoy the rant that way.

Cassie is trying to pretend like she new about the debt being paid all along, but Carmen knows better. Carmen tells her about the missing money, and Danny shows up. Carmen leaves the lobby, and Danny tells Cassie to leave town.

Cassie refuses to leave town. Danny tells her that she is in danger. She deduces that he was the one behind her debt mysteriously being paid off.

Gus and Eden are now inside Company, and Gus tells Eden that he is handling the Santos’, and he asks her to leave the house. She refuses and leaves.

Blake shows up and tells Buzz that if he wants to help his daughter he needs to keep Gus at Company, and she rushes out.

Phillip finally decides that Harley is right and should be allowed to kiss Zack goodnight, so Harley leaves to kiss Zack goodnight. Olivia comes over to boost Phillip’s already mammoth sized ego, by telling him that he is a good father etc., etc. I usually like Olivia but obviously the “den of iniquity” is working its mojo on her, and making her say these foolish things.

Phillip leaves and Alan enters. Alan is trying to convince Olivia to give him some loving but she is not about to test his ill heart. She practically has to fight Alan off with a stick. Alan is definitely a feisty one.

Harley is in Zack’s room tucking him in. His room is ridiculously extravagant; in fact it looks like an mini amusement park or something. Leave it to a Spaulding to fill a child’s room with a bunch of expensive crap, and leave it void of any real character, love, or uniqueness. Anyways, Harley pulls out Gus’s love letter and reads part of it, before falling asleep next to Zack. Phillip comes in and pulls the covers up on her. Phillip making a nice gesture? The apocalypse must be approaching.

Blake brings a tape into Company and gives Buzz the thumbs up. Gus is about to go, but Buzz presses play on the radio before Gus could leave. The tape is Blake’s audition tape that Harley helped her make. Gus looks intrigued, excited, and confused all at the same time.

Danny denies that he is behind Cassie’s debt being paid, and Carmen’s missing money. He tells Cassie that she needs to get out of town. He leaves, and we see that Carmen was hiding in the bushes outside the hotel listening to their entire conversation. She heard everything, and from the look on her face, she knows Danny is behind everything.