Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/30/02

By Heidi

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The show opens up with Harley, or as she will be referred to in this recap “Bubbles” (I’ll explain later), and Blake meeting at Olivia’s. Blake asks “Bubbles” to help her get a job at a local radio station as “Miss Lonely Hearts.” The show is a call in show for people with romantic problems, and Blake wants “Bubbles” to help her make and audition tape.

Gus is back at the beach re-reading part of his love letter again. He stops reading and is about to crumple the letter, but he instead finds an empty bottle lying in the sand.

At the Santos house, Eden is wearing an outfit she borrowed from Carmen. Tony makes a crack about the outfit, which really is pretty tacky, and Eden begins to go on and on about how she didn’t have any clothes, so she couldn’t turn down Carmen’s. In order to shut her up Tony kisses her, and Eden tells Tony how grateful she is for everything he has done for her. Danny walks in unnoticed, and then he walks out and places a call to Gus, and tells Gus to come on over to the house.

Gus throws his message in a bottle into the water.

Ross is meeting with Reva at the prisons visiting room. He tells her that she doesn’t have to put up a front with him, but she maintains that she is not fronting and really is okay. They discuss whether or not Reva is being hassled in prison, but she claims she isn’t. She says the inmates she her as one of them, therefore, she doesn’t have any problems. Credits.

Ross tells Reva that her situation is not the same. Reva argues that it’s probably a good thing that all the other inmates she her as a murderer, because it makes her scarier. Ross lets her know that Josh and the kids are coming to visit her today. Once Ross walks out a guard comes up and tells Reva she has laundry duty today. Reva inquires about another inmate, and the guard asks Reva if that inmate has been giving her problems. Reva says, “No, not really,” but the guard assigns her to the library anyways. Reva is excited, because she heard that it takes years to get that assignment. The guard tells her that Tony Santos put the word out for Reva to be taken care of, so now she will be. It’s good to have connections isn’t it? Note to self: Date a violent guy in the mob just in case mom goes to prison. Endnote.

Now at the Boring Hotel, Marah shows up to meet her dad. She asks about Cassie, and Josh tells her that Cassie is in San Cristobel. He also tells Marah that she needs to leave soon if she wants to make it in time to visit with Reva. She tells him she will leave soon, but she wants to ask the manager at the Beacon for more information on Cassie just in case Reva wants to know. It is written all over Marah’s face that she really doesn’t want to go visit her mom, and is stalling, but Josh takes her at her word and leaves.

Back at Olivia’s, Blake convinces “Bubbles” to help her with the audition tape. The first take is stopped, because “Bubbles” doesn’t like the alias of “Strung-out in Springfield,” that Blake has given her. She wants something nice like “Lola” or “Bubbles,” hence the nickname in this recap. The second take is stopped because Harley breaks out in this hilarious Redneck imitation, and recounts this made up story about how her boyfriend left her and her five kids in a trailer for a “transvestite biker chick.” Blake wants “Bubbles” to open up about her real love life, and she does. “Bubbles” begins by saying that this current breakup is different from all her past breakups, because she doesn’t think she will ever get over it. Commercials.

Blake and “Bubbles” are still making tape, and "Bubbles" is describing what a wonderful guy Gus is, and how hopeless their situation is. Blake tells “Bubbles” not to loss hope, because maybe fate still has something in store for her yet. Harley is a little shaken up by Blake’s advice and decides to leave and go for a walk. I guess she’s going to the beach, because that’s the only place in Springfield were people are allowed to walk and or receive fresh air.

We are back at the Santos house, and Danny tells Eden to forget what Carmen said, because she has to go. Then her lets Gus into the house, and Gus grabs Eden and wants to know what she is doing living there. He tells Eden that their dad would be very disappointed with the person she has become. Eden says she won’t apologize for the person she has become, because life has made her this way. Eden and Tony run off, leaving Gus and Danny alone.

Josh is now visiting with Reva. He asks how everything is going, and Reva tells him everything is okay. They then discuss how Josh and the kids are doing. He tells Reva that Marah should be here already, and Reva asks a guard if Marah has already shown up. The guard tells Reva that Marah called to cancel her visit. Josh and Reva look surprised. If Josh could here the guard talking to Reva on the other side of the glass than why are he and Reva using telephones? Whatever. Commercials.

Back at the Boring Hotel, Marah is talking to one of her professors on the phone about an extension, and Ross walks in. Ross tells Marah that even if her mom tells her that she doesn’t need her family to come visit she really does, because she needs the support. This is not what Marah wants to hear right now, and she bites Ross’ head off and storms out.

Josh tells Reva that Marah probbaly had some school work to do, so she couldn't visit,but he promises to bring her with him next time he comes. Reva makes Josh promise to tell her if something is going on at home. Reva tells Josh about Tony putting the word out for her to be looked after, and asks him if Marah could have asked Tony to do this. Josh says she wouldn’t, because she knows how they feel about Tony. They decide not to tell Marah what Tony did, because they wouldn’t want her softening up to him in any way. Reva’s time is up, and she is taken away. Commercials.

Danny asks Gus if Eden is moving out, and Gus tells him that he doesn’t think so. Danny thinks Gus is using Eden as a spy, and wants to know why Gus would send her there, when he is already handing him Carmen and the family business on a silver platter.

Eden and Tony are down by the beach pondering what their fathers would think of them if they were still alive. Tony recounts his memories of his father’s funeral, and Eden decides she is ready to head back to the mansion. “Bubbles” stumbles upon them.

Reva is brought back to the visiting room to see Shayne, but Marah is there instead. Marah is very upset and short with Reva. She is blaming Reva for everything being as messed up as it is.

Back at the Santos house, Gus argues that Eden is not there to be his spy. He doesn’t want her there either. They both agree that things are getting messy, and Gus tells Danny not to trust Eden, because he doesn’t.

Back at the beach, “Bubbles” and Eden talk some trash, and Tony refuses to heed “Bubbles” warnings about Eden. Tony and Eden leave and “Bubbles” is left alone. She kneels down in the sand and finds Gus’s message in the bottle, which has apparently washed up on shore. She reads part of it aloud and smiles.

Back at the visiting room, Marah is still ripping Reva a new one, and Reva tries to change the subject by asking Marah tell her about her day. This starts Marah on a long, emotional rant describing her horrible day, which is made horrible by the fact that her mom is in prison and has left this big mess for Marah and the rest of the family to deal with. Lindsey McKeon actually does an awesome job in this scene. In fact, she was good all episode. Laura Bell Bundy fans eat your heart out.