Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/29/02

By Heidi

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The show opens up with Bill and Michelle walking into a hospital examination room. She is trying to convince him to help her study for her PA exams by being her pretend patient. They negotiate, and he reluctantly agrees to be her guinea pig.

At the Beacon, the ceremony is about to start, and Olivia is at the top of the stairs about to make her entrance. Phillip questions Alan about Alexandra’s disappearance, and Alan says her absence is a blessing. Edmond is upset that they are going to start the wedding without Alexandra, but Alan says that she is fine and just won’t be there for the wedding.

We are now with Alexandra in the limo, and she is asking where they are taking her. The driver tells her she will see when she gets there.

Edmund makes some more noise about Alexandra’s mysterious disappearance, but Phillip threatens to throw him out. He leaves without force, and he vows to find out what happened to Alexandra. Alan sends Phillip to go see if Olivia and Lizzie are ready to begin. Phillip tells Olivia and Lizzie they both look beautiful while doing a great impression of a deer caught in the headlights.

Back at the hospital, Bill is giving Michelle a hard time while Michelle is trying to practice on him. This turns into a tickle fight, and Ed walks in and looks surprised to see a half dressed Bill tickling Michelle.

Back at the Beacon, Phillip tells Olivia they are ready to start the ceremony. After Phillip leaves Lizzie questions Olivia about the tension between her and Phillip. Olivia tells her its nothing to worry about, and Lizzie goes down to get an earring that she lost that Lillian found. She tells Lillian that she wishes her mother hadn’t come to the wedding, and Beth overhears this. Beth still attempts to talk to Lizzie, but is once again unsuccessful.

Back at the hospital, Bill and Michelle explain what they were doing to Ed. Bill gets a call from Beth who convinces him to drop what he is doing and meet her. Beth is still as co-dependant as ever. Poor, Poor Bill.

Alexandra is dragged away to the cabin that Olivia had remodeled for Alan on the remote island. Alexandra wants to know why she was brought here, but she gets no answers.

The wedding ceremony has now reached the vows and they both say, “I do.” When Phillip hands Alan Olivia’s wedding band they drop it, and Phillip and Olivia both go to pick it up. This causes them to meet each other on the ground, and they exchange an awkward glance.

Alan and Olivia are now married!!! I am now also ready to take all bets. How long do you think it will last? I say six months. Anyways…Phillip makes a very nice toast that is filled with things he doesn’t really mean, and everyone heads off to the reception at Olivia’s.

Beth shows up at Bill’s house and nothing really happens. She tells him she had a bad day, and he tells her he was helping Michelle out at the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Ed tells Michelle that she has been handling everything that has happened lately very well. She tells him she has been stressing about her exams, and he tells her having a great career is wonderful, but that is only a part of what makes a good life. She tells him that she is just taking everything one thing at a time.

Olivia and Alan cuddle and kiss in the Beacon’s lobby, but he leaves to go make a phone call to Alexandra. Before Olivia heads back to the reception she downs a whole glass of champagne. When she leaves, Phillip comes in and downs a whole glass himself. Do you get it? Do you? They want to be together, but they can’t, and they are sad because of it. Just in case you still don't get it I’m sure there will be more scenes like this to help you out.

Ben is at the reception and he gets a note on a napkin from Marina to meet her at his car in 5 minutes, but unfortunately Buzz and Frank put a stop to their plans.

Sam asks Olivia whether or not she is happy, and she doesn’t really give him an answer. She heads out to the beach to get some fresh air.

Bionic Bauer questions Phillip about the elevator incident, and Phillip gets all defensive and heads out to get some fresh air as well.

Alan makes a video conference call to Alexandra who is hauled up at the cabin. She tells him he will go to jail for kidnapping, and he tells her she should have known better than to take him on.

Olivia and Phillip end up awkwardly bumping into each other at the beach. She is about to head back to the reception, but stops to tell Phillip she is sorry, and Phillip admits he wanted to tell her the same thing.

We are back at Bill’s tackily decorated house. He tells Beth that the house is decorated for a party that he and his roommates are throwing for the neighborhood kids. Beth begs him to go with her to a black tie event, but he tells her he can’t because he will be hosting the Halloween party that night. She is disappointed, but pretends she isn’t. She tells him this sad sob story about wanted to go somewhere nice with him, and he gives in and promises to make an appearance with her at the event. Beth is really needy, so much so, I wish she would get back with Phillip just to make him miserable.

Back at the beach, Phillip is apologizing to Olivia for kissing her and sending mixed messages. They tell each other how amazing the other one is, and vow to move on as friends and only friends. Yeah right!

Alan tells Alexandra that she is completely stranded. He has a document there for Alexandra to sign that would give Spaulding back to him, and he tells Alexandra that she must sign the document to get off the island. She rips the document up, but Alan tells her he anticipated that response and stashed a few more copies in the cabin. When the phone call ends Alexandra is angry, but she remembers her tape of Phillip and Olivia making out in the elevator, and takes it out and pops it in the vcr. She says to herself that Alan has underestimated her. Why does she have a vcr at the cabin? Did Alan leave her a few movies to pass the time? Whatever.