Guiding Light Update Friday 11/1/02

By Heidi

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The show opens up with Alan having a videoconference with Alexandra at the isolated cabin. He tells her that half of Mystic Island is a wild life reserve, and that she should watch out for wild animals and such. She tells him his stupid scare tactics won’t work. They hang up and Olivia walks into the “den of iniquity.”

Phillip shows up to Olivia’s to celebrate Mel’s reinstatement with Rick, and Phillip tells Rick that he and Olivia kissed in the elevator at the wedding. Rick tells him he should move out of the house.

At the Ex-Marler House of Horror, Beth walks in on Bill and Michelle kissing. Credits

Phillip tells Rick he is not moving out of the house over a kiss. Rick brings up Zack, and Phillip tells him that Zack might be moving back in with Harley. Might? You’re a bastard Phillip. Beth walks into Olivia’s and Phillip the Bastard makes an asinine joke about Bill being a paperboy.

Bill and Michelle are now telling each other how many people they have both kissed, and discuss doing a “do over” kiss, because Michelle wasn’t awed by Bill during their last kiss. I thought Bill was sooo into Beth/Lorelei. I guess not. (Insert Bill/Beth joke here).

Alexandra hears noises outside of the cabin and grabs a candleholder to protect herself from the intruder or the wild animal lurking outside the cabin.

Alan and Olivia are now toasting to things to come i.e. the day when he gets control of Spaulding Enterprises back and Alexandra is thrown out into the street. Alan suggest they go upstairs and get this honeymoon going, if you know what I mean, but Olivia tells him no. Commercials.

The wild animal lurking outside Alexandra’s cabin was none other than Prince Edmund. He says that he is here to rescue her, but Alexandra thinks he has alterior motives, and closes the door on him.

Alan assures Olivia that his heart will be okay, and that he is more than healthy enough to engage in some horizontal loving. Olivia tells him she called Dr. Kirby over to hear his opinion, and based on that she will decide if the honeymoon can start today. Dr. Kirby walks in and says Alan’s heart is still recovering and he shouldn’t engage in strenuous activities. Alan has a “what chu talking ‘bout Dr. Kirby” look on his face. Commercials.

Alan is irate. He asks to speak with Dr. Kirby alone, and the Doc explains that Alexandra confronted him about the role that he played in Alan’s little scheme, and that she threatened to have his license revoked, so he had to tell Olivia Alan’s heart is still in bad condition.

Edmund convinces Alexandra to let him in, and he tells her that he did a little snooping, found out where she was, and now has a boat waiting to take her back to Springfield.

Michelle and Bill are cleaning up and talking. She asks him to help her get ready for dating again. She tells Bill what she is looking for in a guy and she perfectly describes Bill himself. He calls her on this, but she says, “That’s too bad cause you are already taken.” He then remembers he was supposed to meet with Beth and gets up to leave.

Beth and Phillip are chilling at the bar and he arrogantly tells her that the problem with age differences is that young guys usually have a hard time settling down, and this causes Beth to have a flashback to Bill and Michelle kissing. She gets up, leaves the bar, and calls Bill to tell him to forget coming to Olivia’s; she will meet him at his place. Commercials.

Beth comes over displays some of her passive aggressive tendencies, and keeps questioning Bill about his night and what he and Michelle did. Bill wants to know what’s going on, and Beth wants to know what he wants from their relationship. When he doesn’t give her a good enough answer she tells him that she left Phillip and her kids for him, and he tells her he thought he was a small part of her and Phillips’s breakup not the whole reason. Beth looks upset.

Alexandra is questioning Edmunds motives for coming to rescue her and wanting to be her friend. He claims he only came to rescue her because he genuinely likes her.

Alan is talking to Dr. Kirby, and trying to convince him to forget what Alexandra told him, and do what he says, but Dr. Kirby won’t go with it. Alan deduces that Alexandra already has Dr. Kirby in her pocket, and paid him to tell Olivia that Alan was still sick. While Alan is yelling at Dr. Kirby Lizzie walks in and overhears everything. Alan dismisses Dr. Kirby and tells Lizzie the truth about him faking his heart attack.

Michelle shows up at Olivia’s to give Rick a ride home and they briefly discuss Beth and Bill. Rick tells Michelle that he always thought that Bill and Michelle would walk off together into the sunset. Michelle claims she has no romantic feelings for Bill whatsoever.

Bill and Beth discuss what they want from their relationship. Bill wants what they originally agreed on i.e. to just to have a good time, make no plans for the future, and to steer clear of complications. Beth is looking for a commitment. I guess I should call Beth "Suran Wrap" from now on, because she is very, very clingy.

Edmund walks out of the cabin, while Alexandra is packing, and places a call to Alan. Edmund is working for Alan, and was sent by Alan to rescue Alexandra and get her to trust him. He tells Alexandra he was on the phone with the coast guard and that they will have to spend the night on the island. Alexandra tells him he can sleep on the bench outside.

Alan is trying to explain to Lizzie why he faked his heart attack.

Olivia is in the hallway fixing a flower arrangement and Phillip stumbles upon her. The awkwardness between these two is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Olivia invites Phillip to join her and Alan in the “den of iniquity” for a night cap, but he turns her down because he needs to talk with Lizzie. Olivia tells him that Lizzie is in there with Alan right now, so he might as well join them.

Alan ask Lizzie to keep his secret for him.