Guiding Light Update Monday 10/28/02

By Heidi Anderson

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Today’s show opens with Eden in her hospital room, where Gus, or “G” as I will be referring to him in this recap (I’ll explain later), is confirming his break up with Harley. He tells her that the breakup was mutual, although the real reason behind the breakup was Phillip and… He doesn’t finish but Eden finishes for him when she says, “ME?” I wish there was a way I could banish Eden from my television screen, and Phillip too!

Now we are at the Santos House of Pathetic Mobsters, where Danny and Carmen are having a semi-heated discussion. Carmen tells Danny that the amount missing from her account is about the same amount Cassie just turned in to cover her interest payments.

Now we are at Alan and Olivia’s wedding, where Ben and Marina run outside to make out; these two are really cute if you totally ignore the age difference. Alan is trying to locate his missing bride when Lizzie runs up to tell him that Olivia and Phillip are stuck together in the elevator. Alan is worried, while Alexandra looks pretty smug.

In the elevator, Olivia frets and Phillip questions whether or not Olivia purposely planned to have the elevator break down, so she could be stuck in there with him. This only makes sense if Olivia is a die hard masochist, and since I don’t think that is the case I doubt she was behind this.

Back in the Beacon lobby, plans are made to get Olivia and Phillip out of the elevator. Alexandra is really rubbing this in Alan face, and he calls her on her insinuations and trying to ruin his life.

Harley runs into Alexandra in the lobby and tells her that she hopes Phillip stays trapped in the elevator for good, so that she could get her son back and be able to stay with Gus as well. Harley is not the only one with her fingers crossed, in fact, it’s pretty hard trying to type with crossed fingers, but I have to do everything I can to help Harley and “G”. Anyways…Alexandra tells Harley that she will be on top very soon, and Harley looks intrigued and pleased to hear this.

Back in the elevator Olivia laughs at Phillips accusations and accuses him of having a big ego. You think? She then turns the tables and accuses him of being behind the elevator breaking down. They argue over whether or not Olivia should marry Alan, and Olivia claims that she is certain that Alan is the man for her, seeing as how his son is too afraid to admit that he wants to be with her. This conversation leads to them kissing, and that leads to me losing my lunch.

Back in Eden’s hospital room, “G” further explains the causes behind his and Harley’s breakup, and Eden pretends to care. She uses his breakup with Harley to try pull him back into his Santos vendetta.

Back at the Santos House of Angst and Anger, Danny tells Carmen that Cassie had no way of getting her hands on Carmen’s money. Carmen says that maybe so, but she will get to the bottom of this.

Back in the hospital, Tony is walking towards Eden’s hospital room when he gets call from Danny who wants him to come home immediately.

“G” tells Eden that he will not revive his vendetta. Eden of course is not willing to let hers go. Eden fakes chest pains to get “G” out of the room, so that she can slip away with Tony.

Back at the Beacon, Holly, Ross, and Blake are heading into Olivia’s to have a drink and Blake and Holly discuss Holly’s almost nonexistent love life.

Lizzie wanders into Olivia’s she sees her grandmother and says hello. Beth is sitting with Lillian and takes this opportunity to talk to Lizzie. This turns out to be a bad idea, because Lizzie makes a crack about her and her mother dating the same guys and this gives Lillian another excuse to tell Beth to drop Bill. Of course Beth refuses to do that, because she believes Lizzie will get over her disgust and realize her mom isn’t the slut she thinks she is. Yeah right! Keep telling yourself that…slut.

Back in the Beacon lobby, Buzz and Alexandra are chit chatting, but Alexandra stops their conversation, because she catches a glimpse of the Beacon’s security camera, and sees Phillip and Olivia making out in the elevator.

In the hallway outside the elevator, Alan and Lizzie are waiting for the electrician to fix the elevator.

Inside the elevator Phillip and Olivia are still kissing, and he asks her not to marry his dad.

Eden and Tony walk into the Santos Mansion of Misery, and he explains her presence to Danny and Carmen. Danny and Tony walk away leaving Eden alone with Carmen. Carmen explains to Eden that she knows she is lying about the guys from Chicago being after her.

Alexandra bribes a bell hop to get the tape of Phillip and Olivia making out in the elevator.

Inside the elevator, Olivia wants Philip to tell her why she shouldn’t marry Alan. He says she shouldn’t marry Alan, because she doesn’t love him. This ticks Olivia off. She wants Phillip to admit that he doesn’t want Olivia to marry Alan, because he wants to be with her himself. She gives Phillip till she says, “I do,” to confess this, or she is marrying Alan and never looking back. The electrician fixes the elevator, and Olivia walks out to join Alan and start the ceremony. Phillip is also freed from the elevator, so I had my fingers crossed for nothing. Sorry Harley, I tried.

Carmen tells Eden to drop the “innocent” act, and she tells her that she realizes that Eden is just there to snoop around. She tells Eden that she will be sticking around, but only to spy on Danny and Tony. She threatens to send Eden to swim with the fishes if she doesn’t cooperate.

Back at the Beacon, Bionic Bauer is trying to make Mel feel better, about being suspended from practicing medicine, by kissing her. If this were reality, I would think that kisses from Rick would have the opposite effect, but whatever. Frank walks up to them, and boring small talk ensues. Then Frank walks away.

Harley walks up to Frank to tell him that she has given up on getting Zack back tonight, so she will try again tomorrow. She walks outside and stops to look at a picture that Zack drew of himself, Harley, and a cigarette yielding “G”. This causes a Gus/Harley montage that includes a scene from the first disastrous date, the rode trip where they were arrested for indecent exposure, the famous kiss at the gym, the hotel fire scene, and the scene where the ice cream Parthenon goes to use. When the montage ends we see “G” on the beach about to write something.

Alexandra receives her surveillance tape from the bribed bell hop, and receives a message form an unidentified person that claims to have information on Alan.

Back at the Santos Mobster Mansion, Carmen tells the boys that Eden will be staying indefinitely. Danny and Tony don’t look too pleased. Eden better watch out. She might end up like Catalina. Actually that’s not a bad idea.

Back at the beach “G” reads out loud what he was writing. It’s a love letter to Harley, and it is extremely romantic and touching. He signs the letter, “Love ‘G’,” hence the nickname in this recap. We then see Harley wishing “G” a good night and telling him she loves him, while "G" is wishing her a goodnight as well. These two just break my heart.

Ross interrupts this beautiful Gus/Harley moment as he rushes out of the Beacon to meat with a judge.

Alan starts the ceremony just as Alexandra goes to meet this mysterious informant. The informant is waiting for her in a limo parked outside. She gets in, but wait…there is no informant…it’s a trick…and Alexandra is driven away…to possibly to swim with the fishes herself.