Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/31/02

By Eva

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At Bill's house, Bill, Ben, and Remy get ready for the open house they are throwing for the kids in the neighborhood. Marah arrives and tells Bill she has been to see her mother. Bill asks how Reva is doing. Marah says she is doing fine. Bill tells everyone he is going to a hospital fundraiser at Olivia's Martini bar with Beth. Marina arrives, Ben is surprised and asks her how she got away from her father. Marina says she lied and told him she was babysitting.

At Olivia's Martini bar, Mel shares her worries with Rick that she won't get her job back at the hospital. Rick spots Beth and he and Mel go over and talk to her while Beth waits for Bill to arrive. Beth is excited that this will be her first time out in public with Bill.

Elsewhere at the Beacon, Cassie and Tammy arrive home, Tammy offers to take R.J. trick or treating at the open house so her mother can rest. Cassie calls and leaves a message for Billy telling him to call her back because she has big news. Danny arrives and wants to know why Cassie called him. Danny also wonders how she got such a big chunk of cash to make her loan payment. Cassie says she has no idea that the money just showed up. Cassie asks Danny for his help to get Reva out of Jail.

At Olivia's bar, Edmund breaks up with Carmen. Carmen asks if he wants to date Alexandra now. Edmund says he was thinking about it.

Against Rick's advice Mel goes over to talk to Dr. Grant about her job. Rick cracks some more jokes about Bill's age and then gets serious and tells Beth to think about what she is doing. Beth says there is nothing to think about because Bill is a kind sweet man.

At Bill's house, Bill has fun spraying Ben with a can of string. Michelle arrives with Robbie and Bill takes him to the haunted house they have set up in the backyard. Marina hides behind the couch when frank arrives to trick or treat.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Danny that she went to San Cristobal to see if Alonzo knew if Richard had a living will. Cassie says she spoke to the secretary that packed up Richard's papers to send to her and the secretary thinks she saw something that may have been a living will. Cassie also tells Danny that an envelope was missing from Richard's papers and Edmund took it saying it was a letter from his mother. Danny advises Cassie to make Edmund think she has a copy of the Living will so that he will think he isn't in the driver's seat and maybe then she can find out if he took the living will.

At Bill's house, Ben tries to get rid of Frank by getting Marah to take Frank and the kids to the haunted house in the backyard. After Frank leaves Ben worries about the close call he and Marina just had. Marina tells Ben she doesn't care about the risks she has to take to be with him. They share a kiss.

At Olivia's bar, Rick is worried about Mel talking to Dr. Grant so he asks Beth if its ok that he goes to check on her. Beth tells him to go he makes one more joke about Bill's age and leaves Beth alone.  Beth calls Bill to find out why he is taking so long. Bill says he wants to stay until all the trick or treaters leave. He asks Beth to come over and once everyone leaves they can have their own fun. Beth says she isn't exactly dressed to bob for apples and she refuses to go. Bill is puzzled and wonders why Beth wouldn't want to come to the party since she has part of Lorelei in her and Lorelei used to love parties. Michelle gently reminds Bill that she isn't Lorelei anymore she is Beth.

Rick makes a plea to save Mel's job. Mel interrupts him and tells him that Dr. Grant already gave her the job back. Dr. Grant says Mel can start right away. Rick and Mel celebrate the good news.

Carmen tells Edmund that he can't break up with her because she was never his in the first place. Carmen calls Edmund a spineless, overbread excuse for a man. After Edmund leaves Danny arrives saying he wants to talk business.

Cassie spots Edmund coming out of the bar, She confronts him and says she knows Richard had a living will. Cassie says she knows that knows this news isn't new to him. Edmund says she has no idea what Cassie is talking about and calls Reva a murderer. Cassie says she knows he took papers from the box that had Richard's things.  Edmund says he only took a letter from his mother. Cassie says he only wanted the papers so he could hold the key to Reva's freedom. Cassie says all she has to do is get the other copy of the living will from the San Cristobal archives and she will then put Edmund in jail for obstruction of justice among other things.. Cassie leaves Edmund with a startled look on his face.

Danny tells Carmen that he called the bank and the Camens and told them to stop the investigation into her missing money. Carmen wonders how Cassie was able to make her loan payment. Danny says he doesn't know or care how she did it he is just glad Cassie made a payment. After Carmen leaves Danny calls Gus to ask him to hurry up and get approval from the feds for the plan because his mother just left and if looks could kill he would be dead right now.

At Bill's house, Bill tells the kids the golden arm story. Marina gets scared but tells Ben she isn't scared of anything. Ben challenges her to prove it and they leave to go to the cemetery. Bill asks Michelle how she is doing. Michelle says she hates that Danny missed Robbie's first real Halloween. Bill tells her at least they didn't have to spend Halloween alone.

At the cemetery, Ben tells Marina that it is okay to be scared you just have to be careful of who you let see you are scared. Ben shares that his biggest fear is that he won't be able to make it on his own without his trust fund. Ben tells Marina that sometimes he has nightmares about the money being gone. Marina says that it isn't everyone who is smart enough to save her from a kidnapping . Marina tells Ben he is street smart. Marina says that being smart is more important then money. Marina and Ben hear a noise and hide behind a tomb stone. When they see a man coming they leave.

At Bill's house, Bill encourages Michelle to keep looking forward not backwards. Bill gets Michelle to bob for apples.

Just outside Bill's house, Beth calls the mansion to talk to James.

At the cemetery, The mysterious man who scared Marina and Ben turns out to be Edmund visiting Richard's grave. Edmund tells Richard that he should have been there not Reva Lewis or at least he should have been told. Someone calls Edmund about a job and he leaves.

At Bill's house, Michelle tells Bill she has fun with him and sprays him with string. Bill playfully gets angry and Michelle starts brushing the string from his suit. Michelle gives him a hug and a little kiss on the lips while Beth watches from outside with a jealous look on her face.

At the Beacon, Cassie thanks Danny for his idea and tells him about the startled look on Edmund's face when she mentioned a second copy of the will. Cassie invites Danny to come for a home cooked meal anytime. Danny refuses saying it is dangerous to be involved with him. Cassie says she isn't scared.

At her Banker's office, Carmen is determined to find out who took her Missing money. The banker tells her that the pages containing last month's transactions are missing. Carmen says one word Danny.