Guiding Light Update Friday 10/25/02

By Eva
Proofread by Susi

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At the Beacon, Olivia looks at herself in her wedding dress. Lizzie arrives to see if she has something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Olivia says she needs something blue, and Lizzie goes to find her something blue. Sam arrives and notices his sister looks sad on her wedding day. Sam thinks Olivia loves Philip, and she is marrying Alan because he is safe. Olivia tells Sam it doesn't matter what she feels for Philip because you can't make someone love you.

Alan thanks Philip for being his best man and says he is grateful that he and Philip are closer than ever. Alan also thanks Philip for his support during the take-over, and he says he feels he can trust him. Philip says that he won't betray Alan's trust again. Alexandra arrives with Edmund, and Alan thanks her for planning the wedding. Alan also complains because none of the guests are his friends.

At FBI headquarters, Danny meets with Gus and agent Miller. Danny asks Gus for his help to put the Santos family in prison.

At the hospital, Eden leaves a message for Gus. Eden says she called to find out how he and Harley are doing. Eden looks up the name Santos in the phone book.

At FBI headquarters, Danny explains to Gus that he wants him to use his FBI connections to help put his mother, grandmother, and everyone else connected with the Santos business (except Tony) in prison. Danny explains that his mother is going to try to kill him, and he wants the FBI and Gus to catch her in the act. Danny says he wants Tony to get immunity from prosecution. Gus asks Danny why he doesn't want immunity for himself. Danny says he won't need it because they will have a hard time making the charges stick.

At Infierno, Tony counts the money from Cassie's loan payment. Carman arrives, and Tony tells her that business at the Beacon is going so well that Cassie has started making payments on her loan. Carman congratulates Tony and says the talk he had with Cassie must have worked. Carman hints that Tony has been doing so well that maybe he should be head of the family again. Tony asks about Danny, and Carman says he was never cut out to be head of the family. Tony gets a call from Eden, who says she is in the hospital because she was shot. Eden says she will give him the details later but the shooting was Harley's fault. Eden asks Tony to pick her up because she is afraid the people that shot her will try and finish the job. Tony leaves to pick up Eden.

At the Beacon, Rick and Mel arrive for the wedding. Philip tells Rick he is doing well. Rick thinks Philip is freaking out, and he asks if Olivia knows how he feels. Philip says the only thing that counts is that Olivia makes Alan happy.

Frank, Buzz, and Marinna arrive for the wedding. Harley also arrives to tell Philip she broke up with Gus. Philip says she won't get Zach back until he is sure the breakup is real. Philip also says he wants Harley to get another partner at the police station. Harley gets angry, and Alexandra interrupts and offers to help.

Sam tries to persuade Olivia not to marry Alan just because he is safe. Olivia remains determined that she will get over Philip.

Harley tells Alexandra that she is afraid the longer Zack stays at mansion he will become more like a Spaulding every day. Alexandra persuades Harley to stay at the wedding, and she says she is sure things will work out.

Alan wants Philip to take Olivia a wedding gift from him because he doesn't want to see the bride before the wedding.

Blake fears Alan will seek revenge on her because of what happened at the board meeting. Frank can't find Marinna. Frank tells Harley he is sorry about her breakup with Gus.

Marinna says hello to Ben and agrees to meet him in the elevator.

Beth tells her mother that she came to the wedding for Lizzie's sake. Lillian tries to persuade Beth to reconcile with Philip and give up her fling. Beth gets angry, and says Bill is more then a fling.

Olivia waits nervously for Sam and Lizzie to arrive. Thinking that Sam arrived, she asks him to help with a tangled clasp on her necklace. Philip says Sam isn't there, so Olivia asks him to help her with the necklace. After the necklace is straightened out, Olivia turns around, and she and Philip exchange a longing look. Lizzie and Sam arrive, and Philip gives Alan's gift (a diamond bracelet) to Olivia. Lizzie, Sam, and Olivia head downstairs. Philip is the last to leave the room as he pauses to watch Olivia leave.

Alexandra and Lillian share memories about Philip and Beth's first wedding. Edmund exchanges barbs with Beth about her latest man.

Holly catches Ben and Marinna in the elevator. Holly says she won't tell Frank and Buzz if they both behave. Holly tells Ben not to let her down and again, points out Marinna is young.

At FBI headquarters, Danny tries to persuade Gus that his mother is gunning for him. Gus says he will think about it and get back to him. Danny says that he should hurry because there isn't much time. Danny says that if he decides to help him, only he and the FBI can know about the plan.

At the hospital, Eden asks Tony if she can stay at the Santo's house for protection. Tony refuses because he doesn't want to put his family in danger. Tony offers to take her to a safe house in Chicago. When Eden doubles over in pain, Tony says she is in no condition to go to Chicago. Tony says she can stay at his house for the night. Tony goes to get the car. Gus arrives and catches Eden trying to leave. Gus tells Eden that he and Harley broke up.

At the Beacon, Olivia waits for the elevator. Phil arrives and asks where Lizzie and Sam are. Olivia says she told them to wait for her downstairs. Olivia gets into the elevator with Philip. Philip says there is so much about this day that is bad. Olivia stops the elevator and says she is sick and tired of his mixed signals. Olivia says she made a decision to marry Alan. Philip says he is sorry, and Olivia pushes the button to start the elevator again, but the button is stuck.

At Infierno, Carman asks Danny where he was, but Danny doesn't say anything. Carman says she had hopes for him, but now, all those hopes are gone. Danny says he had hopes for her, too. Carman says she is sorry she was a bad mother. Danny says she was a good mother when he was little, until his father died. Carman says that after his father died, she had to become both a mother and a father to her children. Carman tells Danny that Cassie paid off a good chunk of the interest on her loan. Danny counts the money, although Carman tells him Tony already counted it. Carman gets a call from Mr. Gannon, her banker, to tell her a substantial amount of money is missing from her account.

At the Beacon, Frank finds Ben and wonders why he is in a rush. Alexandra worries about where Olivia and Philip could be. Alan gets worried and goes to check on them.

In the elevator, Olivia begins to panic. Philip tells her to calm down, and he moves closer to her.